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State Significant Development


New Education Campus at Jindabyne (New Primary and High School)

Snowy Monaro Regional

Current Status: Determination

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A proposed new education campus comprising a new primary school and a new high school.

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Consolidated Conditions Holder SSD-15788005-Mod-1


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Jindabyne , New South Wales
First I would like to comment that "you" have made it very difficult to make a submission, obtaining an account took too long & should not be necessary. The data should have titles , not acronyms. This data needs to be put in an accessible fashion for all, ie most only have small lap-tops, thus slow downloads for this material & very small print. Also, the detailed reports seem to have conflicting base data
Parking: - I have observed more than 70 cars every day at the current school, thus the plan for 60 is already behind. I also observe , often, more than 4 "visitor's"cars.
Capacity: 920 students? Isn't that what the current number is? Plus the winter enrolments? One report claims that , in 2023, the school will be at capacity , unchanged until 2041? ( Another report says "it will allow an increase of 113 students"?) & yet there are already 120 lots being developed next door, plus probably 100 plus in East Jindabyne, near 100 just to the south and SAP has declared the 100 acres at The Station as a major development area, the Owners already have the plans ready. Also add in the developments in Berridale. Adding the TAFE in here, 25 students and 3 staff?, with only 12 spaces? They will ALL drive, surely? Maybe leave the TAFE where they are now? Better still, properly fund the Cooma TAFE & return it to a great institution, & a bus service to and from.
Access: - Shared trails are declared for walkers & cyclists. JSRC will benefit , also, from this as they have many cycling groups there. I would suggest that the developer of this school be the builder of all the suggested trails as the Snowy River Shire Council & now the Snowy Monaro Regional Council have made it clear that they will not build anything more than dirt singletrack that is unusable for the majority of the community. These pathways will be of great benefit to all. Access through JSRC may be problematic, as it is declared "inclosed-land", & they have stopped the general public from passing through their area. Historically, this was used by many as a better way to get to work at Leesville etc. avoiding the Cemetery Hill and the 100kmh corners!
There is much about the Jindabyne Landing Strip (sometimes mentioned as an "airport"). With the expansion of the town into the near future, it would be wise to have flight paths designated. Whilst landing aircraft aren't so noisy, the take-offs can be. Also declare "no-fly" zones for learner (all?) pilots that can, sometimes, fly in the same area for long times & Jindabyne is like an amphitheatre for noise. The helicopters are sometimes noisy but they usually get up and go north quickly.
Whilst commenting I must take issue on the , possible, use of median data. To say that the weekly income is $2062, when the greatest number are employed in hospitality, is of concern. I would suggest that the average is closer to the NSW average. This is just one example of data that misrepresents our community, but should not stop this school going ahead.
I would suggest that the Education Department stakes a claim on the Crown Land adjoining this site for future expansion before the NSW Government, with it's recent announcement of finding unused Crown Land suitable for (un) affordable housing, flogs it off to a developer for small lots with dual-occupancy (or worse) housing.
Please get started on this project to ensure it is ready in 2023, watching the 'private' school given $millions & get spending it immediately is very disappointing as we wait and wait!
Steven Broussos
GREENACRE , New South Wales
Please keep schools away from major roads in order to mitigate the effect of school zones on traffic


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