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Explorer Street – Rezoning Proposal

A rezoning proposal for the Explorer Street social housing estate in Eveleigh was on public exhibition from 13 October until 1 December 2023.  

We have summarised the issues raised in submissions and our response is detailed in a What we heard report. 



Council and Public Agency

Community Organisations

About the proposal 

The draft rezoning proposal includes master planning and introduces new planning controls to guide future development for the site. 

The proposal has the potential to deliver up to 400 new homes, including new social and affordable housing, with improved parks and new pedestrian connections to the surrounding street network. 

The rezoning proposal seeks to introduce updated planning controls by amending the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 and removing outdated Redfern-Waterloo Authority provisions. The proposed amendments to the planning controls are detailed in the EIE.  

The proposed planning controls and draft Design Guide have been informed by master planning and environmental, infrastructure, social and economic studies.  

We are now reviewing feedback which will help us finalise the planning controls for Explorer Street.


Technical studies


  • On Exhibition

    The consultation is open for public comment.

  • Under Consideration

    We'll be reviewing what you told us.

  • Made and Finalised

    The final outcomes of this consultation will be documented here.

Consultation period


More information
Exhibiting agency or agencies: DPE
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal