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Release Notes

June 2023 Release: Cladding Register, Concurrence and Referral, eConstruction, Major Projects, Site Compatibility Certificate

30 June 2023

Concurrence and Referrals
Major Projects

Cladding register

In response to stakeholder feedback the Department was alerted to the ‘create new’ function not storing information. This has been resolved.

Concurrence and Referral

Multiple addresses are now displayed in system generated documents and additional document categories for ‘controlled activity approval’ at the assessment and determination stages of the workflow.


The eConstruction project continues to improve the critical stage inspection and written direction processes for principal certifiers. Enhancements include:

  • System generated PDF records for conducted and missed inspections.
  • Ability to create ‘written direction notice’ cases for unsatisfactory inspections.
  • Expansion of the principal certifier organisation details.
  • Building class information is now displayed on designated pages in the construction certificate and complying development certificate services.
  • Users can add addresses manually to ‘building work’ cases.

Major Projects

Proponents can use the Portal to contact and manage their communication with public authorities prior to the lodgement of the application. This upgrade improves accessibility, transparency and archiving.

Amendments to the ‘risk assessment’ functionality for assessment officers includes:

  • Improving visibility of the project status and the risk level.
  • Risk assessment and enforcement history for the project being readily accessible throughout the life cycle of the project, including for any modification applications.
  • Additional options for the ‘type of request’ drop down menu.
  • Improving the life cycle of the project by linking ‘overall project risk’ with the post approval process. This reminds the user of the identified risks prior to the next stage of the project being undertaken and where relevant a workflow appears to archive how the risk has been addressed.

Site Compatibility Certificate

The payment case for using the NSW Planning Portal to process a site compatibility certificate was not activating for certain users and has now been resolved.

Detailed release notes, as well as updated quick reference guides, are available in the knowledge management section of the Portal.

Other news

03 October 2023

The enhanced BASIX tool is here

The enhanced BASIX tool is now live! All users can now access the tool via the NSW Planning Portal.

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Release Notes
01 October 2023

September 2023 Release: BASIX, Concurrence and Referrals, Development Applications, Sustainable Housing SEPP and more

This latest technical release includes important enhancements to existing digital services.
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