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Media Release

New Portal makes planning system easier

13 June 2016

Ministerial Media Release for Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning

Piles of paper and days of waiting are now a thing of the past for builders and renovators, thanks to the NSW Government’s new online Planning Portal.

Planning Minister Rob Stokes said the portal is being progressively rolled out throughout this year, and the community can now use its online tools to make building and renovating easier.

“The days of carrying folders thick with documents and waiting in endless queues is over,” Mr Stokes said.

“Tasks that used to take hours, sometimes days, can now be completed in a matter of minutes using your computer, tablet or smartphone anytime and anywhere.

“The NSW Government is making it easier for people to access and engage with the planning system by making it simpler, clearer and easier to understand.”

Using the portal will allow significant time savings for people building or renovating their home.

Viewing development application details, for instance, could take three days under the old system. On the portal, it takes one minute.

Current Planning Portal information and features include:

  • What renovations can be done without a development application (Old system: half a day. Portal: 5 minutes.)
  • Which state and local planning controls apply to any property in the State (Old system: 3 hours. Portal: 5 minutes.)
  • Development application tracking (Old system: 2 hours. Portal: 1 minute.)
  • Viewing details of DAs at a specific address (Old system: 1-3 days. Portal: 1 minute.)

Further features including online lodgement of DAs and complying development will become available as part of the ongoing rollout.

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