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SSD Modifications


Oakdale West Estate MOD 10 - Signage Changes


Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. Prepare Mod Report
  2. Assessment
  3. Recommendation
  4. Determination

Pylon sign increase in height to 16m. Additional sign Bld 1A north-west facade. Other Bld 1A signs removed or made smaller. Amend concept GFA values in Precincts 3 to 5. Changes to Precinct 5 design.

Attachments & Resources

Uncategorised (1)

amendment acceptance letter

Modification Application (3)

20220408 - MOD-10 - TransGrid comments
Appendix A - MOD10 Architecture Plans_08.02.22
SSD7348_MOD10_SEE _14.03.22

Agency Advice (3)

Penrith Council advice - Modification
PCC Advice -Amendment Report

Amendments (7)

Amendment report_SSD7348 MOD10_11.07.22
final revised signage plans 3 August
Appendix E - DA220546 - Architecture Plans
Appendix C - Architecture Plans_12.07.22
Appendix D - DA220546 - SEE
Appendix A - SEE_TRACK CHANGE_04.07.22
Appendix B - SEE_04.07.22

Additional Information (6)

PCC Advice - AmendedMOD10
Attachment 1 - Penrith Council Comments
Request for Additional Information_22072022_051824
RFI Request for Additional Information
MOD10-RFI Response_04.07.22
Goodman - RFI Cover Letter_25.07.22

Determination (3)

Stamped Plans
Assessment Report Final
Modification Instrument Final

Consolidated Consent (1)

Consolidated Consent - MOD 10_Final

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Application Number
Main Project
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SSD Modifications
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Warehouse or distribution centres
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Contact Planner

Zoe Halpin