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SSD Modifications


MOD 1 - Tip Height Increase

Hilltops, Upper Lachlan Shire, Yass Valley

Current Status: Determination

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  1. Prepare Mod Report
  2. Exhibition
  3. Collate Submissions
  4. Response to Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination

Increase in maximum tip height to 200 m, decrease in maximum number of turbines to 77 and determine a single transport route for construction traffic.

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DPI Fisheries
See attached
Margaret Dengate
MIDDLE COVE , New South Wales
I am so pleased to see that this wind energy, environmentally friendly the Rye Park Wind Farm is getting closer to realisation. Travelling the world I have seen wind farms used in so many countries contributing to the world energy needs successfully. To name a few California in the United States, France, UK, Spain. Australia seems a little slow on the uptake of wind farms but with our vast open spaces wind farms can make a big difference to our environmental impact due to our energy needs. I know that this farm is in a fairly remote area and has been planned for over a decade. I'm not sure why it has taken so long for such a worthy project but I do hope that the Rye Park Wind Farm will be approved as a major infrastructure project for New South Wales to help power NSW. The approval of the Rye Park Wind Farm would come at a very good time when our state needs worthy projects to support our economy after the economic downturn caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic.
Water Group
As the Modification Report identifies no further water impacts from the original project the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - Water and the Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) have no comments.
George Papadopoulos
KELLYS PLAINS , New South Wales
At present I am already impacted by a nocturnal low frequency noise rumbling sound that had started when other wind farms in the region went up years ago. Sometime I am unable to sleep and on the rare occassion find the noise so unbearable that I need to leave the property and area. Noise monitoring by an accoustician confirmed that I am being impacted by low frequency noise/infrasound at levels which are remarkably high for an otherwise quiet rural area. This project is very close to my property and should it be constructed will likely exaccerbate this noise pollution issue sharply. Increasing the size of the wind turbines will make this even worse (paper by Bolin attached). These modification should not be approved.
Kate MacMaster
BLAKNEY CREEK , New South Wales
After the Ecologists (from Umwelt Consulting) came to determine the impact on our nesting pair of Wedge -Tailed Eagles, it is surprising the read their report (Appendix G.5) which shows that the increased blade length to 200mm would have a definite impact on the birds, therefore a reduction of the number of turbines would counter-balance this. However we are dwelling R45, and have turbines 87, 85 and 85 in particular in close proximity to our dwelling and the birds nest which are exactly in the flight path of the eagles that nest on our property. A sample size of one visit by the ecologists to our property over the reporting period 2018/2019 cannot account for how many times these birds might have been sighted flying at that height, over the site of these turbines in particular. These are diurnal birds that hunt daily across this area, and we absolutely object to turbines 82/83 and in particular 87/86/85, as should they be built, we anticipate, based on our decades of viewing this species in this area, that they would be impacted upon irreversibly. The ecologists have photographs of the two wedge-trailed eagle nests on our property, one of which is so old and large, it has fallen out of the tree - hence they have re-established themselves a hundred meters up the hill and 100 meters closer to the project boundary line. Our property, of all properties near the project boundary line, should be considered in terms of removing turbines, as we are a registered wildlife refuge with regenerated remnant woodland habitats, host to species endemic to the area. We call for a more extensive EIS to be undertaken in relation to turbine proximity to our property, which is in the process of being registered as an 'in-perpetuity conservation agreement".
DPI Agriculture
Please note that NSW DPI (Agriculture) has no comments to provide on this modification.
Wendy Goodburn
Upper Lachlan Shire Council
Crookwell , New South Wales
Upper Lachlan Shire Council has no additional comments regarding the proposed modification application.
Crown Lands
Newcastle , New South Wales
Please find below comments from Crown Lands:-
A tenure will be required to authorise transmission lines, underground cabling, access tracks and overhang of blades over crown land, road and waterways.
Project configuration should be designed to minimise the impacts to Crown lands.
It is also recommended that Tilt Renewables liaise with the district office prior to submitting a licence application.
Please contact Kate Seymour, Regional Services Support Officer on 4824 3747 to discuss requirements and expectations.
Division of Resources & Geoscience
Maitland , New South Wales
Please see attached.
BATHURST , New South Wales
Please see following attachments for EPA Response
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
See attached letter
Suzanne Wallace
EXETER , New South Wales
I am totally opposed to this development.
APA Group
SPRING HILL , Queensland
Good Afternoon,
Please find attached APA's submission in relation to the Rye Park Wind Farm Modification.
Any questions, feel free to give me a call.
APA Group
Senior Urban Planner
[email protected]
07 3223 3385
Suzanne Kelly
Boorowa , Western Australia
See attached
Linda Reitzin
RYE PARK , New South Wales
In general I support the switch to renewable energy and the use of wind farms. However in this situation, the negative impact on the Rye Park community and surrounds will be far-reaching and I therefore object to this project.
These issues are of concern:
Environment: There will be a doubling of the footprint from 256.8 ha to 542.1ha, causing an increase of vegetation clearing and an additional negative impact on birdlife, wildlife, plants and trees. The country is still suffering from the effects of the summer bushfires on wildlife and vegetation so it's no time to lose more . In addition, there has been no Environment Impact Assessment in the modification process.
Visual: the turbines at 200m high will be an eye-sore to the residents of Rye Park as they will tower over us on the hills with a height greater than the 195m tall Telstra Tower in Canberra. There will be an increase in both height and rotor diameter with this modifcation application.
Preferred transport route: Heavy and over-dimensional vehicles will be travelling from Boorowa and through the MAIN ROAD of Rye Park! The road from Boorowa to Rye Park is the only direct connection for Rye Park residents and Boorowa. Will they be able to use these roads with trucks going backward and forwards each day? Many residents live on and around the main road of Rye Park like I do. The use of this road for heavy vehicles will affect the quality of life of the residents of Rye Park.
NSW Rural Fire Service
see attached
PHILLIP , Australian Capital Territory
see attached
Tullamarine , Victoria
Airspace Procedures
With respect to procedures designed by Airservices in accordance with ICAO PANS-OPS and Document 9905, at a maximum height of 971m (3185ft) AHD, the wind farm will not affect any sector or circling altitude, nor any instrument or departure procedures at any airport, but will affect local air routes as follows:
WTG50 (36ft penetration), WTG61 (1ft penetration), WTG62 (1ft penetration), WTG80 (37ft penetration), WTG84 (47ft penetration), WTG86 (4ft penetration), WTG120 (1ft penetration), WTG139 (83ft penetration), WTG143 (24ft penetration), WTG145 (6ft penetration) and WTG150 (34ft penetration).
The largest penetration of 83ft (WTG139) will require the Lowest Safe Altitude (LSALT) to be raised to 4200ft.
WTG01 (52ft penetration).
The penetration will require the LSALT to be raised to 4000ft.
In order to not affect any local air routes the maximum tip elevations are as follows:
WTG01: 899m/2950ft
WTG50: 960m/3150ft
WTG61: 944m/3100ft
WTG62: 944m/3100ft
WTG80: 944m/3100ft
WTG84: 944m/3100ft
WTG86: 944m/3100ft
WTG120: 944m/3100ft
WTG139: 944m/3100ft
WTG143: 944m/3100ft
WTG145: 944m/3100ft
WTG150: 944m/3100ft

The wind farm will not affect the Canberra Radar Terrain Clearance Charts (RTCC).
Note that procedures not designed by Airservices were not considered in this assessment.
Communications/Navigation/Surveillance (CNS) Facilities
This wind farm, to a maximum height of 971m (3185ft) AHD, will not adversely impact the performance of Precision/Non-Precision Navigational Aids, HF/VHF Communications, A-SMGCS, Radar, PRM, ADS-B, WAM or Satellite/Links.
Air Traffic Control (ATC)
ATC has no objections to this development.
Any Airservices work associated with amending the flight procedures will be undertaken on a commercial basis and require further consultation with Airservices.

Vertical Obstacle Notification
As soon as construction commences, the proponent must complete the Vertical Obstacle Notification Form for tall structures and submit the completed form to [email protected]. For further information regarding the reporting of tall structures, please contact (02) 6268 5622, email [email protected] or refer to the web link below:
Wallgrove , New South Wales
Please be advised TransGrid has some concerns regarding the proposed some dimensions and details of the turbines and is currently in further consultation directly with the applicant.

TransGrid will continue to consult with the applicant until resolved.

TransGrid has no further comments at this stage.

If you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Dear Tatsiana,

Further to our previous correspondence dated 28/5/20, please be advised that TransGrid and the applicant are and have been working together to ensure that the turbines will be appropriately offset from a proposed transmission line project, HumeLink, to ensure the safety and security of the transmission network.

TransGrid has no further comments on the modification application, rather will continue to work with the applicant through the approval process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Kind regards,

Skye Shanahan
Property Services Coordinator | Network Planning and Operations
TransGrid | 200 Old Wallgrove Road, Wallgrove, NSW, 2766
T: (02) 9620 0104
E: [email protected] W:
Ron Veness
RYE PARK , New South Wales
Mr & Mrs Ron & Lorraine Veness 28th May 2020
37 Yass Street
RE: Rye Park Wind Farm Modification 1 - Application No: SSD-6693-Mod-1
We wish to lodge our objection to the proposal noted above.
To Whom it May Concern
We wish to lodge our objection to the Rye Park wind Farm modification SSD-6693-Mod-1. We object to the increased height, visual and noise impact also increased foot print and heavy traffic preferred route and environmental impact.
Our property is at the Northern end of the Wind Farm plan at R11 Grassy Creek road. We have 8 towers within 2 kl and 1 at 1.6kl from the house at Brookleigh. We have a tenant in the house at Brookleigh. As our residence is in Rye Park we are very concerned about the visual, noise and traffic impact on this development. Rye Park is sandwiched between Bango and Rye Park Wind Farms and the effect on the village will be significant. Other blocks we own where the visual aspect will be very obvious are located on the Lagoon Creek Road and Dalton Road.
Listed are some of our concerns.
1 As visual impact has been increased by 27% and Rotor size by 31% has any assessment been done as to what we will see.
2 Noise will be increased by greater height. No noise monitoring has been done. If our tenant decides to move out due to noise, we need an assurance that Tilt will pay our loss in rent in writing.
3 Blade flicker will increase.
4 Erosion will be a problem when main access road and batching plant are built in neighbours’ property near our boundary fence. These will contaminate our main dam water supply and also drain into Grassy Creek.
5 Vegetation clearing on the top of the range of hills will be disastrous. This country is mainly slate not granite as stated in plans. Soil is very fragile and hard to rehabilitate. It is very salty and acidic.
6 Bird life will be affected by larger blades.
7 Roads will need a total upgrade to handle heavy vehicles.
8 Stock movements on roads to shearing sheds will be a problem.
9 Biosecurity and weeds will need monitoring.
10 Lack of impact assessment by Tilt is a problem.
11 We need an independent assessment to see what individual issues are.
12 It is noted that the preferred heavy vehicle route is via Yass Street Rye Park. Do they realise they cannot turn left or right from Boorowa Rd with these vehicles into Yass Street. There is a School bus stop in Yass Street and Public School further up the street heading towards Yass. The disruption of this would greatly impact the village with a accident waiting to happen.
13 We understand Dept. of planning recommended that 16 turbines near the village be removed but IPC has reinstalled 8 of them. The modified versions will be 43 metres higher and the visual impact on the village would be unacceptable.
14 Hoping you will give these points your consideration in your assessments as they are very relevant to many residents changing the outlook from a quiet village to an industrial situation.
15 The current maps don’t show local road names and access tracks clearly.

Ron & Lorraine Veness
We reserve the right to submit further information if needed.


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SSD Modifications
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Hilltops, Upper Lachlan Shire, Yass Valley
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