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State Significant Infrastructure


Coffs Harbour Bypass

Coffs Harbour City

Current Status: Determination

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  6. Assessment
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  8. Determination

An upgrade of approximately 14 kilometres of the Pacific Highway from south of the Englands Road roundabout to the southern end of the Sapphire to Woolgoolga upgrade project. The project would bypass Coffs Harbour.

Attachments & Resources

Early Consultation (1)

Scoping Report Letter

Application (1)

Scoping Report

EIS (16)

EIS Volume 1A – Main Report Chapters 1-7
EIS Volume 1B – Main Report Chapters 8-16
EIS Volume 1C – Main Report Chapters 17-25
EIS Volume 1D – Main Report Chapters 26-30
EIS Volume 2 – Appendix A-E Project requirements
EIS Volume 3 – Appendix F Traffic and transport
EIS Volume 4A – Appendix G Noise and vibration
EIS Volume 4B – Appendix G Noise and vibration
EIS Volume 4C – Appendix G Noise and vibration
EIS Volume 5 – Appendix H-I Biodiversity
EIS Volume 6A – Appendix J Urban Design
EIS Volume 6B – Appendix J Urban Design
EIS Volume 7 – Appendix K1-K3 Socio-economic
EIS Volume 8 – Appendix L-M Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal h
EIS Volume 9 – Appendix N-O Hydrology and flooding
EIS Volume 10 – Appendix P-R Air and human health

Response to Submissions (4)

Request RTS_07112019_115100
Submissions Report Volume 1 - Chapters 1-3
Submissions Report Volume 2 - Chapter 4-8
Submissions Report Volume 3 - Appendices A-E

Amendments (11)

1A - Main Report Chapters 1-4
1B - Main Report Sections 5.1 - 5.8
1C - Main Report Sections 5.9 - 5.13
2A - Appendix A-B Traffic and transport and Updated Noise and Vibration Assessment Report
2B - Appendix B Updated noise and vibration
2C - Appendix B Updated noise and vibration
3 - Appendix C-D Biodiversity
4A - Appendix E Urban design
4B - Appendix E Urban design
5 - Appendix F-G, Property & Aboriginal Cultural
6 - Appendix H Flooding and Hydrology

Determination (3)

Notice of Decision - SSI-7666
Assessment Report – Coffs Harbour Bypass SSI-7666
Instrument of Approval - SSI-7666

Approved Documents

Management Plans and Strategies (12)

B3 Community Communications Strategy (rev 2, Nov 2020) - Approved 14 Dec 2020
E40 Out of Hours Work Protocol (rev 5, 3 Aug 2021) - Approved 18 Aug 21
E16 Threatened Species Management Plan (rev 4, 24 March 2021) + Acknowledgement Letter 24 June 2021
Unexpected Contaminated Land and Asbestos Finds Procedure (rev 2, 21 Dec 2020) - Acknowledgement Letter 23 December 2020
E86 Sustainability Strategy (rev 1, Oct 2020)
E75 Panama Disease Control Management Plan (rev 4, April 2021)
Interim Acoustic Advisor extension - Approval Letter dated 28 July 2021
A24 Nomination of ER and Alternate ER - Approval Letter dated 23 June 2021
E3 Giant Barred Frog offsets acknowledgement letter (5 Jul 2022)072022_034210
E31 Non Aboriginal Heritage Report - Marked Tree Stump (19 Aug 21)
E31 Non Aboriginal Heritage Report - Post Office (19 Aug 21)
Direction condition A4 6-Apr-22

Reports (16)

AA Monthly Report February 2022
AA Monthly Report, May 2022
ER Monthly Report May 2022
AA Monthly Report, March 2022
ER Monthly Report March 2022
2022 January ER Monthly Report
ER Monthly Report December 2021
2022 Jan AA monthly report
ER Monthly Report February 2022
ER Monthly Report - October 2021
21001-NV-RP-9-0 CHB AA monthly report - Oct 21
ER Monthly Report April 2022
AA Monthly Report, June 2022
ER Monthly Report, July 2022
ER Monthly Report, August 2022
AA Monthly Report, August 2022

Independent Reviews and Audits (1)

ER Monthly Report - November 2021

Other Documents (7)

E45 DPE RFI on Noise Model Input Report
Low Impact Work - Approval Letter (28 Jul 21) + Documents
E3 Common Planigale offsets acknowledgement letter (12 Jul 22)
A22 Approval of extension to Interim ER Appointment (14 May 21)
A28 Nomination of AA and Alternate AA - Approval Letter dated 7 Sep 2021
A28 Approval of Interim Acoustic Advisor (1 Feb 2021)
Extension of time request for ER

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Name Withheld
Condell Park , New South Wales
I support the project and recommend it be built asap. Given the impending completion of the Pacific Hwy duplication project this section is the last to be bypassed and will be congested and severely so during holiday periods.

While I disagree with the proposal to build tunnels and the disadvantages this brings such as increased cost and ongoing maintenance leading to closures every couple of months along with certain vehicles unable to use the bypass, I commend that the RMS has listened to local community concerns who clearly wanted a tunnel although I believe the argument could have been made clearer and stronger as to the disadvantages above which could have allowed alternate proposals for the ridge crossings.

While the EIS notes a median barrier will be provided, the visual video does not in all sections and it is imperative regardless of median width that a barrier is provided to prevent head on crashes which has occurred on other duplicated projects with vehicles crossing the grass median.
Jackson Hurst
I support the Coffs Harbour Bypass Project because it will take excess traffic of of the Pacific Highway.
Name Withheld
COFFS HARBOUR , New South Wales
Good afternoon, I support this build, especially with the tunnels. Although I am concerned about the amount of dust that will be in the air, when the construction commences. My son suffers from asthma, and the whole family suffers from bad hay fever. It has been a struggle the last couple of months with the construction of the new park near us, and that is only a small project. It won’t be pleasant having to keep the house locked up constantly, especially in summer. I am also concerned about the construction noise and how that will impact our otherwise quiet estate.
Thankyou for your time.
Name Withheld
COFFS HARBOUR , New South Wales
I haven't seen any kind of cycling infrastructure mentioned in the project materials. Please ensure that there are cycle-ways included in the planned project for at least some sections of the bypass ideally with linkages to connect Gatelys Road with Coramba Road. This would create a cycle loop around Coffs Harbour and give residents of western parts of Coffs Harbour some cycling options which they currently lack.
Bruce Robertson
KORORA , New South Wales
I support this much needed project.
This submission is to appeal for an extension of the Korora noise barrier in the vicinity of chainage 21,500.00. In particular, for an extension further south of Ferntree Place of the proposed Korora sound barrier as is shown currently shown in the EIS .
Points made:
1 This is the upper end of "Korora Hill" and the EIS shows no significant improvement of the gradient on this section. Trucks use multiple gear changes ascending or exhaust brakes descending.
2 Average noise measurements would probably not capture the "peaks" of noise from the above actions. (On a clear night they sound like they'e on James Small Drive!)
3 The EIS shows that this section will be further elevated which will only exacerbate the problem.
4 Korora is an expanding suburb and with the ever increasing flow of trucks on the highway, the problem will grow.

Highway noise is an ongoing complaint in Korora and I sincerely hope that this great project will give us the same relief as is to be provided on the southern section of Coffs.

Bruce Robertson
Graham Stubington
COFFS HARBOUR , New South Wales
First I would like to congratulate the RMS and Dept of Environment and Planning for producing an excellent EIS incorporating three tunnels as demanded by the community. My comments are as follows:

1. I note in Chapter 26 that noise remediation for properties impacted by noise during construction and on completion of the bypass will have the necessary noise remediation undertaken on their properties prior to construction. This is an important issue for the community.

2. There is however, what appears to be an anomaly in the Mitigated Noise Contour with low noise pavement and Noise Barriers Map - 03 in that:
a. One property to the west of Shephards Lane furthest away from the bypass is annotated above NCG criteria and yet the properties closer to the bypass are not?
b. Two properties to the East of Shephards Lane at the end of Coriedale Drive, which are closer to the bypass are not notated as above NCG Criteria and yet the adjacent properties further from the bypass and protected by the two closer properties are notated as above NCG Criteria. There is a similar anomaly on the southern side of Coriedale Drive.

3. Chapter 26 highlights that the contractor is responsible for developing all environmental impacts during the detailed design and construction of the bypass. It is important for the integrity of the bypass design that the contractor is contracted to build the bypass to the detailed design approved by the RMS and not contracted to design and build the bypass. It is appropriate for the contractor to develop his plans for mitigating various environmental impacts resulting from the RMS approved plan.

Thank you.

Kind regard

Graham Stubington
Angela Furlan
TOORMINA , New South Wales
I am pleased to see the EIS released recently includes three tunnels. I write to request that the EIS in it's current form be retained and that the final tender be for CONSTRUCT only (not DESIGN AND CONSTRUCT) so the community has certainty that what is in the EIS is what we will get as the end product.
Georgina Furlan
COFFS HARBOUR , New South Wales
Whilst I am pleased to see the recently released EIS includes three tunnels, I write to implore the Department to retain these tunnels in the final design and ensure the final tender is for CONSTRUCT ONLY, not "design and construct", so the community can have certainty that the design tendered is the one we will end up with.
Roger Rudland-Wood
BOAMBEE EAST , New South Wales
Possible 'safe' and economical solution to the restrictions on Dangerous Goods Vehicles using tunnels.
Specially: The Coffs Harbour Bypass.
Name Withheld
KARANGI , New South Wales
To whom it may concern,
Thank you for listening to the community and providing tunnels in the Coffs Harbour bypass. I support the location of the highway and the use of tunnels, however, there are two other key areas which have not been adequately addressed in the new design which still require attention.
1- appropriate noise mitigation measures for houses on the western side of the highway do not seem to have been included in the design. Experience from the bypass at Sapphire has shown that elevated residents on the western side of the highway have been significantly impacted as a result of lack of noise mitigation measures and refraction of noise from noise mitigation walls on the eastern side of the highway. Residents on the western side of the highway need to be given the same consideration as those on the east and noise mitigation to reduce impact on these residents is essential.

2- The use of the highway corridor as a koala corridor does not seem to have been incorporated. The bypass will impact on koala and other native species movement, regardless of the tunnels and as such more effort should be made to facilitate koala movement using the bypass corridor. The design should include planting koala food trees along the corridor outside of the fauna fence area. Fauna fences should be located as close as possible to the road to maximise the area available to create fauna corridors.
Please ensure that the two matters above are appropriately addressed.
Kind regards
Paul Murtha
COFFS HARBOUR , New South Wales
With regards to the Coffs Harbour bypass, the planned entrance to the west korora basin is unacceptable. It is complicationed and significantly increases the travel time for people travelling into Coffs Harbour.

Having no direct access to highway when traveling north seems like an easy fix.

However having to travel north to saphire beach before then returning south along another side road to get to Coffs Harbour is a unacceptable.

It will affect acceptability to the suburb which will affect property prices as entering and exiting will be overly complicated.

I would like a response as to why this suburb has been neglected
Strider Duerinckx
BELLINGEN , New South Wales
I like the refined design including use of tunnels, lower road height and low noise pavement. The three interchanges seem like they have all required on and off ramps.
Peter Ramstadius
KORORA , New South Wales
I whole-heartedly support the proposal and want the construction to start as early as possible, and the construction to be fast-tracked to reduce the stated four-year construction period. I note there has recently been mention of a '4 to 5-year' construction period and this new slippage cannot be allowed to occur given the interminable delays that have already transpired.

While I was not averse to the proposal that included land bridges and a cutting, the now proposed design with lowered horizontal alignments and incorporating tunnels will provide an even better solution.

The cost seems to have increased by about $620M - seems there has been no real problem with such a large percentage increase in the project cost. Makes you wonder why there is an insistence on Value Management Studies.

The EIS states that a 12m wide median has been abandoned for a 5m one generally except for some specific locations, but sections of the EIS still say 12m. It is also noted as 'variable and about 12m (5m min-20m max)'. How much of the length will be 5m?

The low noise pavement is now proposed everywhere except in the tunnels - why is this so?

The issue of the need to still transport dangerous goods through the CBD seems to have been tucked away in Chapters 26 and 29, and the issue seems to be ignored for now. Does this mean the EIS is anticipating a change in legislation? Is it proposed that a move towards the Natroad-advocated risk-based assessment approach, and the potential trial on removing restrictions of dangerous goods through selected tunnels in Sydney and designating key dangerous goods routes with appropriate access and rest areas, is a possibility?
Boambee Palms Holiday and Caravan Park
BOAMBEE , New South Wales
Please refer to attachment for submission
Colin Spring
KORORA , New South Wales
I live at Korora. The plans show a new Noise wall indicated by a blue line on the eastern side of the new road. To fully protect the Korora residential area from noise I request that this new wall be extended southwards to the roundabout at the Korora interchange. Regards Colin Spring.
Name Withheld
MOONEE BEACH , New South Wales
The Coffs Harbour Bypass should proceed on the basis of a construct only contract and the exhibition of a detailed design. It MUST not proceed on the basis of a design and tender contract. A construct only contract, together with an exhibition of a detailed design, will go a long way to allay the deep community distrust that has arisen over this project. The people of Coffs Harbour do not want to see unexpected and undesirable modifications down the track.
Eric Welsh
Coffs Harbour , New South Wales
Leigh Harvey
Desmond John & Gloria Helen Eeley
The Bayrange Group
CORAMBA , New South Wales


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