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Managing the Alignment of Planning Data with Cadastral Updates

To ensure the ongoing representation of planning-control data is always accurate, the Department has developed a process that monitors any changes to the cadastral boundaries so it can make the necessary realignments.

Cadastral boundaries can change for a variety of reasons, such as the introduction of subdivisions or improvements in survey techniques. These changes may impact the accuracy of the Department’s representation of planning-control data, which is shared with stakeholders across NSW via the Spatial Viewer and Open Data. For this reason, the Department has developed a process to monitor these changes to ensure the data remains aligned as they occur.

The Department is also working with DCS Spatial Services to maintain clear visibility of any upcoming changes that may impact the planning data and can be managed in advance. This is handled by the Department’s GIS team that monitor the cadastral updates as part of their operational duties. If realignment is required, the Department will inform councils of the issue prior to the GIS team making those changes. Legal advise to the Department has stated that this process will not require a Section 3.22 and can be managed by DPE on a case-by-case basis.

This ongoing process of managing the alignment will:

  • maintain the intent of the As made digital map
  • eliminate the risk of reporting incorrect planning information in these instances.