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SSI Modifications


MOD 3 - Martin Place

Inner West, Lane Cove, North Sydney, City of Sydney, Willoughby City

Current Status: Determination

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The modification seeks to modify the Martin Place Metro Station including reconfiguration of the station layout, provision of a new concourse link and retention of existing MLC pedestrian link.

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2017-09-13 Martin Place Station Modification Submiss...

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Syd Polley
Castle Hill , New South Wales
My concern is related to lift access on station platforms.

At the moment on most rail platforms there is only one lift per platform. This means that if I get off the train with my mobility scooter and the lift is not working, the only solution offered by rail staff is to get back on the next train, travel to the next station, use the lift there to go to another platform, and catch a train back, and use the lift on that platform to get to the concourse. An example of this at Wynyard, which I have had to do, is to get back on the train from platform 3 upstairs, go to Town Hall, use the lift there to go to a lower floor, catch that train back to Wynyard Platform 5 or 6, and then use that lift to get to the Wynyard Concourse. This normally adds about 20-30 mins to the trip.

Is there some way that this station, (and others I hope) could have two lifts per platform, so that there is some redundancy for when a lift breaks down?
Graham Strauss
Cheltenham , New South Wales

It's an important and necessary step toward models for major and even intermediate station development associated with Sydney Metro.

Anything else that comes out of the submissions process that goes toward making it work better and for more commuters would be welcome.

My though, although possibly not for immediate adoption would be to extend the Eastern Suburbs Line to wherever it was supposed to go originally, or eastward via some other route and then north or south along the coast for some distance through areas where there's population that can make good use of it.

A station like the proposal for Pitt Street deserves to be used. It will attract and needs and will be a much better place with a full complement of users that achieves: -

'1.2 Macquarie Project Objectives

The Planning Proposal forms part of a broader planning process being pursued by Macquarie in order to realise shared vision and objectives for the Precinct. The overall project objectives for the Precinct, including those of the NSW Government, are to:

 Create a fully functional and compliant railway station for the Sydney Metro that delivers a world class public transport experience for its customers.

 Maximise the opportunity to integrate the new Metro Station with the existing public transport and pedestrian routes in and around Martin Place to further enhance the customer experience and improve City connectivity.

 Build on the Council's 2030 Strategy and other policies to enhance Martin Place as Sydney's premier civic space and create a lively, activated city destination.

 Celebrate 50 Martin Place as one of Sydney's most significant heritage buildings with an ongoing relevance as Macquarie's global headquarters.

 Use the above ground development to create the next generation workplace environment that realises the opportunities that are emerging in future work practice, wellbeing and sustainability, communication and digital technologies, security and mixed use development.'

at page 5 of the Planning Proposal

'Sydney Metro Martin Place Station Precinct
Amendments to the Sydney LEP 2012'

(JBA) Urban Planning Consultants Pty Ltd
Graham Strauss
Cheltenham , New South Wales

The Macquarie proposal for a rail interchange development at Martin Place is such a big step in an important new direction that it makes one impatient for more of the same.

There are three new CBD stations including Martin Place plus a new set of platforms at Central on the new Metro City and South West line that could in theory have hosted a similar initiative. Looking at all four possibilities it's easy to see why Martin Place attracted Macquarie, and from an already existing public transport connectivity view point it offers more than new stations Barangaroo and Pitt Street could as now proposed, and avoids the pedestrian traffic and internal logistical issues arising from the load of two tram lines, numerous country / interurban trains plus city and regional bus services already being handled by plans for Central.

A Martin Place Metro station had advantages, along with a redevelopment of an existing Sydney station precinct in the same place plus relatively close proximity and easily linked by walking routes to Wynyard on the City Circle. Almost but not quite a major new interchange between two already busy stations by adding one new set of metro platforms at one of them.

But how long is it before a decision has to be made about a Sydney CBD station for Sydney Metro West. Looking at the options already available or upcoming and discussed above, Pitt Street location already decided for the new City and South West Line seems to offer pretty much the same attractions as does Martin Place, except that Pitt Street could be a first metro to metro interchange with proximity and feasible walking route connections to Town Hall on the City Circle.

Given the number of started and discontinued tunnels there are already under Sydney I hesitate to suggest doing more than can be committed to with certainty. On the other hand a publicly adopted position by the Government that accepts the inevitability of another pair of metro style tracks between Parramatta and Sydney CBDs is only a hairs breadth away from where we are already. Having reached that point a decision on development of the Sydney CBD end station at the same preferred location as the one already selected for Metro's Pitt Street is only a few steps more.

I can see from the bar charts for metro projects that scheduling a Pitt Street station to meet the scheduling demands for two separate metro lines is going to be difficult, bur seeing how the original plan for Metro City and South West was stopped, pulled apart and rebuilt to accommodate Macquarie's offer without the schedule slipping is encouraging. It seems there is the talent around to explore for and find imaginative financial and engineering frameworks to make new ways of building and funding infrastructure when the need is as dire as it has lately become.

Something like the lately presented variation proposal for metro work at and close to Sydenham to get an earlier start and improve the City and South West project could be applied to the already existing plan for north south running lines and platforms at a Pitt Street station for the same line so that excavations can proceed early for east west running platforms and associated openings in the immediate vicinity to accommodate lines for the Metro West project which is following close behind already.

The combination will be of Sydney's first dual metro line station with common concourse interchange at Pitt Street with Town Hall on City Circle offering walking proximity interchange, parallels the situation taking shape at Martin Place.

Provided there's the need, and that seems to be beyond debate, room in Sydney for two new rail public transport interchanges developing simultaneously, planning and scheduling flexibility plus finance the combination of such interchange at and close to the new Pitt Street station could be the 'just enough' that attracts an unsolicited proposal to rival Macquarie's at Martin Place.
Name Withheld
Marsfield , New South Wales
The modification proposal improves on the approved project in relation to station interfaces, and public thoroughfare into the surrounding commuter catchment.

Retention of the MLC pedestrian link would also warrant a review of the amenity of the current link, and upgrading the route to contemporary standards where practical.
Office of Environment and Heritage
Sydney South , New South Wales
Thank you for forwarding the above proposal to the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) for consideration. After reviewing the relevant documents, OEH's Greater Sydney Planning Team has concluded that the matter does not contain biodiversity, natural hazards or Aboriginal cultural heritage issues that require a formal OEH response. We have no further need to be involved in the assessment of this project.

Please note that the Heritage Division in the Office of Environment and Heritage may wish to provide separate comments.
John Freeman
Sydney , New South Wales
See upload
NSW Environment Protection Authority
Sydney South , New South Wales
Please find attached EPA comments on the proposed modification (Martin Place) for the Sydney Metro Stage 2 C&SW rail project.
NSW Department of Primary Industries
Orange , New South Wales
Please find attached response as requested.
NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
Parramatta , New South Wales
Please find attached correspondence regarding the above matter.
City of Sydney
Sydney , New South Wales
Please see attached City of Sydney's submission on Sydney Metro City and Southwest (Chatswood to Sydenham) Modification 3 - Martin Place (SSI 7400 MOD 3).
Sydney Airport
Sydney International Airport , New South Wales
Submission is attached


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