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Richmond Valley Regional Job Precinct

The Richmond Valley draft master plan was publicly exhibited between 12 February - 24 March 2024.

The draft master plan aims to provide a strategic planning framework to guide business seeking to establish or expand in the region.   

The draft master plan is focussed on industrial development at Nammoona, the existing Casino Food Co-op, and around the Cassino Drive industrial estate in Casino.

Work on the final master plan and updates to the local planning processes are now underway. 

More information 

You can download the draft master plan and the supporting technical studies to read.  For all other enquiries, email [email protected].

Exhibition Documents



  • On Exhibition

    The consultation is open for public comment.

  • Under Consideration

    We'll be reviewing what you told us.

  • Made and Finalised

    The final outcomes of this consultation will be documented here.

Consultation period


More information

Exhibiting agency or agencies: DRNSW
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal