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Part3A Modifications


Mod 2 - Further Design Changes

Newcastle City

Current Status: Determination

Orica Ammonium Facility - Upgrade (Mod 2)

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Stockton , New South Wales
Orica's Kooragang Island site is closely surrounded by the suburbs of Stockton, Mayfield, Carrington and Newcastle. Like many people in the community we are concerned about the safety of storing, manufacturing and distributing explosive chemicals so close to people, particularly in light of the Waco, Texas disaster, and Orica's track record here in Newcastle. The chemical leaks, most published in 2010 after the release of hexavalent chromium and continued refusal to proritise the safety and welfare of people over their business interests would indicate that a relocation of Orica in the process of their upgrade would be the safest outcome for Newcastle.

I have been in frequent communication with the EPA regarding the excessive noise made by the cooling towers at Orica, and advised that there is nothing they can do due to previous planning approval. Further, that while the 2009 approval to expand has enforced a reduction to the amount of noise they can make, the company and local government have said that due to the expense involved in implementing noise reduction strategies, there is not timeline for these. As a result of my dealings with them and the chemical leak, I do not believe Orica will act responsibly towards the people in the area despite assurances of state of the art facilities. The reality is many disasters have occurred in relation to ammonium nitrate production and these chemicals should be handled well away from populated areas.

Thanks for your consideration.
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Newtown , New South Wales
I oppose the plans to install ammonia flares and increase the storage capacity of the nitric acid tank as detailed. The impact on the surrounding communities - all established long before industrial development on Kooragang Island - will in no doubt be considerable.

There are significant issues including:
- Fumes produced by the flares, and Ammonia gas, should they not function correctly
- Light from the flares, possibly during evening hours
- Increased risk of fire spreading from the flares if they malfunction
- Noise from the flares as they burn
- Increased risk of explosion, and increased devastation, should it occur as it has in some other plants around the world
- Increased volume of Ammonia and other chemicals that could possibly leak into the water system
- Increased noise from the construction of the flares and tanks
- Increased noise from the subsequent increase in production

Moreover, prior to this proposal, there has been no community consultation, whatsoever. No explanation of the risks, or even dissemination of plans. With only a two-week exhibition, it really is quite absurd.

I find it sickening to think Orica is even considering expanding their operations after such a blatant disregard for the law regarding adequate safeguards, as demonstrated in several past incidents.

Please do not let this proceed.
Mel Horadam
Hamilton North , New South Wales
I object to this development proposal from Orica.
The Orica record at Kooragang has clearly demonstrated that Orica can not be trusted to operate safely at the Kooragang site and within the close proximity to the city of Newcastle. To even contemplate the proposal which will allow Orica to store 10,000 tonne of nitric acid and multiply the flare stacks across the river from our city and the beachside suburb of Stockton is ludicrous. It is time that governments realised that operations such as the Kooragang site do not belong within the neighbouring limits of any Australian city. Government planning can not successfully have it both ways, that is; by further expanding operations such as Orica Kooragang while at the same time attempting to stimulate and rejuvenate cities such as Newcastle to be a smart, vibrant and healthy city in the hope of attracting greater future population and citizens.
Leween Horadam
Hamilton North , New South Wales
Firstly, it is of great concern that Letter box notification of this Development modification was not distributed to a larger part of the Newcastle community as the consequences of approval will certainly impact on the whole city. To expect the community to be fully aware and able to successfully participate in an objection process at this time of the year is unreasonable. To increase the size of the tank five times greater than the original application does not place this application as a Modification. A new application should need to be submitted with all the necessary health, safety and environmental checks. Orica's safety record in Newcastle is appalling and the history of incidents such as West, Texas highlight some of my major concerns for this development within our city boundaries.
Patricia Hyde
FErn Bay , New South Wales
I support Orica's proposal to modify Development Consent for its expansion project invilving the ammonia flaring system and the nitric acid tank expansion on the following grounds:
the flaring system will overcome the problem of fugitive ammonia releases to the environment and has been proved effective in other locations.
the extra nitric acid storage wil alllow Orica to produce needed ammonium nitrate to supply demand while reducing the need for frequent startups and shutdowns which will benefit the local community
Patricia Hyde
Fern Bay , New South Wales
I support Orica'spropossal to modify development consent for the Ammonia flaring systems and the expansion of the nitric acid tank on Kooragang Island on the following grounds
the ammonia flaring systems should negate the need for fugitive emissions of ammomia using a system proven in other plants around the world.
the additional nitric acid storage will enable Orica to produce more ammonium nitrate to meet market demand and should reduce the need for frequent startups and shutdowns which will benefit the local community.
Hunter Business Chamber
Broadmeadow , New South Wales
Please find attached submission from Hunter Business Chamber.


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