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Part3A Modifications


Mod 4 - Rail Infrastructure

Muswellbrook Shire

Current Status: Determination

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Aberdeen , New South Wales
Mount Pleasant has given myself a great opportunity to be apart of this
new mine as being a local and providing me with a career in the area.
Bengalla and Mt Pleasant mine will still be able to continue to
operate unimpeded. Providing more sustainable jobs for the local
community . MACH has designed the rail so Wybong Road can remain open,
working with our local mining neighbor to both be successful. This has
brought a lot of growth into the area, and supporting our local
Name Withheld
Chapel Hill , Queensland
The Mt Pleasant Operation has provided me the opportunity to be in
gainful employment without which I would not be able to support my
family. We are a single income family and without the Operation I
would not have sufficient means to support my family of 4. This
approval will ensure that I continue to have a future career with MACH
Energy and provide security to me and my family. In turn not only will
this support MACH Energy operations, it will also support our
neighbour, Bengalla mining company which will also support hundreds of
livelihoods. My company has put extensive measures to ensure that as a
good corporate citizen we will deliver a great environmental outcome
as well as ensure that Wybong road remains accessible to the general
public. The way I see it, the approval of this modification would see
a "win win win win" for employees, the community at large and various
other stakeholders whose livelihood depends on the operations.
Angus Barrey
Muswellbrook , New South Wales
To whom it may concern, I am currently employed as a civil superintendent
at the Mt Pleasant project. The continuation of this and the Bengalla
operation is of paramount importance to my family and I. Since being
employed at the Mt Pleasant operation have had the privilege and
pleasure of being a part of and contributing to an amazing community
of hard working and enthusiastic people. The benefits of stable
employment have been numerous and allowed me to plan and fulfill time
with my family which has strengthened our relationship through being
able to consistently support each other. We support local business and
sporting clubs and being able to build on these relationships through
the continuation of the Mt Pleasant operation is extremely valuable to
us and those we support. MOD4 has been designed to give the best
possible environmental outcome whilst allowing the operation to
continue. This is the philosophy under which Mt Pleasant is currently
being constructed and protection of the environment is a commanding
concern to all involved in this process from the directors to the
contractors. The rail component has been designed around keeping
Wybong Rd. open to minimise impact on the local community and preserve
their way of life. I am passionate about the approval of MOD4 as I
believe the positive outcomes for me, my family, our community and
more broadly, NSW, far outweigh any negatives and I can only hope
those assessing the application come to the same conclusion. Regards,
Angus Barrey
Name Withheld
Hunterview , New South Wales
This Mine creates jobs for Muswellbrook and royalties for NSW.
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Keperra , Queensland
I am an employee MACH Energy Australia and without the mine I would be
unable to support my family and pay my mortgage.
David Middleton
Petrie Terrace , Queensland
I have been actively involved in the Mount Pleasant project since 2014,
and have witnessed first hand the position contribution that this
project has made to the local community in Muswellbrook, and as a
professional services firm responsible for ensuring elements of the
modification design for the new rail infrastructure and coal
Outloading corridor have seen how much effort and the lengths in which
MACH Energy and the Mount Pleasant operation have undertaken to
significantly reduce and minimize any adverse impacts upon the local
community. Some of the key benefits we see in this project include: *
The importance of the Mt Pleasant Operation to me on a personal level,
to local industry and families supported by those industries. This is
evidenced in the current hiring strategy for the project which is
local focused. * The approval of MOD4 provides a level of certainty
and future direction to both Mt Pleasant and Bengalla, which will
allow both operations to continue unimpeded and the benefits of that
to the local community and NSW. * The new infrastructure delivers a
good environmental outcome as outlined in the Environmental
Assessment, with significant effort undertaken to ensure this occurs
as part of the planning phase. * MACH has designed the rail so that
Wybong Rd can remain open.
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Kuraby , Queensland
I support this modification 4 application as it provides employment for
me being the single income earner for the family. To my knowledge it
has also provided employment to many people. The application is for
the relocation of current rail line, pumping station and water
pipeline so that the operations of Mt Pleasant and Bengalla will not
be hindered. It benefits both operation and hence my support.
Muswellbrook Enrichment Centre
Muswellbrook , New South Wales
As a program that works closely with MACH Energy and the ACDF I feel that
the Mt Pleasant mine modification will allow them to continue their
mine and the good work they have established within the Muswellbrook
community. As many of my participants complete the program I hope they
are able to foster the relationship with MACH Energy and this will
mean employment for the Aboriginal students I work with.
Ian Webber
Denman , New South Wales
I would like to support MACH Energy Australia's Modification 4
Application. I see the relocation of the rail, load out and Hunter
River Pumping facilities as a positive response to the continued need
for Bengalla Mining Companies westward advancement. The continued
development of the Mt Pleasant Operation can only benefit State and
Local Community Development.
Rural & Environmental Management Pty Ltd
Windermere , New South Wales
Rural & Environmental Management Pty Ltd is a small family owned and
operated company that employs local people and supplies rural and
environmental services in the Hunter Valley. Rural & Environmental
Management is in support of the Mount Pleasant Operation for its
positive contributions to the local and regional economy and the
resulting employment for local people. Rural & Environmental
Management Pty Ltd supports the MOD4 application as the proposed
relocation of infrastructure provides short and long term operational
efficiencies for both the Mt Pleasant Operation and neighboring
Bengalla Operation.
Justin Bate
Muswellbrook , New South Wales
The progression and sustainability of the mine is important to both
myself and my family as it provides employment opportunities to so
Craig Hawkins
Elderslie , New South Wales
On going development of the coal industry is essential to maintain
employment throughout the entire community. MACH Energy is taking the
opportunity to develop a modern and environmentally responsible mine.
The approval of Mod. 4 will ensure ongoing operations, employment and
support to the community.
Michael Kellermann
Muscle Creek , New South Wales
This mod is a big win for both operations as it gives Bengalla access to
essential mining reserves and Mt Pleasant gets continuity of access.
As far as I can see the MACH team have done a great job of the design,
the impact of this is to secure employment of many hundreds of people
on both of the sites. I support the proposal 100% as someone who works
on site but also as a local who is keen to see a strong local economy.
11/63 FORD ST MUSWELLBROOK , New South Wales
Tony Veitch
Perth , Western Australia
I wish to make a submission in favour of the Mount Pleasant Coal Mine -
Modification 4 Rail Infrastructure application. This application is
critically important to the long term livelihoods of the people
working on the Mount Pleasant mine, including myself and my family.
The approval of this modification will give certainty to both the
Mount Pleasant operation and the adjoining Bengalla mine, which will
in turn allow both operations to continue to deliver significant
economic and social benefits to the local community and the wider NSW
community. I also genuinely believe that the new infrastructure will
deliver an excellent environmental outcome as outlined in the
Environmental Assessment.
Name Withheld
Branxton , New South Wales
I believe this would be a better option with a more permanent outcome ,
with Bengalla mine progressing towards to current rail loop it would
have to be remove in a few years
Gregory Mortlock
Singleton , New South Wales
MACH Energy Australia is creating long term employment opportunities for
locals in the community as well as supporting local businesses and
their families. MOD 4 rail infrastructure delivers a positive outcome
where 2 mines can progress without interruption or impediment adding
to the NSW economy while respecting local concerns by keeping Wybong
Road open. I support the MACH submission as I know all work they
undertake has the community in mind and best practice environmental
outcomes in their planning and execution.
Tim Baitch
Bolwarra , New South Wales
I am a long term Hunter Valley resident. I am writing in favour of the
development at Mount Pleasant Operation. The mining industry in the
Hunter is community minded and environmentally responsible. Under
extreme scrutiny the industry does a remarkable job to manage the
expectations of all stakeholders. I fully support this development as
it provides surety for the people who work at the mine and the
businesses in the Hunter that the mine supports. Please approve the
Chelace GIS Pty Ltd
Eleebana , New South Wales
We wish to support this project as it is very important for myself, my
family and my company. The approval of MOD4 will give certainty to
both Mt Pleasant and Bengalla, which will allow both operations to
continue unimpeded which will benefit Chelace GIS, its employees, the
local community and NSW. In my view the new infrastructure delivers a
good environmental outcome as outlined in the Environmental Assessment
I endorse and am pleased that MACH has designed the rail so that
Wybong Rd can remain open.
David Meyn
Tomago , New South Wales
We support the application from Mach for the Mt Pleasant Project for the
following reasons; - The Mt Pleasant Operation is important to our 100
plus Hunter Valley based employees and their families. - The Mt
Pleasant Operations and nearby Bengalla Operations are important to
the local community and the state of NSW. - Coal continues to be an
important resource for the generation of electricity worldwide and the
availability of electricity is important in the health and wellbeing
of the worlds population. The Mt Pleasant Project contributes to this
need. - The new infrastructure has been very considerate of the
environmental and community factors. One in particular is that the
rail has been designed to allow Wybong Rd to remain open.


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