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State Significant Development

Collate Submissions

Winter Sports World, 2 Tench Avenue, Jamisontown


Current Status: Collate Submissions

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

Mixed-use development including an indoor recreation facility, hotel and commercial uses including:
- indoor ski facilities including a ski run, snow play and climbing facilities
- 170 room hotel with associated facilities
- cafes and restaurants

Attachments & Resources

Notice of Exhibition (1)

SSD-10475 Notice of Exhibition V2

Request for SEARs (3)

Request for SEARs_20200623101703
200623 WSW Waiver
200623 WSW Scoping Report

SEARs (2)

Issued SEARs_13052022_111415
Issued SEARs_21072020_041941

EIS (49)

GIS - 2 Tench Avenue, Jamisontown
N - CIV Calculation
EIS - 2 Tench Avenue
A - SEARs Table
B - Statutory Compliance Table
C - Community Engagement Summary
D - Environmental Risk Assessment
E - Mitigation Measures Table
F - Survey
G-Archit Drawings inc Overshadowing +Solar Ac An
H - Architectural and Urban Design Report
I - Landscape Plans
J - Design Excellence Strategy
K - Design Competition Brief
L - Design Competition Jury Report
M-Design Integrity Panel Minutes Jury Endorsement
O - Economic Assessment
P - Visual Analysis
Q - Operational Management Plan
R - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Report
S - BDAR Waiver and Ecological Report
T - Arboricultural Impact Assessment + Tree Management Plan
U - Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report
V - Statement of Heritage Impact
W - Social Impact Assessment
X - Noise Impact Assessment
Y - Access Design Assessment Report
Z - ESD Report
AA - Section J Report
AB - BCA Report
AC - Transport Impact Assessmemt_
AD - Green Travel Plan
AE - Bushfire Assessment Report
AF - Civil Eng Plans-Proposed Road, Lot + Drainage Works
AG - Flood and Stormwater Management Report Strategy
AH - Utilities Servicing Report
AI - Preliminary Geotechnical Report
AJ - Prelim + Detailed Site Investigation Contam Report
AK - Wind Report
AL - Lighting Design + Statement
AM - Façade Reflectivity Report
AN - Waste Management Plan
AO - Engagement Report
AP - Penrith City Council Pre-Lodgement Minutes
AQ - PCC Public Benefit + Contributions Consultation
AR - Consultation email with NSW RFS
AS - Consultation email with DPE - Water
AT-Prelim Constr Traffic & Pedestrian MP_
AU-Preliminary Construction Management Plan_

Agency Advice (8)

SEARs advice - Environment, Energy and Science Group
SEARs advice - EPA Response
SEARs advice - Heritage Council of NSW
SEARs advice - Penrith City Council
SEARs advice - RFS
SEARs advice - Social Impact team
SEARs advice - TfNSW Response Part 1
SEARs advice - TfNSW Part 2

Project Details

Application Number
Assessment Type
State Significant Development
Development Type
Sports & Recreation Activities
Local Government Areas

Contact Planner

Tahlia Sexton