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Moss Vale Plastics Recycling Facility

Wingecarribee Shire

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Plasrefine is seeking approval for the construction and operation of a plastics recycling facility with the capacity to accept and process up to 120,000 tonnes of plastic waste per annum. The facility would also manufacture plastic fibers and resins

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Moss Vale Plastics RF (SSD-9409987)
RFS SSD - Moss Vale Recycling Depot
TfNSW Response - 13.5.22
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WaterNSW Letter
HNSW ACH Response - EIS - SSD 9409987
EPA input into SEARs
Referral response - BCD - Moss Vale Plastics
HNSW ACH SEARs - SSD-9409987 Moss Vale Pla
EPA EIS Advice - SSD 9409987 - 28.3.22
WaterNSW (SSD 940998)
Council advice EIS Moss Vale Plastics
Council advice cover letter EIS
DPE Water Response
EES Comments - Suggested SEARs SSD 9409987
TfNSW Response SSD9409987 SEARS Moss Vale Plastic

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Name Withheld
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
Name Withheld
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
Alan Bird
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
Elizabeth Hayes
Bowral , New South Wales
To whom it may concern:
I am writing in regard to the proposed Plastic Waste Reprocessing Complex to which I object on behalf of the local communities for the following reasons:
From what I have researched I don't think that enough thought or consideration has been given on the impact the complex will have on the rural character of Moss Vale and its surrounding communities.
Six hectares in size ( roughly 15 football fields), well over 5,five, storeys tall: the complex is best suited to an industrial site, not a small country town surrounded by rural properties, schools, countless new housing developments. The complex will be the largest of its kind in Australia. It is anticipated to receive more than 100.000 tonnes of waste a year from across the state and around the nation delivered by a non stop flow of multiple trucks 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide waste for the plastic waste factory to operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just think the amount of traffic noise and air pollution that will result in as the trucks wind their way through the small country roads and various townships as well as Moss Vale itself. It has been estimated that 40 to 50 19m long heavy vehicle trucks per day will be hauling plastic waste and recycled matter ro and from the facility
Several schools will be affected including Southern Highlands Early Childhood Learning Centre, Moss Vale and St Paul's Primary Schools. The chosen site is highly visible from both the public areas and private properties and the massive size of the building will have significant and irreversible repercussions on the scenic qualities of the existing rural landscape
Then there is the risk that the planned operations risk pollution of air and water quality, with the proposed site involving plastic waste haulage, stockpiling and processing within the Sydney drinking water catchement.
We know nothing of the owner who will be building and running the facility. Plasrefine has no track record operating anything like the scope and scale of the proposed development.
Who will oversee the safety standards and health standards required for the running of such an establishment
How and who will oversee and enforce the number of trucks or the haulage routes.
Considering the plan is to ship from the Port of Wollongong why isn't this Plastic Mammoth Size Waste Development not being built in an Industrial area near Wollongong? WHY? WHY? WHY NOT?
I really would appreciate a reply... Just for once can we use our common sense in terms of planning and look for the best outcome for all concerned?
I don't believe enough thought has gone into this proposed development and I would love to know why and how a country town like Moss Vale was selected when the shipping is taking place from Wollongong.
Arabella Hayes
BOWRAL , New South Wales
Dear Sir/Madame,
I object to the proposed Plasrefine plastics recycling facility at Moss Vale.
This is a rural residential area, not an industrial area.
This is a huge recycling facility running 24/7 with a huge number of very large trucks coming and going daily from the facility through residential streets not to mention the workers and their vehicles. The noise pollution, the strain on already worn roads will be immense. The strain on resources like water - all very well saying the roof will be catching the water they need, you can’t rely on the weather. Since the social impact assessment was carried out we have had drought where water restrictions applied. The social impact assessment does not take into account the recent influx of people moving to the area during covid, estimated between 15,000-18,000 - this has already had an impact on the roads and local resources.
This facility should be built in an industrial area, close to a port - wouldn’t Wollongong be a more suitable site?
This is not the right site, please use common sense. This is a tourist destination known for its beautiful countryside and quite living - this facility and it’s trucks are noisy, polluting, strain on local resources, dangerous to children in schools and day care in the area and will cause stress to local residence. And then there is the toxic waste and what happens to this!?!
Please stop this proposal, it’s not the right site.
Best regards,
Ben Powell
BEROWRA , New South Wales
I object to the proposal - see my one page attachment. Thank you.
Max Eccleston
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
I strongly object to the project as the proposed location and access to the site are a major hazard to hundreds of residential properties, their occupants and the local environment.
The air quality and operational air emissions are unknown including the level of odour emissions, noise and vibrations. The proposal also faces a risk of polluting the Sydney Water Catchment and drinking water. The aforementioned will only be known once the project is completed and the potential pollution of plastics and chemicals into our waterways and the air we breathe is too great a risk!
Melissa Eccleston
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
I strongly object as the proposed location and access to the site are a major hazard to hundreds of residential properties, their occupants and the local environment.
The properties surrounding the proposed site and all access roads are highly populated areas, mainly by families with young children. The proposed location puts these residents in danger and at risk of severe health hazards. Additionally, construction of any additional access roads would generate a significant adverse impact on the residential area and safety of residents living near the site. Sections of the primary access road are connected to the Sydney Water Catchment including the proposed site which may cause unavoidable contamination with microplastics and chemicals used. Furthermore, the air quality and operational air emissions are unknown including the level of odour emissions, noise and vibrations. The westerly winds in this location are extremely strong which will spread this pollution to other areas including historic Bowral.
The potential leaching of plastics into our waterways and into the air we breathe is too great a risk!
Name Withheld
RANDWICK , New South Wales
I object to this proposal as a regular visitor to the Southern Highlands and Moss Vale in particular. Having considered the information provided in the Environmental Impact Statement, I do not accept that this is an appropriate site for a facility of the nature scale and intensity proposed. Given its proximity to residential properties and the Moss Vale township, I have serious concerns in relation to the negative impacts that the development will have on the character and scenic qualities of the area. A major impact that I foresee is associated with the numerous heavy vehicles that are to be accessing the site on an hourly basis throughout the week. The quality of the local road infrastructure surrounding this site and certainly inadequate to accommodate the level of traffic that is to be generated by the proposal. Even for those properties that are not located within 200m of the site will undoubtably suffer from the noise that is generated by the multiple truck movements anticipated. I believe this is the case because consideration needs to be given to the current low levels of noise that these houses are accustomed to. Overall, I think approval of the development will tarnish the tourism industry associated with Moss Vale and its surrounds and it will reduce the amenity enjoyed by its residents in a way that is unreasonable and unacceptable. There has to be more suitable sites out there for a development like this will not carry with it the same grave impacts that the proposal on this site will result in.
Danco Jovanoski
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
I object to the development of this project for several reasons:
1. The location of this plant is in the vicinity of houses, kindergarten& schools which will impact the quality of living of the residents nearby who have moved to the area to enjoy all the benefits the area has to offer - trucks movements and noise 24/7 - 7 days a week will have detrimental effect on every resident in the vicinity of this plant. I am sure anyone who would have a plant of this scale in their vicinity would object in their right mind!
2. There is no infrastructure in the area to support a plant of this scale - even if there are plans to build one in the near future this will have adverse effects on noise, water & air pollution making the area from one of the cleanest to most polluted. The amount of water needed for this plant exceeds the available amount of water the residents in the area and beyond need for their everyday needs. Furthermore the microplastic released in water & air will have adverse effects on residents' health. No investment of any scale should matter when people's health is endangered.
3. There is no track record of the owner having operated any plant of this scope - they have only registered this development in July 2020 for the purpose of building this facility
4. The socio-economic benefit of having this plant is this area at the proposed location is still unknown as the applicant has not made any Social Economic Assessment despite Wingecarribee Shire Council and various community representatives having asked to do so.
Name Withheld
BURRADOO , New South Wales
I strongly object to the proposed Plastics Recycling Facility at Moss Vale.
My wife and I retired to nearby Burradoo 6 months ago to enjoy a relaxed, healthy lifestyle in the beautiful Southern Highlands. We are extremely concerned that our lives and those of all residents of Moss Vale, Burradoo and Bowral will be adversely affected by a massive recycling plant in the area.
A stream of heavy vehicles close to homes and schools along unsuitable local access roads will result in congestion, noise and air pollution.
The enormous size of the facility will be a visual monstrosity destroying what is now a scenic rural landscape.
There is a real risk that the local air quality, currently fresh and clean, will be compromised affecting every living thing in the vicinity. Contamination of water is also a major concern.
Moss Vale is a totally inapproptiate location for a huge plastics recycling facility.
If approved, this proposal will have severe adverse effects on the the Southern Highlands. Our environment, our way of life, our health and wellbeing are at risk of being detroyed by this very worrying proposal.
Name Withheld
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
Proposal for Moss Vale Plastics Recycling Facility

I am concerned about the strain on the local community - not only the financial strain of the community maintaining and upgrading roads and other infrastructure to support the increase in heavy traffic but also the burden on the community of increased pollution.

Tonnes of waste products being moved through Moss Vale for processing will create noise pollution, air pollution, greater carbon dioxide emissions and further degrade the local ecosystem through the disposal of waste water into that system.

I am also concerned that there is little regard for the views of the local community. The proponent is seeking to set up in Moss Vale but is holding poorly advertised community consultations in Exeter, one of the areas of the Southern Highlands that will not be affected by massive increases in traffic, environment degradation of the

Plasrefine environs and the accompanying noise and air pollution of 20 tonne trucks moving constantly through the suburb.

This is thinly veiled contempt for the local community. As is the proponent's suggestion that they will build their home next to the Plasrefine site. This gesture is Trumpian in it's nature and everyone can see it for what it is - further contempt and disregard for the local community.

While I support recycling, the proposal under consideration will increase pollution and the site under consideration is so unsuited to heavy industry that it makes the proposal totally inappropriate. On the basis of location and access alone, the proposal should be turned down.

In it's current form, Plasrefine would be a huge burden for the people of Southern Highlands, particularly Moss Vale , Berrima and Burradoo.
Name Withheld
BURRADOO , New South Wales
I don't think this is the right spot for this development. It would be better to have rail access to the site rather than trucks going through residential streets. Parkes NSW is central to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne by rail and would seem an ideal locations.
This development is too close to residents.
Name Withheld
.. , New South Wales
A facility for reusing and refining plastics is to be congratulated in the current climate –
But having read through most of the document – I cannot support this proposal.
This facility is in the wrong place.

Descriptions of semitrailer movements when facility is completed is concerning. The proposal outlines preferred routes to the facility, what is to stop the trucks taking short cuts by following their GPS through Highlands towns – both the recommended routes north and south from the M31 are longer than alternative routes. Will the trucks be identified so they can be reported?

Unless an access road to the facility is built ASAP – before any construction commences - the level of construction and operational traffic in suburban streets is unacceptable.

Where are the EPA licensed tips for the non recyclable waste? This is not stated. 15 semi trailer route movements to the Moss Vale facility is not defined however but if going to the tip at Bowral it is even more problematical. These extra movements must be defined.

A plastics waste facility is a high risk facility that can burn at over 1000C. In this unlikely event what effect would that have on the adjoining Australian Bioresources Facility.

The 2 high risk elements of Fire and Traffic at this location I believe are sufficient to provide a rethink of the proposal.
Paul White
NEW BERRIMA , New South Wales
It's too close to the urban area of moss vale. The roads can't handle the current traffic conditions, not alone more trucks that will be generated by this project. Such a large project needs to be in an appropriate large rural area, not next to a town surround by light industry. I have concern for our local water supply as this site is in new Berrima's water catchment area.
Name Withheld
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
I live nearby to where the proposed site is to be built. My mother and I are severely asthamatic and refuse to allow this building to be built. There is enough waste in the world, and it infuriates me to see another waste-encouraging establishment when there are many acts in the world by already established business trying to reduce waste. I cannot understand why a business such as Plasrefine (who has been established since 2020 without any physical buildings, a ghost business) should be allowed to destroy the beautiful rural landscape of Moss Vale permanently, and I feel strongly that they should not attempt this. I believe the community will be furious and will fight against this, should this is allowed to continue. I thoroughly object to this proposal, and how dare it even be approved as a proposal.
The Hon. Wendy Tuckerman MP
GOULBURN , New South Wales
Moss Vale Plastics Recycling Facility (SSD—9409987).

Submission on behalf of The Hon. Wendy Tuckerman MP, Member for Goulburn, Minister for Local Government.

I wish to express my strong opposition to the Moss Vale Plastics Recycling Facility SSD—9409987. I write as a representative of the Moss Vale community and as the NSW State Government Member for Goulburn. The Goulburn electorate encompasses the Moss Vale area.

My office has received hundreds of emails, phone calls and conducted many meetings in relation to the proposal. I have many concerns of my own with regard to the impact to the community and the environment. I have been dismayed at the lack of consultation within the community by the consulting company GHD, and what appears to be a lack of genuine desire to understand the social impact of this development on the community. I am concerned of the complete disregard of community sentiment by the proponents’ director. By the director’s own admission, she has no experience in plastic recycling and nor does the Chief Technical Operator, Mr Lyu Yalin, noted in the scope.

Of great alarm is that the proponent has stated that this site was selected mainly due to the fact the land was for sale and affordable.

The scale and purpose of the proposal is highly unsuitable for the site, situated adjacent to sensitive land uses such as the Garvan Institute, residential homes, childcare centre, a school, and on cattle farming land.

As I understand, in a recent engagement session (held March 2022) the Director of Plasrefine, Nanxi Zheng, admitted that she and her uncle Mr Lyu have only visited recycling facilities in China, this is their only experience of the industry. This lack of experience does not give confidence to me, nor to the community that the proponents are capable of the successful construction and operation of such a contentious and potentially harmful facility. Evidence suggests that further investigation into plastic incineration facilities is required to determine the impacts to health and the environment.

I also note that the proposal requires an Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) to be obtained, and although this determination is separate to the DA process, much consideration should be given to whether the applicant is considered to be a fit and proper person to hold such a licence.

Of particular concern to me is the road and transport access. If approved, this project will have up to 200 truck movements per day in a residential area along narrow, unsurfaced (in places) country roads that service multiple residential properties. The proposal advises that a new access road be provided that extends from the plastics recycling and reprocessing facility site to Lackey Road via the currently unformed Braddon Road (paper road), traversing Lot 1 DP 26490 (77 Beaconsfield Road) and Lot 10 1084421, owned and occupied by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

The proposed facility , to be constructed directly next to Garvan Institute of Medical Research, a world class rodent breeding facility that supplies mice to many of our vital medical research facilities in Australia. These animals are extremely sensitive to noise, vibration and odours – all of which will become an issue as soon as construction starts, not only once the facility is up and running.

Garvan Institute employs many locals and provides a vital service to research institutes across Australia and around the world. Any adverse exposure to any of the factors on this facility could have long lasting impacts on the vital research these institutes are carrying out. It is concerning that Plasrefine and their consultant GHD have left out any mention of Garvan Institute from their consultation strategy and subsequent materials.

With no detailed site surveys included in the EIS, it is difficult to understand how the proposal will navigate the difficulties of this site without causing significant and ongoing impacts on surrounding land uses, and the water table.

In conclusion, I am deeply concerned that any cohort can bandy together a potentially hazardous project on the cheapest land they can find, in the most inappropriate location. The negative impacts of the development, including traffic, visual, noise, odour, water and the social impacts on community far outweigh any other public benefit that such a development can offer and which can be better utilised on a site more suitable. I support the community in opposing this development and ask the proposal be refused for the reasons sited.
Name Withheld
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
I object to the project.
I live on Bulwer Rd with my wife and 3 children and a number of pets on a beautiful 5 acre property.
The proposed factory will be well within sight several hundred metres from our family home. This factory will significantly degrade our enjoyment of our family home and family life. I am concerned about air quality. I do not wish for my family to breathe the air of a massive plastics factory. My children and my wife suffer with asthma and allergy and am concerned about the health impacts on my children including the emission of poisons.
My family's enjoyment of bike riding and walking along Berrima Rd, Lytton Rd and Beaconsfield Rd will be degraded for concern about air quality and road safety due to the increased presence of trucks on our local roads. The developer has not undertaken a social impact assessment. I believe the factory will have a significant negative impact such that I will have to move home. I also believe that the factory will have a significant negative impact on the value of my property.
We will not be able to afford a property of the type we hold elsewhere as we have a very special parcel of land in a beautiful area (see attached photo taken from my back yard). My wife and I searched and saved for 5 years to purchase our property at this idyllic location and we both work to maintain the mortgage payments. Currently my children are at St Paul's Primary School Moss Vale which is only 1.8 kms away. My children will have to move schools as I cannot accept them living in such close vicinity to a plastics factory.
I am concerned about the effects on wildlife in nearby waterways including the many ducks around Lytton and Beaconsfield Road and will lose their habitats or be run over by trucks.
The sheer size of the facility is disproportionate to the needs of our community or any benefit. I do not see any benefit to the Moss Vale community. It is an unfair interference with our country life and risks to health and safety to have to put up with a plastics factory or a project of this size. I note that the factory will be processing plastic waste on a large scale 24x7 and there will be a lot of traffic from trucks arriving, departing and travelling through residential areas to and from the site. I also understand the zoning of the proposed site is only IN1 (General Industrial) according to the Wingecarribee Local Environment Plan 2010 ( The IN1 zoning is not intended for heavy industrial use however it is abundantly clear to myself other residents that the nature and large scale of the proposed operation is heavy industrial. The objectives of IN1 published in Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010 include 'To ensure that new development and land uses incorporate measures that take account of their spatial context and mitigate any potential impacts on neighbourhood amenity and character, or the efficient operation of the local or regional road system' ( I note also that there is E4 Environmental Living zoned land in very close proximity to the site ( Clearly the the proposed development does not fit with the objectives of the zoning and should not be allowed to proceed at this site.
I do not wish to live near a plastic refinery. I did not buy near a plastics refinery and would not have done so. I do not wish for my enjoyment of life and my property and to be degraded by a large waste processing factory.
I do not feel that the proposed site is appropriate for such a facility. It is an unreasonable and deeply unpopular burden on the community. Factories like the one proposed are more appropriately placed in heavy industrial locations away from people's homes. The interests of the community are overwhelmingly against it.
Thank you for your consideration of this objection.
Name Withheld
MOSS VALE , New South Wales
submission attached
Name Withheld
Bowral , New South Wales
This development is completely inappropriate for our Shire.
It poses significant health risks.
It is located too close to homes and the Moss Vale township.
The scale and size of the building is unacceptable for the location.
The negative impact on local residents is unacceptable.
Traffic congestion and wear and tear on roads utilised by the facility is unacceptable.
Homes located on traffic routes taken by trucks is unacceptable.
The amenity of Moss Vale township and surrounds will be adversely impacted by this development.
The community does not want it.
The community does not need it.
Please listen to our community and reject the proposal.
Thank you.


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