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SSD Modifications


MOD 1 - Stage 2 Turbine Changes

Snowy Monaro Regional, Snowy Monaro Regional

Current Status: Determination

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  3. Collate Submissions
  4. Response to Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination

Due to a recent amendment to State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011 the consent authority for this project is now the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces. The Minister has delegated determination of the project to the Department.

Reducing the overall number of turbines, and increasing dimensions of the Yandra cluster turbines, including a tip height increase from 152 m to 200 m.

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Airservices Australia
Canberra , Australian Capital Territory
I refer to your request for an Airservices assessment of the Boco Rock
wind farm.

Airspace Procedures
With respect to procedures designed by Airservices in accordance with ICAO PANS-OPS and Document 9905, at a maximum height of 1298m (4259ft) AHD, the wind turbines will not affect any sector or circling altitude, nor any instrument approach or departure procedure at Cooma-Snowy Mountains Airport or Cooma-Polo Flat landing site. The wind turbines will not affect any air route or lowest safe
altitude (LSALT).
Note that procedures not designed by Airservices at Cooma-Snowy Mountains Airport or Cooma-Polo Flat landing site were not considered in this assessment.

Communications/Navigation/Surveillance (CNS) Facilities
This wind farm, to a maximum height of 1298m (4259ft) AHD, will not adversely impact the performance of Precision/Non-Precision
Navigational Aids, HF/VHF Comms, A-SMGCS, Radar, PRM, ADS-B, WAM or Satellite/Links.
Australian Wind Alliance
Bungendore , New South Wales
Submission attached
Rodney Anderson
27 Tindal St Nimmitabel , New South Wales
I have worked at Boco Wind Farm Stage 1 since construction and Ararat Wind Farm for a short period of time. This is a great industry to be in. Providing employment and a future for so many young up and coming tradesman. It is a great thing for local community with its community grant scheme and a good thing for local farmers that have turbines on there properties. There is a sense of satisfaction knowing that around 55,000 houses are powered by Boco Stage 1 and the same amount would be powered from the new proposed wind farm. With global warming and climate change, this is the way of the future.
Kelvin Fahey
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
Please attached correspondence
Caroline Jardine
Nimmitabel , New South Wales
the increase of the turbines from 152 to 200m has the potential to negatively impact more local residents than the previous plan. This
has the potential to reduce land values which impacts income generation for community members.

Reducing income in the region also puts pressure on all local businesses.

Also this creates huge division in our small community which creates stress, anxiety and distress amongst our local community.
Leon Weston
NIMMITABEL , New South Wales
This submission was dropped into Snowy Monaro Regional Council Office
Cooma NSW 2630 - Thursday - December 13 - 2018


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SSD Modifications
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Snowy Monaro Regional, Snowy Monaro Regional
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