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SSD Modifications


Modification 19 Proposed Ethanol Distillery Plant Upgrade (Mod 19)

Shoalhaven City

Current Status: Determination

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. Prepare Mod Report
  2. Assessment
  3. Recommendation
  4. Determination

Increase in production of beverage grade ethanol production from 110 mega litres to 210 mega litres including the construction of a new distillery, three ethanol storage tanks and associated site infrastructure.

Attachments & Resources

Modification Application (10)

Annexure 9 - Cl 4.6 Written Request
Annexure 8 - Geotech Assessment
Annexure 7 - Traffic Impact Assessment
Annexure 6 - Preliminary Hazard Analysis
Annexure 5 - Flood Compliance Report
Annexure 4 - Noise Impact Asssmt
Annexure 3 - Air Quality Assessment
Annexure 2 - Plans of Proposal
Annexure 1 - Govt Agencies Response s
Statement of Environmental Effects

Agency Advice (7)

Shoalhaven City Council Response - Modification 19
Car Parking Layout Plan
EPA Advice Statement of Environmental Effects
Harwood Acoustics Revised Noise Impact Assessment
Harwood Acoustics Response Letter to EPA
Comments from Shoalhaven City Council on RTS
Shoalhaven Starches Mod 19 Revised Noise Impact

Additional Information (15)

RFI Request for Additional Information_22102020_014503
RFI Response-Revised Elevation
RFI Response-6November2020
RFI Response -AQIA
Response to Council comments
Relocation of Approved Electrical Substation
Relocation of Approved Electrical Substation (2)
RE Shoalhaven Starches MOD 19
Manildra. Ethanol Tank Bund 2
Harwood Acoustics Revised NIA
Harwood Acoustics Response to EPA
DGA- Flammable Liquid Storage
DGA- Corrosive Substances
Corrosive storages for MOD 19

Determination (2)

Signed SSD Instrument of Modification
Signed SSD Modification Assessment Report

Project Details

Application Number
Main Project
Assessment Type
SSD Modifications
Development Type
Food, beverages and tobacco manufacturing
Local Government Areas
Shoalhaven City
Determination Date

Contact Planner

Shaun Williams