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SSD Modifications


MOD 1 - Stage 2 Turbine Changes

Snowy Monaro Regional

Current Status: Determination

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Due to a recent amendment to State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011 the consent authority for this project is now the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces. The Minister has delegated determination of the project to the Department.

Reducing the overall number of turbines, and increasing dimensions of the Yandra cluster turbines, including a tip height increase from 152 m to 200 m.

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Name Withheld
Cooma , New South Wales
Submission - Boco Rock Wind farm stage 2.

I wish to submit my opposition to the proposed modification of
increase in height of turbines proposed for stage 2 of Boco Rock Wind

There are several reasons for my family to be very upset and angry
over the behaviour of CWP.
Firstly, no contact whatsoever has been made with any member of the
Litchfield family who own and live at Myalla which is located within
full view of the current Boco Rock turbines just over 8km away.

We have not had any contact from CWP regarding stage 2 and the
proposed modifications and the impact that it will have on our
property. I only found out about stage 2 proceeding and the
application to alter the number and the height of the proposed
turbines last week when I received a letter asking if I wished to make
a submission. It would seem that this has been planned at this time of
the year - right on the busy Christmas period in order to "fly under
the radar" and get the modifications through unopposed.

I have spoken with members of the community and have discovered that
the proponent CWP has systematically and deliberately misrepresented
the impact of the height increase, by showing not to scale diagrams
and wire frames bearing no relation to real landscape. The photo
montage to show the actual visual impact of the increased height of
the turbines, requested more than 4 months ago was not received until
November 30. It seems that in the 13 years since we began fighting to
protect our landscape and to have strict guidelines to guard against
the often appalling behaviour of wind farm proponents, little has
changed and they continue to operate in a devious and underhand

For our part - we have not had an opportunity to request a photo
montage of the impact on our property of the proposed modification in
height to "super turbines".
We would like to request that the proponent contacts us to arrange to
come and visit us and that we are given a photo montage of the effect
of the turbines on our property.

I understand that there are property owners who, like us, are in sight
of the turbines, and have had mitigation of the visual impact
undertaken by the proponent. We would like to be contacted to also
have a discussion regarding this option for our property Myalla.

It has already been said in my last submission and by others that the
Monaro is a magnificent landscape, in the most part still very much
the same as prior to white settlement, unlike much of other areas in
Australia where cropping has very much altered the natural landscape.
In a time where the world is ever changing, the Monaro landscape has
stayed the same, except now for the once beautiful area of the Boco
Rock wind farm.

Movie makers, artists and nature lovers come to the Monaro for its
vast natural beauty - adding hugely to the economy of the local area.
We need to protect this unique landscape.

I fully oppose the modification of the project to install 200m high
turbines on the Monaro. The turbines already in place are visible from
40+ km away and the added height of the proposed 200m turbines will
only further deface the landscape. The larger turbines bring nothing
extra to our region, no extra income, no additional employment, no
greater community fund contributions. The proponent has approval to
erect 135m turbines and this should not be changed.

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth Litchfield
Name Withheld
COOMA , New South Wales
I wish to submit my opposition to the proposed modification of increase
in height of turbines proposed for stage 2 of Boco Rock Wind farm.

We as neighbouring landholders have not been contacted in any way to
discuss the proposal and the potential change in the landscape that
will result.

For a family that, has and continues to, live and breathe this land
and landscape we believe we should be involved in any process that
will impact our landscape, as is the case with the wind farm project
proposals past and present.
Name Withheld
Steeple Flat , New South Wales
we are a young family who moved to the region three years ago, for its
untouched beauty, and while we believe in renewable energy, we
strongly oppose the installation of such large infrastructure which
considerably degrades the landscape.
Paul Scherek
Bemboka , New South Wales
Good morning. Quite simply, I am totally opposed to the increase of tower
height. The Monaro Plains are a rare and delightful place, and unique.
The feeling of solitude there is wonderful. Increasing the height of
the turbines increases the distance from which they can be seen, and
thus reduces the amount of the plains that can be enjoyed.
Additionally, there is more and more evidence that ILNF (infra sound
and low frequency noise) can travel for tens of kilometres, and can
have serious health consequences for those within range. There is
ample evidence that the larger towers produce more ILNF - indeed, they
produce more noise overall. Please deny this modification.
James Litchfield
Cooma , New South Wales
I object to the proposed increase in turbine height to 200 metres.
Clearly there are issues of visual amenity and environmental impact
with an increase in wind turbine height of 65 metres. The negative
impact of wind turbines on adjoining landholders and opposition to
this development on the Monaro is well documented, valid and obvious.
I therefore request you keep to your original proposal and not:
* add to the impost on the landscape,
* re-ignite opposition and
* further inflame community division
by increasing the size of towers to 200 metres
Name Withheld
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
I am concerned about the proposed works for 3 main reasons:

1. The proposed works are a significant increase in the visual impact
of the Boco Rock windfarms . This is particularly with resepct to the
unique and important landscape of the Monaro high plains.

2. There was insufficient public consultation and debate associated
with the original Boc Rock development and there has been insufficient
informatio and consultation about this development.

3. The proposed work are a significant increase in the density of wind
farm developments in the area. This is particularly with respect to
other proposed wind farm developments in the area (such as Granite
Hi9lls). Thie proposed development should be seen as part of a pattern
of cumulative impacts on the area.
Peter Taylor
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
The existing wind farm is a blight on the treeless plains landscape of
the Monaro. The proposed towers are over one and one half times the
height of the existing ones. The proposed reduced number of towers
will do little to alleviate the increased blight.
The new towers will be visible over a much greater distance than the
original proposal.

The proponents are obviously aware of this as they have sought to
deceptively compare the proposed towers with hypothetical ones that
have never been built, rather than what exists. They have even fudged
some of their camera views with this false comparison.

The proponents claim that aerial agricultural operators can fly as
close as five to seven feet of obstacles. As a private pilot I doubt
this unless it is only their proximity to flat ground in perfect
conditions. I have met no agricultural pilot who is comfortable flying
near a moving and unseen object such as a wind tower rotor blade. As a
principal of an enterprise with 40000 acres of similar farming land in
the vicinity, I estimate that thirty to forty percent of the land is
inaccessible from the ground to normal agricultural operations such as
pasture establishment and fertilising and ten to twenty percent to
weed control.. This has enormous implications for the spread of
noxious weeds such as serrated tussock and African lovegrass which are
spreading into the area. The proponents should have to legally accept
responsibility for this impediment.
Michaela Samman
Bemboka , New South Wales
I strongly oppose CWP's application to inflict taller turbines to the
Monaro landscape and inhabitants, for the following concerns:

- Overwhelming and intimidating size, despoiling an iconic landscape.

- Increased noise hazard from ILFN (Infra and Low Frequency Noise),
rendering homes uninhabitable.

Over the last 10 years, much research by authoritative professionals
in the field of acoustics worldwide, have found that the legitimate
hazards from ILFN, increase with the size of wind turbines - the
taller the turbine, the further the travel of ILFN, and the risks of
rendering neighboring homes uninhabitable. Already there is an
enormous legacy of abandoned homes in the wake of industrial wind
turbines, ALL OVER THE WORLD. The people who are forced to abandon
their homes are rarely adequately, if ever, compensated. This is not a
fair distribution of the cost of an insatiable world appetite for

While there is doubt over the safety of the new wave of wind turbine
technology, the precautionary principle ought to be applied. Otherwise
we risk driving not only people from an injurious precinct, but
animals, insects, birds, ending up with barren uninhabitable places,
places where we need to grow food, where we need to preserve
ecological integrity.

We are Australians, we used to have an ethics for fair play.....where
has it gone?
Susan Jardine
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
I strongly object to the larger blades being used in the proposed Boco
Rock modification
India Taylor
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
I strongly object to the proposed increase in height of turbines from
135m to 200m around Yandra in the Boco Rock Wind Farm Stage 2. The
modification brings no benefits and entails numerous disadvantages.
The local community have changed their position on the turbines since
the construction of Stage 1 and NAG, largely owing to the failure of
the projects to provide any community benefit, with no improvement to
the local economy. The larger turbines, which will stand at over 300m
in development, will have an enormously increased visual, aesthetic
impact on the landscape, which has been evidenced by a photo montage
provided to the community. Their additional height will also mean that
lights will potentially have to be installed on the turbines, further
imposing upon the beautiful local landscape. The 200m turbines achieve
no additional community benefit and will significantly disturb the
landscape, making the project modification highly detrimental.
Caroline Jardine
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
I would like to object to the proposal to increase the Boco Rock Stage
two turbines from 152m to 200m.

We operate a farm that borders on Springfield road approximately 1.5km
from the proposed location of Stage two of the Boco Rock Wind Farm.
From our farm we will be able to see and hear these turbines.

Not only do they impact the visual vista of our property, the current
data on the impacts of 200m turbines on health and wellbeing is not
completely known. As this is the location where we work, we are
concerned about the potential health risks that these turbines would
inflict on our workplace.
William Jardine
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
I find the submission on Boco Rock Wind Turbines to reduct the number of
turbines but increase their size truly disgusting. Firstly the
notification about the DA change and the submission time frame to
object to it is absurd. I find it highly offensive that my workplace
boundary is approximately 1.5km from the proposed turbines and I have
had no consultation from the proponents. My major concerns are the
visual impact it will have on my property and thus land devaluation,
but more importantly the affects the noise or infrasound will have
upon my workplace. I believe this creates an OHS risk to myself and my

I find it ironic that the host landowners have the opportunity to move
these wind turbines further from their residence and closer to ours.
While they receive all the financial benefit and we receive only the
negative impacts - financial and health.
Charles Taylor
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
To whom it may concern,
I am writing concerning my objection to the Boco Rock Wind Farm -
Modification 1. I object on the grounds that increasing the proposed
height of the turbines from 135 to 200 metres is detrimental to the
community and the local environment. The nearest structure that is
taller than the proposed turbines is in Sydney, 500 kilometres from my
home. That will all change if the proponent's modification is
approved. We have chosen to live in Nimmitabel because of its
beautiful highland landscape and the tranquillity that comes with it.
I urge the Department to consider my concern that these turbines will
create a cluster of structures that have a combined height equal or
greater to than the CBD of Sydney or Melbourne. That the members of
Nimmitabel and the surrounding community will be forced to live
beneath those structures for generations to come, with no compensation
and no tangible benefit through employment opportunities or otherwise,
is completely against the spirit of planning and development in New
South Wales. Furthermore, the turbines will cause incalculable damage
to the Riparian ecosystem along the McLaughlin River, and to the value
that it represents to the community. The river is an invaluable aspect
of the landscape and is well-known throughout Australia for its
wildlife and trout fishing. Beyond dwarfing and casting into shadow a
place that I have a personal connection with, the proposed increase of
the turbine height would undoubtedly impact local tourism to the
river. Proponents of the modification should be aware of the personal
grief and the long-lasting damage - to both the community and the
unique environment we choose to live in - that this modification
Graeme Bryce
Glen Allen , New South Wales
The variation to the current infrastructure will have a visual impact on
the surrounding community and will have an impact on property prices.
The community is just coming to terms with the current wind turbines
and to now double the size of the turbines after such a short
timeframe does not enhance peoples perception of this renewable energy
Adding this additional power generation only benefits the energy
company, not the surrounding community, and with the current financial
hardship being experienced due to weather factors, by adding another
anxiety level is counter productive for the overall health of the
residents and farmers.
Name Withheld
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
My wife Gazelle and I would like to record our objections to the
proposal to construct 20 x 200 metre high wind turbine generators
(WTGs) as per Boco Rock Wind Farm - Modification 1. If the larger WTGs
are approved, the possibility of greater health risks is unacceptable.
The impacts of Infrasound on surrounding neighbours is not completely
understood (the many available studies and reports conflict) and
therefore cannot be discounted as a potential hazard. Conclusions made
in some studies put the township of Nimmitabel within the radius of
measurable infrasound.
We also have concerns for ratepayers during Stage 2 construction phase
if the larger WTGs are approved. Based on
our experience of Stage 1 of Boco Rock Wind Farm, our local sealed
roads were seriously damaged by carriage of the original smaller
components. Repairs to the roads were left to local ratepayers to foot
the bill for the now unrepairable sections of roadway. This was also
the case for the Cooma - Bega HV upgrade to accomodate the Boco Rock
access to the electricity grid. It is reasonable to assume that the
larger turbines will have a greater impact on loads. This injustice
must be addressed by the NSW Government regardless of the WTG size.
Subsidising Boco Rock Wind Farm Stage 1, via local road repairs, has
left ratepayers wary of further negative impacts sure to abound in
Stage 2.
Richard Taylor
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
Our property borders the entire length of the Boco Rock windfarm.
Numerous places on my property overlook every turbine. The landscape,
the amenity of my workplace, the fabric of the local community and
value of my property (a 15% reduction that would simply reflect a
reduced number of interested buyers) have all experienced significant
detriment. I strongly opposed the initial project and strongly object
to the proposed modification.
As was clearly shown in photomontages provided to us by the developer,
the 200 m towers are significantly more apparent in the landscape. The
developer has gone to some lengths to disguise this fact. He
deliberately misrepresented the size of the turbines in community mail
outs and consistently failed to provide an accurate image of the
turbines. I requested a photomontage showing the difference between
the approved and proposed turbines and these were provided at the
start of the Exhibition process, months after my request was made. He
repeatedly suggested the increased size was offset by the reduced
numbers, he is aware this is not the case and was deceptive in his
efforts to cover this fact up.
The larger turbines are likely to require night lighting where the
approved machines do not. The wind company has not clarified whether
lighting would be necessary. These machines come only with increased
downside and no further benefits. Actually the community will receive
a smaller contribution to the Community fund as the community fund
payments are made per turbine and there will be less.
It is clear from submissions I understand have been made to the
Exhibition that the modification does not enjoy the support of the
community. Local business has experienced the failure of the wind farm
to provide the increased revenue it promised. Travelling workers
simply drove through our small village or travelled on back roads from
larger local towns. They were even moved out of a local hotel and into
Cooma to access cheaper accommodation. The distribution of the
proceeds from the Community Fund has not been the river of gold it was
expected to be. It has been hugely cumbersome to administer (indeed
was not distributed for three years)and in fact the Nimmity Bell,
purchased largely with a wind farm grant, has caused endless community
The practice of signing up neighbouring landholders to "Neighbour
agreements" containing gag clauses is outrageous. The entire nation is
aware that the eastern seaboard is experiencing the worst drought in
living history, a vulnerable time for financially stressed farmers.
The developer deprives landholders of their freedom of speech by
making "acknowledgement of the impacts they may experience" contingent
on their support of the modification. A simple bribe to keep objectors
silent. It is a practice that serves also to quash community
discussion and debate and thus misrepresent local support..
Our landscape is unique and our region is increasingly becoming a
popular year round tourist destination. The existing towers can be
seen from Dalgety. It is inappropriate to add insult to injury by
increasing the turbine size, imposing further detriment on neighbours
and the landscape and expanding the area of impact while reducing the
benefits to a community whose support the developer no longer enjoys.
Paige Taylor
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
As a long-term resident of the Nimmitabel area and having grown up in the
area, I would like to record my strong objection to the proposed
modifications to the Boco Rock Wind Project, in particular the
proposal for new 200m-high turbines. These turbines will be much
larger than those currently in place, a fact that has been
deliberately obfuscated by the developers. Putting aside this
unconscionable misrepresentation of the modifications, the community
will in no way be proportionately compensated for the irrevocable
damage that these mega-turbines will inflict on the landscape. The
proposed modification generates no more power and will not financially
benefit the local community. I strongly object to the proposal.
Duncan Taylor
NIMMITABEL , New South Wales
I understand that the windfarm developer is decreasing the community
funding required to be provided by the development by diminishing the
number of turbines and increasing the height. It is intuitively
apparent that if:
* Community funding is proportionate to number of turbines; and
* Visual impact relates to height of turbines,
then the developer by reducing numbers of turbines and increasing
height is decreasing the community funding with regards to the visual
impact of the turbines.
By doing so, it appears the developer is increasing private
profitability of the project at the expense of the public compensation
for the visual and other impacts of the project, and thereby using
this development modification to escape responsibilities to the
I submit that the visual impact of the development is particular
sensitive in this area as it is naturally treeless, so that
modifications to that landscape have greater impact than in other
Developers should not in my submission be permitted to escape or
partially escape obligations made to the community under previous
development planning by increasing height of towers, reducing their
number and reducing money that had been committed to community
I have met with representatives of the developer who provided diagrams
of the landscape that had been prepared but were not to scale. There
seemed to be no reason why diagrams were prepared that were not to
scale other than to convey a perception that is not reality, and that
modifications to the landscape are represented in these diagrams to
our family as less than what will in fact be the case.
Name Withheld
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
I am OBJECTING to the larger 200 m Turbines proposed by CWP the developer
of Boco Rock Wind Farm. The height of the already approved turbines at
135 m is already of a significant impact on the beautiful Monaro
landscape. It would also set a Precedent for larger and larger Mega
Turbines in the future. No one would like to see the Monaro
countryside as a sea of Mega Size Turbines. Also this modification
doesn't create any jobs or other significant benefits to the local
area. 135 m is more then enough.
Kirk Petersen
Jindabyne , New South Wales
My name is Kirk Petersen and I have been a resident of Jindabyne for 25
years. Over the years I have seen a lot of development of our area.
None are as impressive as the windmills near Springfield Road. I use
this road often to get to the coast. I can't help but notice how many
people stop to photograph the new landscape. I look forward to more
projects like this in the future. Renewable energy is our future.


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