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SSD Modifications


Mod 15

Shoalhaven City

Current Status: Determination

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  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare Mod Report
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Assessment
  6. Recommendation
  7. Determination

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Bomaderry , New South Wales
My husband and I strongly object to the further expansion of the Manildra
plant for the following reasons:
1. Noise Pollution: The amount of large trucks using Camberwarra and
Meroo road in Bomaderry has increased significanty over the period of
expansions to the Manildra plant. This has a huge impact on the
residential areas of Bomaderry. To our knowledge there has never been
any work carried out by the EPA to determine the noise levels from the
trucks using these roads. There should be a curfew on trucks using
these road to conicide with the current regulations for construction.
The trucks should not be able to use this road between the hours of
8pm and 7am. There is an alternative route, via the princes highway
onto Bolong road at the traffic lights, which can be used at night.
This needs to be investigated and there needs to be consultation with
the residents in the area to determine the impact. There is noise
impact from the plant it's self the noise is reaching excessive levels
at night again impacting residence to the point we can not have
windows open at night due to the constant noise coming from the plant.
There also needs to be curfew hours at night so this does not impact
on the residents
2. Environmental impact on the residential area - We already have
residue floating in the air if they are gonig to be using coal this
needs to have an environmental study completed to determine this will
be safe for the residence. They stopped using this coal because it was
dirty so why is it that the government feels its okay for Bomaderry
residents to be imapcted by the use. Again there have been no studies
completed by the EPA, which we are aware of in consultation with the
residents to determine the impact this will have on our lives.


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