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SSI Modifications


Modification 2 Clyde stabling and maintenance facility

Cumberland, City of Parramatta, City of Canada Bay, Strathfield, Burwood, Inner West, City of Sydney

Current Status: Determination

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The modification relates to major civil construction at the Clyde stabling and maintenance facility include relocation and extension of the Rosehill dive structure and realignment of Kay and Unwin streets.

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Modification Application (9)

CSMF Modification Report
CSMF Modification Report App A Updated PD
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CSMF Modification Report App D SoHI
CSMF Modification Report App E LVIA
CSMF Modification Report App F Contam
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CSMF Modification Report App H BDAR

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SMW_Clyde Mod_Submissions Report

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Determination (3)

Modification Assessment Report
SSI 10038 MOD 2 Instrument of Modification
SSI 10038 Modification 2 - Notice of Decision

Consolidated Approval (1)

SSI 10038 MOD 2 - Consolidated Approval


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Name Withheld
I am concerned about the horizontal geometry of the metro line between the proposed Sydney Olympic Park Station and the proposed North Strathfield Station. The tighter horizontal geometry in this section of track must be amended based on:
a) the tight horizontal geometry has the potential to limit the speed of the metro in this section of the line and thereby reducing the efficiency of the line broadly
b) the tight horizontal geometry appears to be near or below the minimum levels identified for railway / metros to avoid developing a humming. Whilst the tunnel will be underground. The humming is an audible identification of increased vibration. This vibration is likely to extend from the metro tunnel out into the surrounding rock. This vibration is likely to travel to surrounding buildings and has the potential to increase adjacent land use impact. Residents in the surrounding buildings may be subject to increases in rattling and noise due to the tighter geometry. It is strongly advised to increase the radii used on the section of rail between Olympic Park Station and North Strathfield Station. It may be appropriate to skew the station at North Strathfield Station by several degrees from the current proposed geometry to get improved geometry of the track to the west of North Strathfield Station and reduce the likelihood of vibration occurring into surrounding buildings.
c) the current horizontal geometry does not currently travel in a more efficient line and requires additional excavation to an alternate alignment that would utilise larger radii.
d) Consideration should be given to obtaining a dilapidation survey of all properties within a reasonable centreline of the proposed final metro alignment to ensure that any structural impacts to structures along the corridor are adequately accounted for and compensated should an impact occur.
Australian Turf Club
Rosehill , New South Wales

ATC would be greatly concerned if ATC land is sterilised due to the construction of Sydney Metro West.

Removal of the footbridge will need to be replaced with levelled access from P4 carpark into our site via Rosehill Station platform and Gate 3 entry.

This entry is critical to raceday and non raceday events as without this we don't have adequate entry into our site.

This project has already caused the loss of the heavy rail line that directly serviced Rosehill Gardens Racecourse front door. Further disruption would negatively impact our club even further.

Failure to provide adequate access at this location will also impact egress out of our site, on major days we use this as additional bus overlay in conjunction with TfNSW and NSW Police. Without this safe egress is compromised on major events ie. Golden Slipper Day/Golden Eagle Day/Caravan & Camping and any events of magnitude.

The current access/entry is also critical for those staying across at Rydges or travelling via Buses with Bus stop adjacent to rail entry, without this it compromises these customers and workers accessing our site.

This entry point would accommodate hundreds of thousands of guests accessing our site for both raceday and non raceday events each year. Taking this away would be like taking away our front door!

It is not feasible, nor practical, nor safe to direct patrons to walk down through the carpark and into the Might and Power crossing to our site, this would force customers to walk approximately 400m through the carpark whilst navigating vehicle movement.
This entry also accommodates industry access on a daily basis into the horse stalls, entry changes could cause major impact on the businesses within our Stabling precinct such as Chris Waller Racing, this could have safety flow on effects with fence jumping and unsafe crossing over James Ruse Drive.

Rosehill Gardens operates 365 days a year with activities including the training of over 440 thoroughbred horses, barrier trials, race days and non race day activities.

Rosehill Gardens generates $562.5 million in direct and indirect gross output to the economy supporting over 2000 jobs and is a key entertainment precinct attracting over 150,000 visitors on race days and over 300,000 non race day visitors per year.

ATC and the economy of western Sydney cannot afford to have this jeopardised.

ATC can't stress enough the importance of maintaining this as a major entry into our site. ATC requests like for like end state in terms of access and amenity on completion of Sydney Metro Stabling works.

Steve McMahon
Name Withheld
ROSEHILL , New South Wales
Dear NSW Major Projects,

Regarding the projecting of Sydney Metro West, it is understood that the major civil work being undertaken will have adverse affects on Duck River.
The work sites proposed is clearly within the space of the flowing waters of Duck River meaning construction works that go ahead will impact the housing and structures in the surrounding areas including Arthur Street, Alfred Street, Wentworth Street, Good Street, James Ruse Drive and various other streets in the surrounding areas.
It is a concern that this project will cause further flooding to the surrounding neighbourhoods with the projects becoming an obstruction to water flow and will cause a backflow onto properties and create serve flooding
To date, neither Parramatta Council nor Sydney Water have made reasonable attempts to clean A'beckett Waterway which converges with Duck Creek, Duck River and A'Becektt River. The addition of this project and the continuous developments within the area will ultimately cause flooding chaos which will impact the majority of residents and most likely cause traffic chaos with the flash flooding likely to overspill into the major roads and highways within the area.

I would request details to be provided on how the flooding risks will be mitigated:
- will there be excavation works done
- will there be support from Parramatta City Council and Sydney Water to clean the waterways, creeks and rivers from debris (note that the cleanliness of rivers near Hassall Street Parramatta are remarkable clean for aesthetic purposes vs those in Granville and Rosehill) with respect that the residents of Rosehill, Clyde, Harris Park and the relevant postcodes are being charged council rates for Parramatta Council and charges from Sydney Waterway - Storm Water Drainage Charges
- will details be provided in the project re: new foundations that can impact waterflows

I look forward to an update for the residents of the neighbourhood in avoiding these flooding incidences caused by and due to major projects

Thank you
City of Parramatta Council
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
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SSI Modifications
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Rail transport facilities
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Cumberland, City of Parramatta, City of Canada Bay, Strathfield, Burwood, Inner West, City of Sydney
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