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SSD Modifications


MOD 4 - Internal Haulage Routes

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional

Current Status: Determination

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  7. Determination

To relocate an approved heavy vehicle crossing of Spring Creek and reinstate an alternative access road within the project boundary.

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Name Withheld
BRAIDWOOD NSW 2622 , New South Wales
I am concerned and alarmed that the modification proposes to move an
internal road further upstream and no visual analysis has been done
regarding the higher location of the road and therefore the potential
effect on the village of Majors Creek that sits lower then the road
crossing site. This road will carry trucks 24/7 to load and unload and
the potential impact of light spill over neighbouring properties
should be an issue that is addressed more thoroughly than it has been
in the supporting documents to this modification. Section 4.11 which
deals with the potential visual impact of the modification is very
light on, with motherhood statements about existing landform and does
not address in any way the raising of the road and the potential
impact on adjoining properties.
Name Withheld
Unknown , New South Wales
I object very strongly to mining on the reef. I cannot believe we still
have to say this is not OK. This government is destroying our country,
our water, our air, our rare animals, our soils and a future for our
children and grandchildren.

Nobody asked me if I agree about Adani and big coal or Coal Seam Gas.
Nobody consults us. Listen to the children. They have to live with the
mess we are going to leave them. Can't we stop the mindless blind
greed for a few minutes and think about what we are actually doing to
this planet?
Name Withheld
Majors Creek , New South Wales
Submission in relation to Big Island Mining Pty Ltd's Proposal to
relocate the Heavy Vehicle Crossing over Spring Creek - Outlined in
Document No: DGM - 04020207 - BGP MOD4

Having worked with a previous mineral exploration company for five
years largely on the current Dargues Gold Mine site and surrounding
lands, I am very familiar with the landscape there. I speak with
confidence from that knowledge and express my full support for the
proposal to relocate the heavy vehicle crossing over spring creek.
The existing crossing has always caused problems due mainly to its
location at the bottom of a large gully and tight turns on its
approaches. The road also passes very close to old mine shafts and
possible subsidence issues. Large volumes of water and sediment issue
from the gully and flood over the road on the eastern side of the
crossing at times of heavy rain and this has been known to close the
road until repairs can be done. Not a good situation for an operating
There are a number of advantages to be gained by relocating the
crossing upstream.
* construction of the new crossing provides the opportunity to repair
the gully and bring significant erosion problems under control
* the length of the haul road would be would be reduced by nearly 50%
reducing fuel consumption and noise
* reduction in vehicular generated dust
* safer gradients and elimination of tight turns improves safety for
* simpler construction than modifying the existing crossing
I would urge those people tasked with deciding whether or not to
approve the relocation of the crossing to rule in favour of the
proposal. There are many advantages and few, if any disadvantages to
the proposal.

Brian James
100 Cawthornes Lane, Majors Creek, NSW 2622.
Ph: 02 4846 1044 Mob: 0429 461 567 E: [email protected]
David Lever
Araluen , New South Wales
I support the proposed Modification, on both economic and environmental

David Lever, M. Env. Studies (University of Adelaide), member of the
Dargues Community Consultative Committee
Kathleen Waddell
Araluen , New South Wales
See submission uploaded/attached.
Sky Mazurkiewicz
Charleys Forest , New South Wales
Dear Sir/Madam

We are opposed to Modification 4 of the Dargues Reef Mine proposal.

This additional modification is an example of the cumulative
development creep that is occurring in major developments in NSW such
as Barangaroo.

Dargues Reef Gold Mine development was not well thought out from
conception - yet the proponent can manipulate the planning processes
to refine its objectives, push back its critics and simultaneously
expand its operation.

The additional land purchase and inclusion into the project's schedule
of land is an expansion of the project area. There is no detail of the
additional land area size or indication of future purpose.

The recent breach of a tailings dam wall at Cadia gold mine earlier
this year demonstrates that modern risk mitigation is not foolproof.
Given that Pybar Construction Services who are contracted at Cadia are
also employed at Dargues Reef, it does not provide any confidence in
the current project or the authorities approving it.

The mine will continue to take more without giving anything of
comparable value in return, except irreversible damage that will be
its legacy.

We are vehemently opposed to this proposal and encourage the NSW
Department of Planning and Environment to prioritise approval of
renewable energy projects, where employment will be indefinite and the
benefit to the community and environment will be positive, as opposed
to approving a gold mine disaster.

Yours faithfully,

Sky Mazurkiewicz
Jakub Mazurkiewicz


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