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State Significant Development


Central Coast Quarter - Stage 1, Northern Tower

Central Coast

Current Status: Determination

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  5. Response to Submissions
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  8. Determination

Construction of 25 storey mixed use building comprising of retail and apartments including 183 car parking spaces and associated works.

Consolidated Consent

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Notice of Exhibition (1)

Notice of Exhibition_21092021_120010

Request for SEARs (4)

BDAR Waiver
Request for SEARs
QS Report
Architectural Drawings

SEARs (2)

Issued SEARs_29072021_033629
Issued SEARs Cover Letter_29072021_033630

EIS (36)

Appendix B - Architectural Plans
Appendix C - Design Report
Appendix D - Design Guidelines Assessment
Appendix E - CoGDAP Advice
Appendix F - Landscape Plans and Drawings
Appendix G - Visual and View Loss Assessment
Appendix H - Acoustic Report
Appendix I - Reflectivity Report
Appendix J - Wind Report
Appendix K - CPTED Report
Appendix L - ESD Report
Appendix M - Traffic Report
Appendix N - Car Parking Assessment Report
Appendix O - Aviation Impact Assessment
Appendix P - Water Cycle Management Plan
Appendix Q - Civil Drawings
Appendix R - Heritage Impact Statement
Appendix S - Aboriginal Archaeology Assessment
Appendix T - Social and Economic Impact Assessment
Appendix U - Contamination Assessment
Appendix V - BDAR Waiver
Appendix W - Arborist Report
Appendix X - Geotechnical Report
Appendix Y - ASSA&MP
Appendix Z - Preliminary CMP
Appendix AA - Waste Management Plan
Appendix BB - BCA Report
Appendix CC - BASIX Report
Appendix DD - Access Report
Appendix EE - Utility Services Assessment
Appendix FF - Public Art Strategy
Appendix GG - Structural Assessment
Appendix HH - Consultation Summary
Appendix II - Transportation Services Report
Appendix A - QS Report

Response to Submissions (16)

Request RTS_22102021_091504
Reject RTS_29112021_093729
Revised View and Visual Impact Assessment
Revised Design Report
Revised Architectural Plans
Revised EIS
Traffic Response
CGIs of Podium Roof COS
Revised Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plan
Additional View Sharing Analysis
Affordable Housing Analysis
Updated BCA Report
Letter from EDP (in response to DPIE Water)
Acoustic Advice
Additional Landscape Information

Agency Advice (10)

Panel Advice CCQ Stage 1 - Design Excellence_
DPIE Water-Central Coast Quarter- EIS
DPE Water response (SSD-23588910) - RTS
20220225 - TfNSW Response - SSD-23588910
BCD Letter - Central Coast Quarter - RTS
2021-09-20 DPI Ag Response to SSD-23588910
TfNSW Response - SSD23588910
SSD 23588910 Central Coast Quarter
BCD Letter - SG 1 North Tower CC Qrt - Sept 2021
HNSW ACH SSD-23588910

Additional Information (2)

RFI Request for Additional Information_22122021_030651
CCQ (SSD-23588910) - Response to RFI

Recommendation (2)

Assessment Report

Determination (8)

SSD-23588910 Notice of Determination
Stamped Plans - Part1
Stamped Plans - Part 4
Stamped Plans - Part 3
Stamped Plans - Part 2

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (1)

CEMP with C7(b)(c)(d)(e)

Agreements (7)

201208 PSA FULLY signed
GNT - SOW - ARCH_210917
220801 Signed PSA
Gosford - Turf Signed PSA
210927_GNT - SOW - Landscape

Independent Reviews and Audits (3)

New State Environment and Heritage addendum
New State Environment and Heritage
Appointment of Experts_22072022_095845

Other Documents (1)

BCF388 - Section 6.33 Certificate - signed

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Name Withheld
SPRINGFIELD , New South Wales
I 100% support this project. I think it'll be a great addition to Gosford and is the type of development which will hopefully kick off others around it. Gosford has been promised development like this for years and unfortunately there has only been minimal good development in the area. When good development does actually get built you can see that the regional city slowly starts to come alive (The Bon restaurant is a great example).
I'm in the architecture industry and know that DKO Architecture does great work so trust them to produce a great project that will link in with the new park.
I'm excited about the future of Gosford!
D J O’Sullivan
GOSFORD , New South Wales
As a new resident to the Gosford area I strongly object to the development of a 25 story residential block at 26 -30 Mann street.
The impact of a building this size does NOT in any way incorporate the natural beauty that Gosford and the surrounding areas has to offer.
The towers will overshadow and dominate the landscape and sky line and effect all residents and businesses in the area providing a negative visual impact to the valley and waterfront.
There is insufficient infrastructure to cope with a major development of this scale with the construction planned for well over 24 months.
The overdevelopment of 26-30 Mann street will change the character of the area forever and not for the better.
Gosford finds itself in a unique position in that it has avoided being over developed and this is what attracts people and families to want to live in the area.
We have the opportunity and obligation to develop this area into something all residents of Gosford can avail of and be proud of.
The big city developers will come make their money and move on, no doubt a lot these apartments will be sold off to overseas investors but future residents of the area will have to live with the outcomes.
Gosford must of course move forward and totally agree that the area will need to be developed BUT with a different approach.
Let’s rethink this.
This is not the Gold Coast or Circular Quay.
Steve Webb
Gosford , New South Wales
I find that the building being so big and tall it will block out a lot of my view from my apartment. It will also completely block out any sunlight coming into my apartment, especially because of its close proximity to my apartment, caused by its incredible 25 story height. I also think it will considerably restrict the parking that will be available all around the immediate area for at least a 100 meters in any direction of the building. It also will considerably increase traffic, and increase pollution, as well as noise pollution to my apartment. I am also worried it can cause structural weakness to my building of 25 Mann Street, Gosford as result of the heavy construction that will be required, which is only the opposite side of Mann street. By the proposed construction site of 26-30 Mann Street, Gosford.
Name Withheld
GOSFORD , New South Wales
I believe that this project should not go ahead, or there should be restrictions regarding the project. Living in the Merindah building that had been newly constructed around an year ago, we brought the property with the views of the lake and park in mind. I'm sure many people in the apartment have brought their property for this reason, and it would be a shame to see the view be obstructed by a building only a few years after the finished construction. What is more is that the building to be built (25 floors) would be as tall as our current building (15 floors on a hill). This just puts our money into the property to use, as we could've brought somewhere else for cheaper. If the building plan goes ahead, I would like you to consider to lower the floors on the building, perhaps to 15, equivalent to ours, so both apartments can share the view.
Name Withheld
GOSFORD , New South Wales
I would like to object to the development of this project. The residents of 25 Mann St Merindah apartment have made an investment into units which would have unobstructed view from one part of the building. By building the apartments next door will provide a largely obstructed views, which is unfair to residents and investors. Upon purchasing the units, resident were promised that the highest building possible at 26 Mann St, would be no higher than 4 storeys building. Also, a building something this high will present the current residents at 25 Mann St with an extend noise level of construction for at least 2 years, making living conditions not very pleasant. We are kindly asking to reconsider the size of this building to nothing higher than just few storeys.
Name Withheld
GOSFORD , New South Wales
I would like to object to the proposal of this development based on the following:
1. This building is simply too high for the Gosford area.
2. The number of proposed developments currently going on in Gosford will create oversupply of the apartments for the area affecting the real estate market.
3. There are not enough schools in the area already to support the growing community.
4. The residents of 25 Mann St have invested funds into non-obstructed water views living in the part of the building which will now be obstructed by the proposed development, which makes it very unfair.
5. The noise created by lengthy construction period will make the living of the surrounding residents quite uncomfortable.

Please take my objection into consideration.


Zobair Bary
Steven Broussos
GREENACRE , New South Wales
It's good for the Central Coast
Tim Felstead
POINT CLARE , New South Wales
I am a resident of Point Clare, which looks across the bay to Gosford. I moved up here a couple of years ago - mainly driven by affordability and the convenience/beauty of the Central Coast, and I knew a few other people my age who had made the short move up from Sydney for similar reasons.

I have always thought Gosford had potential, but many well established locals (my neighbours) have repeatedly stated to me that they've "Heard it all before" when it comes to development occurring in Gosford (i.e. don't get your hopes up - nothing will change).

This project gives me optimism for Gosford's future. Gosford has every element required for a major CBD (particularly transport links: freeway, bus, train + the potential for better ferry links to the southern coast region and palm beach). Further, it has a fantastic coastal climate and natural beauty right next to the bay, which remains largely underutilised / unexploited. The climate/environment provide a major incentive for people to live in this region (as opposed to Western Sydney for example, where you lose those climate and coastal benefits).

Despite the obvious opportunities, Gosford seems to have had more false starts than any other regional CBD in NSW.

My view is that we need people living in Gosford CBD to attract more people, and business. It needs to be the hub it claims to be (i.e. the "Capital" of the Central Coast). If there are more opportunities for CBD living in Gosford, more people will be attracted to live up here, and more businesses will be tempted to open up or relocate here. Importantly, but in the longer term, greater development in Gosford will provide more options for NSW residents (particularly those from Sydney) to find work and life outside of Sydney itself - while not being too far from existing family and friends. The opportunity for reasonably priced CBD living is needed more than ever, particularly when you review what the cost of an apartment is in most Sydney suburbs. Gosford is well placed to provide that reasonably priced alternative to Sydney.

I strongly support the high density developments proposed for Gosford CBD in this application on exhibition. There is no other CBD in NSW with greater potential, and this project (particularly once all stages are complete) will have an enormous impact toward making Gosford the capital of the coast that it needs to be.

The only caveat I have relates to design. While I appreciate interesting architecture is expensive - I hope the team working on this project will keep in mind the need to make Gosford CBD as attractive as possible (particularly considering its natural surroundings). It would be disappointing to see continuous uninspiring "Soviet Blocks" which unfortunately have been allowed to grace the majority of Sydney's growing suburbs.

I wish the team all the best in this project and hope to see it become a major success.
Daniel Beukes
GOSFORD , New South Wales
I’m a resident in 25 Mann Street and strongly object to the proposed 24 story development by St Hilliers on 26 Mann Street on the following grounds:
• This would set a precedent for other developers to build high-rise buildings on the waterfront of Brisbane Waters
• This development would clash with the amenity of the waterfront and inner Gosford CBD precinct
• This proposal is only phase 1 of the overall plan. Upon completion of all phases this parcel of land would be overdeveloped and look more like Surfers Paradise rather than the rest of Gosford
Owners' Committee
GOSFORD , New South Wales
Members of the Executive Committee of The Broadwater Owners’ Corporation 127-129 Georgian Tce

Name of Applicant:
SH Gosford Residential Pty Ltd. SSD-23588910

We have the following objections to the City Quarter (stage 1) proposal:

1. The proposal offers no benefit to the existing Gosford community.
2. The footprint of the buildings is too large for the site, with buildings will be crammed too close together with little space between them.
3. The huge scale is totally at odds with the buildings in the vicinity.
4. It reduces the amount of open public space residents previously enjoyed.
5. This pressure on the decreased amount of public space left available will be extreme, given the number of units and new residents proposed. This will result in reduced a quality of living for residents in the vicinity.
6. The large amount of residential accommodation will place increased demand on community infrastructure and services.
7. The proposed tower is too high. Its height is totally at odds with the buildings in the vicinity and unsuitable for the Waterfront site.
8. Stage one includes the first of three towers which, together with other proposed towers in nearby streets will produce walls of tall buildings, which together will prevent the ingress of sunlight and the flow of ocean breezes to buildings already situated to the East of the proposed development. This is of major concern to residents of The Broadwater.
9. Also of concern to Broadwater residents is the lack of consideration given to view sharing in the proposal. The Broadwater building backs against Henry Parry Drive and the views it once enjoyed over Brisbane Water are already being 80% blocked by developments immediately adjacent to it. The Central Coast Quarter will block the remaining 20%.
10. Table 2 (p33) rates residential sensitivity as high, while splitting other viewers into a large number of different low/moderate categories. This creates a misleading contrast. Also, other users are all passers-by who will view the towers fleetingly, while residents will see, and have their sunlight blocked, 100% of the time. The Central Coast Quarter as proposed would be the final closure of the natural view, sunlight and fresh air previously available to Broadwater residents.
11. The Sydney Morning Herald (26/09/2021) and the Coast Community News (05/03/2021) both reported on the proposed Design and Place SEPP which is being developed in response to the major challenges of COVID-19 and climate change. Adequate provision of communal space, fresh air and areas of planted trees has become more important than ever.

We declare that no political donations have been made by any of us during the last two years.

Yours faithfully,
Dr Gillian Perrett (Unit 26, Hon Secretary) Prof Christine Duffield (Unit 27)
Mrs Lorre Brown (Unit 36)
Ms Deborah Spenser (Unit 16)
Ms Kay Bayliss (Unit 34)
Members of the Executive Committee of The Broadwater Owners’ Corporation
Name Withheld
GOSFORD , New South Wales
my concern is that there will be 269 car spaces including the casual spaces for the bars and restaurants and this busy traffic flow will be entering and leaving via a
one way 10kph road which is shared with a childrens water park surely there are major safety concerns involved .
Name Withheld
GOSFORD , New South Wales
I object to the removal of established trees on Baker St. In addition a building of that size doesn't fit in the local area, it's far too high. The proposed builing will block existing owners views and negatively impact people that have paid for apartments with a view. The proposed building will negatively impact the enjoyment of my property. It will also reduce natural light to surrounding properties. A building of this size will also cause traffic issues as the surrounding roads can't cater for this amount of additional traffic.
Name Withheld
PANANIA , New South Wales
This project will obstruct the entire balcony view which I paid for, especially the water view. Not only will I lose out on the view I paid for, my property's value will also diminish as a result of this project.
Doug Sneddon Plannin Ltd
LISAROW , New South Wales
Please refer to the attached letter objecting to the propsal and requestion a 14 day extension of time wuithin to make a detailed submission.
Janet Harper
GOSFORD , New South Wales
Too tall – visually impacts the area, smack in the middle of the valley on the foreshore
The design changes to the tower are minimal and make no difference to the impact the building will have on the skyline
Obstructs views of other apartments set on the sides of the valley
Casts large shadows over adjacent park
Danger to children using the park when the access road to the tower is the same road used by pedestrians
Vastly increase traffic on small access roads around the area
Original acceptable height for this precinct was 6 stories and it should remain at that
A visual disaster for the area
Name Withheld
Dear Sir / Madam,
We have an apartment opposite the proposed Central Coast Quarter Northern Tower. We currently have water views and enjoy the peaceful surrounding area. We object to the development of the 25 stories building which is going to completely block our water view and likely to devalue our apartment. We are also very concerned about the increased traffic to the area due to the commercial activities.
Central Coast Council
GOSFORD , New South Wales
Please find attached response from Central Coast Council.
Jill Yates
GOSFORD , New South Wales
Submission received by post at 4 Parramatta Square mailroom 20 October 2021, but postmarked 14 October 2021.
Submission is from Jill Yates and Christine Duffield
Scan of submission attached
Doug Sneddon
LISAROW , New South Wales
Hello Kendall,

Further to our previous emails and my interim submission on 18th October 2021 I provide the attached submission for the Department's consideration on behalf of the owners of 27-37 Mann Street, Gosford, addressing the view sharing impacts on their approved development of the development at Nos. 26-30 Mann Street now proposed by SSD - 23588910.

I also advise that Urbaine Architecture has been engaged to provide expert view sharing impact assessment of SSD -23588910 on the approved development at 27-37 Mann Street, Gosford. This will be provided to the Department as soon as it is available.

Doug Sneddon
LISAROW , New South Wales
Supplementary submission from Doug Sneddon


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