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State Significant Infrastructure


Sydney Metro - Chatswood to Sydenham

City of Sydney, Inner West, Lane Cove, North Sydney, Willoughby City

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Official Caution issued to AW Edwards Pty Limited (SSI-7400) North Sydney LGA

On 21 September 2022, the department issued an Official Caution to AW Edwards Pty Limited (AWE) for failing to comply with approved construction hours at the Sydney Metro Crows Nest station site. AWE has an extended work hours approval which allows concrete works until 10pm Saturdays. Once commenced, a concrete pour cannot be stopped without affecting the structural integrity of the concrete. On Saturday 26 March 2022, AWE commenced a concrete pour at 7am and due to quality issues with the concrete being supplied, the works were not completed until 2am on Sunday 27 March 2022. AWE has introduced additional quality control measures with its concrete supplier and pouring subcontractor to prevent concrete works from extending beyond the approved construction hours. Compliance with approved construction hours helps to minimise the impact on surrounding residents and protect the amenity of the area.




















Note: Only enforcements and inspections undertaken by the Department from March 2020 will be shown above.


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Hamish202 Campbell
Sydney , New South Wales
Attention: Director, Infrastructure Projects

I believe a metro station at the Artarmon substation site is a major oversight. This is will service a growing business park population, and broader residential areas not with the current North Shore line catchments. I would like the planning team to reconsider adding a metro station to this site.

Kind Regards,
Patricia Betar
Waterloo , New South Wales
I have lived and worked in Waterloo and worked in Alexandria for over twenty years. I live in Raglan Street and am deeply concerned with the proposal to build an underground Station at the bottom of Raglan St, between Raglan and Wellington and Cope St and Botany Rd. This is already a heavily congested area with residents, shops and cars, what plans are in place to deal with the added traffic the construction will cause? What plans are in place to protect residents from traffic congestion and delays, noise and air pollution created from the movement of trucks and equipment and building materials?
What strategies have you in place to deal with the extra parking from people wanting to access the Station, especially people from Green Square? Where will residents park?
What is wrong with expanding the underutilised Green Square Station instead of building a completely new Station? Green Square is new but only goes to Mascot and the City! Utilise what we already have, there is more room there for the development anyway, The site you propose in Waterloo is already crowded with people, cars and shops, this will just make it worse.
Name Withheld
Crows Nest , New South Wales
This station is now 10 years overdue... After living in Australia now for almost 50 years at the age of 79 my conclusion is that you are easily 30 years behind Spain in trains, roads and lighting... Why? Please send your younger parts to Spain to learn on all levels of infrastructure and adapt them forthwith. Spain's has the best free ways and higher speed trains at 300km an hour in between all the main cities and the many of suburban trains and underground are modern with up to date communication for passengers.
peter Ennis
Epping , New South Wales
It was very disappointing to find out the rail for the project will be supplied from Spain. Aurriumn South Australia (Whyalla Steel Works) who could have rolled the rail at the required kilograms per metre were over looked. There is no use having Buy Australian advertisements with respect buy SPC fruit when the Government spends millions of Dollars buying steel that could have been purchased in Australia made by Australians?
If it can be produced in Australia why buy a FOREIGN product??????.
It is very frustrating as I am a real Australian, why does the
Government not support US the people?
Regards PTE.
Joanne Death
Waterloo , New South Wales
I am objecting to the location of the proposed Metro Waterloo station.

Ron Hoenig MP, state member for Heffron, summed it up well:

Why you would place a railway station just 10 minutes' walk north of Redfern Railway Station and 10 minutes' walk south of Green Square Railway Station is beyond me?

The proposed location is also within 100 metres of a bus stop located on Botany Road that service commuters with direct runs to and from Central and other city centres.

The underground Metro station would be better placed around the vicinity of Danks Street and Crystal Street, Waterloo, where the influx of thousands of new residents in high density apartments have meant current bus services do not have the capacity to meet demand.

Tens of thousands of new residents have moved into the vicinity of Danks Street, Bourke Street and Crystal Street. I am inundated with calls from residents living around the Bourke Street and Dank Street precincts for more bus services because they are tired of having to fight for a spot on a bus each morning.

Placing the Sydney Metro railway station around the Danks Street and Crystal Street precinct would provide residents with much needed public transport options and remove cars from gridlocked street.

Danks Street and Crystal Street is also a short 10 minute walk from East Village, Zetland, where fifty thousand of new residents are slated to move in, again with limited options for public transport.

The location of the metro would much better serve the area if it was located where the higher density housing is, as well as encourage visitors to the Danks St precinct.
Ian Mountain
Winmalee , New South Wales
This transport system must include provision for bicycle integration. Metro stations need to be connected to and by a separated bike path network with the ability to take bikes on the train. Bike storage on the metro trains needs to be specific, not the dogs breakfast that it currently is. True transport integration is the only way to improve moving people around the city - not doing it bit by bit, and not by building more roads for cars! Don't cock it up!
Name Withheld
Artarmon , New South Wales

I would like to express my concerns about Artarmon substation which will be located on Butchers Lane, Artarmon.
This substation is very close to new campus of Artarmon Public School which is located at Barton Rd, Artarmon and residential buildings. The radiation from substation will impact health of student and residence in Artarmon. Please reconsider the location of substation, can it relocate to Artarmon Industry Area to minimize impact of children's health.

This project is double investment and would not make much difference for Sydney's traffic in NorthShore area. South west to NorthShore has already linked by City Rail northShore line, we should invest more on City Rail to improve current railway.
This metro should be built for Central Coast to City and Central West to City.

Name Withheld
Epping , New South Wales
I support the project. It is high time Sydney had a world-class rail service to the CBD and if done well this should be the first step.

Please ensure that escalators and station entry/exit gates have copious spare capacity to enable speedy entry and exit of passengers.

Please ensure that at least 50% of the train carriages are designated as quiet zones for those of us who like to read or sit in peace uninterrupted by the constant rattling of those who see it as important to talk for 30 minutes straight on their cell phones in any number of foreign languages or conduct arguments and swear at high volumes.

The etiquette of cell phone users is appalling and has a major negative impact on other passengers comforts.
Anne-Marie Sirca
Greenwich , New South Wales
Attn: Director, Infrastructure Projects
cc: Anthony Roberts, State Member for Lane Cove

Re: Adding a new train station in Lane Cove

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please could you add a new station along this line which goes through Lane Cove?

A huge opportunity is being missed by not adding a new train station in Lane Cove, between Artarmon and Crows Nest. Lane Cove is already so stretched with public transport, where people are queued around into the side street to even catch a bus to the city from the corner of Longueville Rd/Epping Rd. There are also so many new apartments going in, but the transport infrastructure is already beyond capacity. Buses already go past that intersection, already full, and all the waiting people cannot get on. Obviously it would cost more, but the cost/benefit would be really worth it as Lane Cove is growing so fast and is still so close to the city but lacking in public transport options.

Additional buses could run from Lane Cove West to the new station again, supporting all the new apartments going up there too. The influx of population in that area is so large, the local school has nearly 1000 students. Lane Cove public school also has 1000 students. This same train station can serve all the apartments on the northern side of Epping Road as well.

The other major transport issue that a new station in Lane Cove could solve is the volume of backlogged buses going over the Harbour Bridge queueing up to get into York Street.

It's great to have a new train line going in to relieve the pressure/limitations of the volume per hour of trains crossing the harbour. I also think it is good to have north shore trains going directly into the city's east as this has always been a sticking point with train services. I do think it's a waste to have a new train station at Crows Nest because this area is already serviced by St Leonards station (only a 2 minute walk away).

I do invite you to come and stand at the Lane Cove bus stops and see the congestion and queues of people who can't get on the next bus that goes by. I also invite you to view all the new unit developments in the area which cannot realistically be accommodated with the current transport options.

Mr Roberts, may I ask that you also support this initiative and lobby Mr Baird? Having been on the Lane Cove Council for many years, you would understand the pressures the suburb is already under. I believe a new train station in Lane Cove would help solve a number of issues as outlined above.


Mrs Anne-Marie Sirca
7 Kingslangley Rd,
Greenwich NSW 2065
greg woodhams
North Ryde , New South Wales
The report prepared by SLR Consulting - Chapter 10 Construction Noise and Vibration- incorrectly identifies at page 423 the property at 402-420 Pacific Highway as a Commercial land use.
I own a residential strata apartment within that building which is directly opposite the construction site for the Crows Nest Station. The report indicates that the building at 420 Pacific Highway will experience significant noise and vibration impacts associated with the construction of the project extending for a period in excess of 4 years. The incorrect identification of the land use means that the standards used to assess the impacts and the necessary mitigation measures are incorrect. I request that the report be revised to apply the correct standards and a revised assessment report be issued to identify the impacts and mitigation measures that will be required to ameliorate the expected impacts based on a residential use of the property. This will influence the hours of construction, including blasting and rock breaking, and the installation of noise attenuation barriers to reduce the noise dispersal toward the property. Please ensure that the report is provided on the Department's website and that I am advised of the timing of the report for inspection.
Daniel Mendes
Wahroonga , New South Wales
Whilst I support the fact that commuters will be able to switch from the old system to the new system quickly as well as the fact that it will reduce congestion in Sydney.

However, the only thing that I oppose in the second stage of this project is the fact that buildings in and around Martin Place are looking to be demolished just to provide access to the new stations.

Those buildings should still remain where they are and just build the entrances to the Metro either within those buildings or relocated completely.
Paul Schofield
Erskineville , New South Wales
To whom it may concern, I am overwhelmingly supportive of the Sydney Metro second stage and the opportunities it offers to later connect to Liverpool and the future second Sydney airport. I do however feel that the lack of additional stop in Alexandria near Mitchell Road is a wasted opportunity. This area is mooted for much more high density housing in addition to what is already there and neighbouring railway stations in Erskineville and St Peters are already not coping with passenger numbers. The distance between Waterloo and Sydenham is such that another station is possible and the topography, unlike that between Chatswood and Crows Nest, and between Epping and Cherrybrook is much more conducive to its construction. The Goodman owned portion of the Ashmore Estate would be an ideal location.
Marcus Sandmann
Alexandria , New South Wales
This objection relates to the EIS SSI 7400 (Sydney Metro City & Southwest - Chatswood to Sydenham)

I object to this proposal on the grounds that the project should provide Metro stations at Alexandria and St Peters, and does not.

This would provide a mass-transit inner-city transport system and transport integration providing cross-town interconnectivity. It would provide mass-transit systems for the areas' doubled population, reduce chronic over-crowding on Erskineville station and reduce inner-city congestion.

Further, the current Metro EIS does not model any relationship between the Metro (Waterloo to Sydenham) and Westconnex traffic impact , despite the Metro line running under Euston Road and St Peters, despite the proximity of the two projects. The EIS has no modelling of additional Metro stations (Alexandria and St Peters) ability to reduce the impact of traffic on the road network.
Name Withheld
Wollstonecraft , New South Wales
+ Crows Nest station design should include an underground pedestrian tunnel connecting the station to the other side of the Pacific Highway at Hume Street to avoid lots of Metro customers crowding the narrow footpath to cross the highway at traffic lights and reduce the risk of pedestrians being killed by traffic(as has happened at this intersection). Pedestrian tunnels are provided from North Sydney and St Leonards stations - many people cross safely under the Pacific Highway rather than waste time waiting at traffic lights and risk being hit by cars - Crows Nest Metro should have the same facility. Most well designed Metros around the world provide multiple exists on various sides of busy traffic roads for convenience of customers and to reduce risk of pedestrian/car accidents.
+ Truck movements to take excavated spoil off site should be limited to 7am-10pm . If TBM is drilling 24/7 - the spoil should be stored in covered(with noise rated cladding) Crows Nest Station void overnight - with noisy trucks which would keep residents up at night limited to 7am- 10pm.
+ rock breaking(or preferably quieter method of removing rock) must be limited to 7am - 6pm as many nearby residents will not be able to sleep with such noise. Sound proof cladding and roof should be erected to limit noise during construction.
+Traffic management plan and signage will be required so that residents of Nicholson Street(near Hume street intersection) have alternative method of driving into Nicholson Street from Pacific Highway( from direction of St Leonards-currently turn off Pacific Highway left into Oxley St - right into Clarke St - right into Hume St(which will be blocked) - Nicholson Street)
+ Australia Post is an essential service in Crows Nest - is an alternative Post Office being set up when existing one is demolished
+Noise/Vibration level measurements should be taken before and during construction/TBM drilling and it should be monitored to ensure residents are not kept up all night if 24/7 drilling is proposed
Robert McLeod
Chatswood , New South Wales
Sirs, With the proposed "removal" of the Nelson St overbridge to be part of the work to be carried out on the 'Chatswood Dive Site' i am wondering if the "footbridge" section of the bridge will be retained. Under the footpath section there are various 'utilities' that cross from one side of the railway corridor to the other.
I believe these include telephone cables, gas main, water main, electricity cables etc. etc. I went to the 'Information session" that was held in Chatswood (Dougherty Centre) on May 21st and was informed that these utilities would be "re-routed". My suggestion is to put in a 'single-section' span footbridge that would both allow these utilities to be left in place and also leave pedestrian/cycle access from one side of Nelson St to the other. I am sure this approach would save both money and time by not having to re-route the utilities and would provide access from the East end of Nelson St to the "Channon Walk". Thanks, Bob McLeod
Tim Cox
Cremorne , New South Wales
I own a unit at 12/40 Blues Point Road, McMahons Point.
I have studied the drawings. It appears that a tunnel will go under buildings on the west side of Blues Point Road. Surely, it would be better to tunnel under Blues Point Road. This would have less impact on the properties on the west side of Blues Point Road and, consequently, the likelihood of fewer claims for damage caused by the construction.
Steven Dimitropoulos
Strawberry Hills , New South Wales
The following email was sent to Sydney Metro on 22 May. They subsequently advised to post it in this Chatswood to Sydenham EIS feedback submission even though the focus of the email is Sydney to Chatswood.

My feedback is questioning the Sydney Metro design and subsequent costs and disruption it would cause the community in SW Sydney. Whilst I don't live in that area the concern I have are additional costs attributed to the design which can be redistributed to other transport works.

This was the email sent, unedited ... START OF EMAIL

Firstly, it is excellent to see the NSW Government forwarding a plan for mass transit system ... Sydney Metro. It has been a long time coming since the retirement of the last red rattler and the focus on double deck cars.

Whilst the start of the Sydney Metro was the Northwest the proposed plans is to extend the metro to Stage 2 - Chatswood to Sydenham and Stage 3 - Sydenham to Bankstown. Focussing on Stage 3 part of the proposal is to shut down the current line to upgrade some of the stations in order to handle the Alstom Metropolis cars. These I believe a usually 24m in length compared to the current standard of 20m.

I agree some of the stations need upgrading with the addition of lifts and modernisation of buildings. However, I would expect the greater expense would be the reconstruction of the existing stations. An alternative approach is for Transport to consider using shorter cars (20m) to be able to leverage current infrastructure on Bankstown line. 20m cars are being used extensively on Japan Metro system. Of course, Alstom Metropolis can evaluate shortening the cars to 20m, and this is not a dissimilar exercise to a passenger plane. Example is the Airbus A320 family where A319 is a shorter plan but has many similarities to A320.

Some of benefits to Sydenham to Bankstown residents and NSW government:

1. Faster introduction of new trains, and possibly increased frequency of services during peak times
2. Lower operating cost during off-peak times because of lower demand - less and lighter trains
3. Lower sunk costs - construction, use of buses as alternative during construction, etc

There are disadvantages:

1. Interchange for passengers may be required either at Sydenham or Chatswood (but this is common on metro systems). Note: Based on current plan passengers will need to interchange at Bankstown to go to outer suburbs ... Lidcombe and Liverpool
2. Less passengers per car though that can be extended by addition of extra cars
3. Increased maintenance costs for two types however it would be minimised if the manufacturer is the same. Note: Sydney Trains already has multiples types running at the moment

I believe this option would be much cheaper than the proposed rebuild of Bankstown line. The monies saved can be redistributed to expand the transport network such as the Eastern Suburbs line to Bondi Beach (2nd attempt) or expand the proposed light rail all the way to La Perouse.

This proposed alternative solution should deliver a faster, cheaper and as a good as the current, planned solution.


From an EIS perspective I am sure the appropriate studies have been completed, risks managed, and findings documented to forward the project. I understand it is a process.

As mentioned the focus of my email is the capital expense (basically sunk costs) on elements of the metro line that will not deliver any significant benefit. That is, avoid gold plating. The costs saved here can be redistributed to other transport projects.
Name Withheld
Baulkham Hills , New South Wales
Use and upgrade the existing platforms under central instead of what is currently planned, if that's not possible use the binocular mined technique and build the station than complete it and rebuild the above platforms ASAP after construction and excavation is complete.
Yanina Salerno
Alexandria , New South Wales
Dear Minister,


I urge you to approve additional stations at Alexandria and St Peters.

Please consider the following points.
- Current area transport is inadequate
- Urban Growth agenda projects massive population increases
- Alexandria Metro provides for the DOUBLING of the area's population AND alleviates pressure on Erskineville station
- Metro Alexandria would reduce road network grid lock (60,000 cars added via Westconnex, 1,600 cars from ATP, new Alex High Super School, 2,200 students, Ashmore Estate 8,000 new residents etc etc)
- Metro St Peters would provide rail to bus interchange location to 'connect Metro systemically' to surface public transport

The addition of extra Metro stations will deliver lasting value, enabling an entirely reconfigured, future oriented and progressively improving district. It would deliver a mass-transit 'spine' integration all public transport with cross-town interconnectivity from distant residential areas to high job-growth areas (Green Square and the Global Economic Corridor).

I urge you to provide added Metro stations at Alexandria and St Peters and integrate the inner-city suburbs into the Metro plan.

Thank you,
Name Withheld
Alexandria , New South Wales
Adding station at Alexandria and St Peters provides needed mass transit (Ashmore 8,000 new residents, ATP 11,000 Alex Park super school 2,200), relieves Erskineville's over-crowding and off-sets 60,000 Westconnex cars.


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