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Greater Parramatta Interim Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan

City Of Parramatta Council

Greater Parramatta is fast emerging as the centre of Sydney and will experience significant growth and change over the next 20 years. To plan for this growth, we are working with the City of Parramatta and Greater Sydney Commission to develop an Interim Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan (the Interim Plan). The interim Plan outlines how we’re planning for a connected, vibrant city with more jobs, homes, and essential services will guide redevelopment and identify the infrastructure needed for continued growth.

Attachments (8)

Greater Parramatta Interim Plan Explanation of Intended Effect.pdf
Greater Parramatta Interim Plan boundary map.pdf
Greater Parramatta Master Map pdf.pdf
Greater Parramatta Community Brochure.pdf
Greater Parramatta interim LUIIP.pdf
Greater Parramatta Background Analysis Part2.pdf
Greater Parramatta Background Analysis Part1.pdf
Section 117 Local Planning Directions 25 July 2017.pdf

Submissions (36)

219127_16751_GSC Landownership Submission_060317.pdf
220220_20161208 Strathfield residents_ Landowner meeting.pdf
220220_August 2017 GPOP Submission Letter.pdf
220220_16751_GSC Landownership Submission_060317.pdf
222000_20161208 Strathfield residents_ Landowner meeting.pdf
222000_August 2017 GPOP Submission Letter.pdf
222000_16751_GSC Landownership Submission_060317.pdf
222006_GPOP Interim Plan_ Submission_ Aug2017.pdf
222006_16751_GSC Landownership Submission_060317.pdf
222039_Sydney Water submission_Greater Parramatta Interim LUIIP.pdf
222149_170831 Greater Paramatta Priority Growth Area submission DFO Homebush .pdf
223636_16751_GSC Landownership Submission_060317.pdf
223636_20161208 Strathfield residents_ Landowner meeting.pdf
223638_16751_GSC Landownership Submission_060317.pdf
223822_16751_GSC Landownership Submission_060317.pdf
223822_20161208 Strathfield residents_ Landowner meeting.pdf
223826_20170906 Viva Energy.pdf
223849_17-09-06_ DPE submission Rydalmere 060917.pdf
223962_170907_Greater Parramatta Interim Land Use and Infrastructure Plan_Property Council Submission.pdf
223972_LUIIP Submission_ Attachment 2_ Part 3 Draft Social Infrastructure Strategy.PDF
223972_LUIIP Submission_ Cover Letter.pdf
223972_LUIIP Submission_ Attachment 3_ Map Comments.PDF
223972_LUIIP Submission_ Attachment 1_ Submission.pdf
223974_170906 LUIP Submission.pdf
223978_8252_3.2_Submission to Interim Plan_170907.pdf
224000_Greater Parramatta_ Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan_ UDIA Submission 7.9.17.pdf
224017_SA6551_submissionGPPGA_FINAL .pdf
224019_Strathfield Council Submission_ Greater Parramatta Interim Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan.pdf
224025_Addendum for Greater Parramatta Interim LUIIP submission ver 1_SW.pdf
224031_16751_GSC Landownership Submission_060317.pdf
224035_GPOP Interim Plan_ Submission_ Aug2017.pdf
224035_16751_GSC Landownership Submission_060317.pdf
224042_City of Canada Bay Submission to the Department of Planning and Environment Greater Parramatta Interim Plan_7 Sep 2017.pdf
224044_FINAL HIA submisison Greater Parramatta PGA ILUIIP.pdf
224066_170908 SOPA response to ILUIIP.pdf

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