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State Significant Development

Response to Submissions

New Primary School at Gregory Hills


Current Status: Response to Submissions

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Construction of a new primary school comprising one and three storey buildings, outdoor play spaces, parking and associated works.

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Notice of Exhibition (1)

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SEARs Request

SEARs (4)

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SEARs Cover Letter Industry Specific
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SEARs Industry Specific Cover Letter

EIS (34)

Environmental Impact Statement
Appendix A - SEARs Table
Appendix B - Architectural Plans
Appendix C - Statutory Compliance Tables
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Appendix M - Landscape Plan and Report
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Appendix P - Preliminary School Travel Plan
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Appendix R - Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment
Appendix S - Geotechnical Report
Appendix T - Salinity Management Plan
Appendix U - Integrated Water Mgmt Report
Appendix V - Flood Study
Appendix W - Preliminary Hazard Assessment
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Appendix Y - Preliminary Site Investigation Report
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Appendix CC - Aboriginal Due Diligence
Appendix DD - Social Impact Assessment
Appendix EE - Infrastructure Report (Hydraulics)
Appendix FF - Infrastructure Report (Elec & Comms)
Appendix GG - Bushfire Hazard Assessment
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Response to Submissions (2)

Request RTS Letter
Request RtS - Key Issues 22 December 2022

Agency Advice (7)

Sydney Water Response
DPE Water advice New Primary School EIS
NSW Rural Fire Service
EHG Advice
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GREGORY HILLS , New South Wales
I've gone through the Architectural Plans, Design Report and the Infrastructure report (Elect & Comms) published/attached with the exhibition notice. There are couple of things that I want to bring to your notice that have a significant impact on the existing housing opposite to the proposed school building.

1. All of the mechanical plants/plant rooms, 1000 KVA electric substation, hydraulic/water pumping stations, waste pad, utilities service room have been designed to be located in one single direction, directly opposite to exiting housing on Long Reef Cct. These mechanical/ electrical /waste management utilities generate a significant noise and other environmental pollutions and will have a direct impact on the residents of exiting housing on Long Reef Cct. The structures built for these utilities are also not very visually appealing.
The site is surrounded by 2 large open spaces (one towards Gregory Hills drive and other towards Howard park) . These utilities can be located towards that direction which will significantly reduce any environmental and visual impact on housing on Long Reef Cct.

2. Apart from the location of these utilities which are directly opposite to Long Reef Cct, the short stay parking is also being built on Long Reef Cct. This road is already very narrow and adding a short stay parking on this road will increase the congestion on this particular road.

Looks like the proposed design has no consideration for the residents living on this side of Long Reef Cct. Every supporting infrastructure (electrical/comms/pumping station/waste removal/road usage) has been cramped into one particular direction of a narrow Long Reef Cct street. Request the planners/designers to have some thought around it and have some consideration towards the residents living on this street.
Camden Council
Oran Park , New South Wales


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