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Draft Penrith Lakes SEPP amendment

Penrith City Council

Background: We heard from landowners at Penrith Lakes that dual occupancy is important, so we reassessed flood evacuation requirements for the area. In September 2018, Infrastructure NSW advised the Department that dual occupancy residential development would not have an impact on flood evacuation if it was located above the probable maximum flood (PMF) level.

The Department is acting on this new flood information by proposing amendments to the Penrith Lakes SEPP to balance the needs of landowners with flood evacuation requirements in the area. Proposed changes: The proposed amendments will allow dual occupancy on residential zoned land above PMF levels within the Penrith Lakes SEPP, with a minimum lot size of two hectares. It is also proposed to introduce an ‘exception to development standards’ provision.

The proposed amendments are consistent with State Government policies that ensure a resilient Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley. The intended effects of these proposed changes are outlined in a Consultation Paper that is currently on public exhibition.

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Consultation Paper_ Penrith Lakes SEPP.pdf
Consultation Paper Map_ Penrith Lakes SEPP_ Residential lots affected by the Probable Maximum Flood.pdf

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