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State Significant Development


Mortdale Waste Facility

Georges River

Current Status: Determination

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Mortdale Waste Facility


Request for SEARs (1)



Council Comments Mortdale.pdf
SEARs Hearne Street Mortdale SSD 7421.pdf

EIS (26)

2016-07-13 Materials FINAL.pdf
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 16 Perspective FINAL.pdf
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 5 Elevations FINAL.pdf
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 4 Proposed shed plan F...
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 2 Proposed site plan F...
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 13 Perspective FINAL.pdf
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 10 shadow diagram summ...
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 11 Perspective FINAL.pdf
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 6 Proposed office FINA...
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 3 Existing floor plan ...
2016-07-13 17 Survey FINAL.pdf
2016-07-14 Appendix G OEMP-002_Mortdale_Proprosed De...
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 15 Perspective FINAL.pdf
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 9 Shadow diagram winte...
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 7 Landscape plan FINAL...
2016-07-14 APP_EIS Mortdale Part 1 FINAL.pdf
2016-07-14 Appendix M_ APP_Clause 4.6 Variation_Mort...
2016-07-14 Appendix K Phase 1 Contamination Land Inv...
2016-07-14 Appendix J Soil and Water Assessment Mort...
2016-07-14 Appendix A SEARs Hearne Street Mortdale S...
2016-07-14 Appendix E Environment Protection Licence...
2016-07-13 Stormwater Plan SY16043C_E FINAL.pdf
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 14 Perspective FINAL.pdf
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 12 Perspective FINAL.pdf
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 8 Site analysis plan F...
2016-07-13 Architectural Plan 1 Architectural drawin...

Submissions (5)

Submission Details for Mark & Dijana Graham _object_ Email
DPI Response _submission__ Resource Recovery Facility Mort
RMS Submission Response to EIS_Mortdale Resource Recovery
Submission details _objection_ _Redacted name & address_
Signed letter _Aug 2016_

Response to Submissions (46)

Updated Water Quality.pdf
Appendix B TTPP Traffic Letter.pdf
Amended stormwater design.pdf
170911 response.pdf
Appendix B SLR Noise Response.pdf
7. Landscape Plan.pdf
2. Site Plan.pdf
8. Site Analysis.pdf
9. Shadows June.pdf
14. Perspective.pdf
6. Proposed Office.pdf
16. Perspective.pdf
13. Perspective.pdf
SSD_7421_Appendix F CIV.pdf
SSD_7421_Appendix A_ Architectural Set 2.pdf
Appendix D SOP-YA020 Unexpected Asbestos Finds.pdf
Mortdale SSDLetter to DPE 7 November 2017 SIGNED.pdf
3. Existing Floor Plan.pdf
Appendix B_ NVA.pdf
11. Perspective.pdf
Appendix C_ AQIA RTS.pdf
00. APP_Response to Submissions_Mortdale 20161205_Re...
SSD_7421_Appendix B Mortdale Plant design and proces...
SSD_7421_Appendix G Agency Response.pdf
SSD_7421_Appendix D Fire Safety.pdf
SSD_7421_Appendix C Mortdale Traffic Response FINAL.pdf
SSD_7421_Appendix E Noise and Vibration.pdf
Appendix A Architectural Plans.pdf
Mortdale SSD Response to agencies 13072017.pdf
Additional SIDRA analysis.pdf
10. Shadows December.pdf
1. Title Page.pdf
Appendix A_ TIA letter.pdf
15. Perspective.pdf
Appendix D Fire Safety Study Mortdale RTS FINAL _3_.pdf
SSD_7421_Appendix A_ Architectural Set 1.pdf
Appendix E SOP-YA011 Recovered Fines Management.pdf
Appendix C SOP-YA018 Rejecting Loads of Non-Complyin...
Appendix A Bingo System and procedures for managing ...
Mortdale SSD Letter to DPE 1 November 2017.pdf
4. Proposed Shed Plan.pdf
12. Perspective.pdf
Appendix E CWMP Mortdale RTS FINAL _3_.pdf
5. Proposed Shed Elevations.pdf
Appendix F Statement of Commitments 4.pdf

Recommendation (1)

SSD 7421_ Mortdale RRF EA report and recommended con...

Determination (3)

SSD 7421_ Stamped Plans.pdf
Mortdale Resource Recovery Facility_ Instrument of A...
Mortdale Resource Recovery Facility PAC Determinatio...

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peter warne
beverly hills , New South Wales
I would like to support this proposal on the basis of convenience provided to local residents who are faced with the alternative of lengthy travel to Lucas Hts . This facility will save time, money and impacts on air quality from vehicle emissions.
Past pricing has also been highly competitive with the Suez operated facility at Lucas Hts.
Lisa Pemberton
Mortdale , New South Wales

I live in Treloar avenue. it is curently extremely difficult to turn right from Treloar Avenue onto Boundary Road, sometimes even a left hand turn is difficult. this is the se for many street running parallel to Treloar Ave,in an easterly and westerly direction.

There volume of traffic is both cars and trucks,how ever I have noted that the number of truck movements has increased recently both on Boundary road and the street of to the south into the industrial area.

The northern side of Boundary Rd and the streets is characterised by most low density residential. There are several bus stop In the vicinity of the corner of Hearne and Boundary Road. Including the corner of Hearne and Boundary, the corner of Sparkes Ave and Boundary Road and near the corner of Wattle and Boundary Roads. It is almost impossible to cross once you alight from the bus, with many residents including school students using the bus service, it is very dangerous to cross there is no pedestrian island for some 400 metres east up Boundary Rd and almost the same distance to a set of lights west towards Forest Rd. I have campaigned council in the past to add a pedestrian refuge island when traffic wasn't as bad, however they sighted the protection of on street parking as a reason NOT to insert an island.

Many trucks do exceed the speed limit of Boundary Rd which is 50km/h including the trucks using this waste facility.

There is no way that Boundary Rd could handle the increase truck movements, traffic solutions would also be difficult for that intersection to ensure that vehicles can turn into and out of Hearne and Treloar in either direction. It is a tight intersection at Hearne, Boundary and Treloar any increase in truck movements as proposed by this developer will have a negative impact upon traffic, pedestrian and vehicular safety and residential amenity
Mark Graham
Mortdale , New South Wales
I object to this proposal. This is a highly populated(residential) area, why would you allow trucks working through the night? This is ridicualous. Why is there a need to have a 24hour waste processing site? There is enough noise during the day, we dont need it at night too.
On a more personel note, I have 2 young children whose bedrooms go onto the roadway, why should they be woken up by trucks driving past at night, just to deliver rubbish.
There is no need for this.
Name Withheld
Mortdale , New South Wales
Mortdale light industrial area is a mixed area between industrial and residential area. Current council's control restricts operating hours between 7am and 7pm Monday to Sunday as residents in residential area have the right to have noise free nights as well. the area also has kids play centre and dance school, etc. if the waste resource faculty is to be expanded and start operating 24hours a day, not only our street will have big trucks operating day and nights with 24 hours' truck driving through noise every day, this is going to affect our sleep and further damage our health in the long term. but also this is a big hazard for the kids crossing our street and playing in the area at night time. We need a safe and sound environment to start the family in this street. Please consider the nature of mixed residential and industrial area and reject the proposal.
Name Withheld
Mortdale , New South Wales
I object to the proposal regarding the increased operation of the waste facility at 20 Hearne St. as the increased traffic within the area will definitely impact the health and well being of the current residents within the surrounding facility, factors being noise pollution and general pollution itself, not to mention allowing large trucks constantly travelling back and forth constantly in close proximity to a residential area at odd hours will just be inviting an accident to happen, there are a certain number of families with children in the area, I need not say more, please reject this proposal.
Name Withheld
Mortdale , New South Wales
This is a light industry area. Due to the close proximity to residential area, it will increase traffic and noise. This will affect the peaceful and quiet area of the suburb.
Jason Cockayne
Mortdale , New South Wales
I am extremely concearned about the proposal at Hearne St, Mortdale as there is already much traffic around the vacinity of the Residential/Industrial area of Barry Ave,Anderson Rd, and Hearne St.
I have been a resident of the area for more than 15 years and there has been a steady increase in trafffic around these streets. There is a dance school, which has been opporating over this period of time which has many students. This already adds to the traffic into the area on a regular basis, although this has never been an issue for me as I feel it adds to the community feeling of our area.
With the constuction of many duplexs in the area which were once single dwellings the streets are now lined with parked cars. This creates less parking spaces for factory workers and some time ago I approached council with a signed petition by 300 local resident/factory workers for parking space to be made available in the easement between Barry Ave and Anderson Rd.This was rejected as there appears to be a proposal for more factory space on the site.
At present there are trucks parked on this site,which leave during the early hours of the morning, for example on Sat 30/7/16 at 4am, I was woken up by thier load noise leaviing the site.
I will now be reporting this to Georges River Council and keeping a diary.
I am dismayed that the state gov.would want to create extra noise and congestion in my neighbourhood.
I vehemently object to this proposal.
Name Withheld
Mortdale , New South Wales
This proposal to expand the waste resource facility at 20 Hearne Street Mortdale is not in keeping with Council's planning controls for a light industrial area. As a resident and rate payer of Barry Avenue for the past 45 years I strongly urge that no such expansion, of any kind, be given consideration as Barry Avenue and Hearne Street are already extremely busy accesses to the light industry already operating in this area. Barry Avenue has a majority of medium density housing therefore safety and the well being of all residents should be a prime consideration for the Departmental decision.
Name Withheld
Mortdale , New South Wales
I understand the councils planning controls will be overridden by the state government approval of the expansion of the hearne st waste resource facility and large trucks will be allowed to go on boundary rd 24 hours a day as well as the waste processing facility being able to stay open until 10pm. The increase in truck traffic will disturb local residents who are used to a very quiet night thanks to council planning controls which restrict operating times in the mortdale light industrial area to between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday.
Margot Butler
Mortdale , New South Wales
I am strongly opposed to the proposal to expand the Waste Resource facility in Hearne Street.
I have lived in Barry ave for 45 Years. It has been a constant battle to keep our residential area liveable with the light industrial area so close by. There is noise pollution and also air pollution in the area and it is never monitored.
We as residents have saved hard to put a roof over our heads and do not want trucks and heavy vehicles going up and down the street at all times disrupting family life.
There are many more industrial areas not surrounded by home suitable for this type of business.
David Croot
Mortdale , New South Wales
I am AGAINST this development. It will create far too much traffic and noise 24 hours per day. This is unacceptable in a residential area.
Hearne St is zoned for light industrial and this development will far exceed light industry.
We do NOT want trucks driving along our street day and night. There are children living and visiting many homes in Barry Ave and it would be very dangerous for all residents to have this huge increase in the number of trucks in our area.
Ewan Long
Mortdale , New South Wales
Trucks around Mortdale area are seem to be overspeeding during night time, but no one would have done anything to them, it is so annoying at night together with the safety reasons. If you allow more trucks during night time, says officially, it is absolutely not good for all residential around.
Name Withheld
MORTDALE , New South Wales
To whom it may concern.
I object to the proposal to expand the waste resource facility at 20 Hearne St to operate 24 hrs a day and increase the production to 10 times its existing capacity.
I live in Anderson Rd a residential street just 2 streets away from the present recycling center and the trucks that use our street to access the site are large, noisy and dangerous. The proposal to expand will only bring more and larger trucks through our residential street.
We have a child care facility in our street and we do not need larger trucks moving through our street creating unsafe and noisy activity for the children.
If the facility was to operate 24hrs a day the noise would be horrific. We already hear the noise during the day, all be it muffled by the surrounding noise of the day but during the evening hours this would be a huge blot on our serenity and well being.
Larger trucks moving through our narrow residential streets are not needed and very unsafe for our families and neighborhood.
Margot Butler
Mortdale , New South Wales
Further to my previous objections. I would also like to state that in Barry Avenue near the intersection of Hearne and Barry Ave there is A fun house where many small children and families go to party , as well , nearby there is a dancing school also with many children coming and going across the road.

These trucks are noisy and polluting to the area.
Name Withheld
Mortdale , New South Wales
I am against the proposed Resource Recovery Facility as it will have a huge impact on the traffic (ie large trucks) in our street. The fact that they will be operating 24 hours per day means that we will be sleep deprived and I can't imagine the noise pollution that it will cause. We are in the residential area and this is not the right area for such a facility.
Janice Ford
Mortdale , New South Wales
I object to the change of restrictions to the facility operating 24 hours per day. The location of the facility is in a light industrial area which restricts operations between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday. All industries in the area comply with these restrictions. One industry should not be able to work outside these restrictions. There are residential areas directly off Hearne Street which will be severely affected by any change. Noise will be a significant factor if the facility operates 24 hours a day as there will be a constant flow of large trucks using the narrow secondary roads to access the facility. Also of major concern is the fact that there are numerous facilities for children operating in close proximity to Hearne Street such as the Fun House, a child psychologist and dance schools and the safety of the many children arriving and leaving is of great concern as they attend these places not only during the day but also at night.
Name Withheld
Mortdale , New South Wales
I object to the proposal for a 24 hour waste resource facility as I believe that the large amount of truck movements this would create would cause un-neccessary noise, dust and congestion on the roads in the surrounding area which are already very congested. I live in Barry Avenue and we already have a number of trucking companies in this street and we already have employees of the proposer parking in our street which is taking up the limited parking that employees and residents in Barry Avenue should be able to use. There is a play centre and two dance schools in our street and the proposers are already using our street. I strongly object to a 24 hour business when this is zoned light industry and there has always been restriction of hours from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 2pm on Saturdays. we share this street as residents with the factories and there needs to be a certain amount of relief for the residents which a 24 facility would not give them. We object to the high movement of heavy vehicles that would be needed to move the volume of waste proposed. A proposal like this should be in an area which is industrial only.
Mortdale , New South Wales
I object to the plan of significantly expanding the capacity of the existing waste resource facility at 20 Hearne Street, Mortdale, NSW, as it will cause material issues to local residents' health, safety and life style, due to increased level of air pollution, noise, and traffic.
Yvonne Howes
Mortdale , New South Wales
Yvonne Howes
17 Anderson Road
Mortdale NSW 2223
Re: Mortdale Resource Recovery Facility SSO7421
With respect to the above proposal I would like to object to the increasing of the operating capacity and hours of operation of this site.
My objections lie in the amount of traffic that this proposal will bring to the area which by council's definition is light industrial. This intensification would move this site from light industrial to heavy industrial and I am also concerned that this, if approved, could lead to a precedence by other sites wishing to upgrade their businesses to heavy industry without the need to move out of the area.
Traffic needs to be monitored not just in a peak time but within school times ie 7.30am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4.30pm as there a number of schools and preschools within the traffic area. GTA consultants have not monitored these times adequately to see how much extra traffic is generation in these areas around schools and pre schools with parents dropping off and picking up children.
Penshurst West School has a Before and After School Centre attached to it, making children at risk from heavy trucks. As an ex teacher I fully understand the spontaneity of children as they greet their parents after school, especially if parents are across the road.
Scott Street also has Chantel Learning Child Care Centre at 35 Scott Street. It is open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6.00pm.
As well in Barry Avenue there is a Funhouse Adventure Play and Party Centre less than 100 metres from the site. This is open week Monday to Saturday 9.30am- 5. 00pm .
Anderson Road also has a pre school operating from 7.30am to 6.00pm. Quite often parents park out the front of the pre school and there is a blind spot for traffic coming up the hill at 50kph as parents drive out the driveway in a forward direction
At this point in time there is a restriction of vehicle movements which means that traffic must use Boundary/Hearne Street to access this site prior to 7.00am and between 7.00 am to 6.00pm they may use Barry Avenue. Under the new proposal traffic will be able to access Barry Avenue 6.00 am to 10.00pm at night.
With 51 East bound vehicles heading towards Oatley and 74 West bound vehicles heading up Boundary Road to Forest Road am and 98 East bound and 42 West bound pm this a big concern to the Anderson Road residents. Trucks will take the easy option and cut through the residential areas. Trucks heading East can only go to Roberts Avenue as they cannot use the bridge over the Railway at Boundary Road/Hillcrest Avenue due to the tonnage limits..
This situation happened with the Council's contractor Cleanway and a number of complaints were made. Trucks also left the Depot before the allotted time. Can we be assured that trucks will not use Anderson Road as a short cut to Roberts Avenue? Can we be assured that the trucks will only use Hearne Street before 7.00am? What is to stop them from coming into Barry Avenue, then into Anderson Road and right into Oates Road, left into Blackshaw Avenue and a right into Kendell Street and out into Roberts Avenue disturbing the residents and creating a hazard in turning into narrow residential streets with cars parked on both sides of the street.
I have already seen a number of skips using Anderson Road within the last 3 months, something that we have not had before.
Now to the proposed tonnage of the trucks. There is now a 5 tonne /load limit. It is now proposed to have 45% of trucks with a 5-12.5 tonne limit; 40% with a 12.5 - 15 tonne limit and 15% of trucks with 15 tonnes or over. This greatly increased the size of the trucks using these roads.
With regard to Noise Pollution, when this proposal states the operations will be 6.00am to 10.00pm and that residents will be 200 metres away the noise at night is greatly magnified. As the crow flies my home is probably less than 200 metres from the processing site. Noise does not travel in straight lines.
Another of my concerns is for the amount of dust pollution that will be generated by truck movements, along with exhaust fumes and skips entering the residential areas without appropriate covers over their loads.
Will the site be constantly monitored for dust pollution and noise pollution? By that I mean random checkings without prior warning to the site owners.
In conclusion it is my belief that this upgrade is totally unsuitable for this light industrial area. Barry Avenue, Scott Street, Anderson Road and Boundary Road are being renewed with homes being pulled down and duplexes and villas being erected. This urban consolidation increases the population, the number of cars and impacts greatly on the people in the area in terms of their sleep and stress due to traffic flow.
Garry Wight
Mortdale , New South Wales
My family and I all believe that it is an incredible thoughtless process to even consider the expansion of the existing Waste Disposal plant already there. It already creates far to many trucking movements now, so to increase this by 10 times the movements is a great disrespect to the rights of residence that pay their rates and taxes and expect to be able to drive around their personal suburb without the congestion and danger this will introduce.
The industrial precinct that is in this Peakhust/Mortdale area has always been light manufacturing or repair businesses, my family and I have live in this municipal from three generations and it is madness to develope this type of industry to such a size.


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