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Policies and Guidelines

Social Impact Assessment

The new Social Impact Assessment Guideline will support faster assessment timelines.

A new guideline to assess the social impacts of major projects

Our 2021 Social Impact Assessment Guideline updates and expands our 2017 guideline to ensure we consider the impacts on people of all major projects, providing consistency and better outcomes for the community.

The new Social Impact Assessment Guideline will support faster assessment timelines by making sure communities are engaged about potential impacts of a proposal, and that project proponents are aware of how to undertake social impact assessment.

The updated guideline includes actions to put communities at the centre of planning. These are:

  • Early consultation with the community so they can have confidence that their concerns and perspectives are being considered early in the assessment;
  • Enabling potentially affected people to be aware of plans and have a chance to be involved in a project’s development;
  • Identifying and assessing the positive social impacts people may experience;
  •  Understand and consider the livelihood and wellbeing of Aboriginal communities beyond cultural impacts; and
  • Enabling a tailored approach so the assessment is proportionate to the social impacts of a project.

View the 2021 SIA Guideline

Supporting resources and more information

For more information, please email the project team.