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Planning proposals

Under Assessment

Tolland Estate, Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga

Dwellings: approximately 500 new mixed tenure homes. Approximately 180 will be new social housing dwellings.

Proposal: The site is currently a low density residential suburb with a mix of private and social housing, a community centre, a private and public school, a place of worship and open space. Tolland Estate is based on the Radburn design model and consequently suffers from poor design outcomes. The proposal seeks to renew and improve the estate by providing a range of housing tenures, new community facilities, roads and parks.  

A planning proposal was lodged with the Department on 14 September 2023. The Department has assessed the planning proposal and prepared a Discussion Paper which outlines the proposed amendments to planning controls. The Discussion Paper and updated planning proposals were exhibited from 29 January until 26 February 2024. 

We will review the feedback received during the exhibition period and finalise the planning documents by mid-2024.

Documents Exhibited in February 2024

Documents lodged in September 2023


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Under assessment
Western Portion Of Tolland Estate.
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Alicia Hall
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