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Lodge Post Approval Documents

Discover how to lodge post approval online.

You can now lodge all post approval documents with the department online including management plans, strategies, investigations, annual reviews, audits, notifications and more. When lodging documents online,  you can also consult with a range of public authorities before submitting the final document to the Department.

Getting Started

To get started you must have an account. If you have not created an account, click 'Sign in' in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then click 'Create account'. For detailed instructions on how to create an account, click here.

Already have an account? Simply sign in and select 'Lodge Documents'. For detailed instructions on how to lodge documents, including how to consult with public authorities online, click here.

Document Requirements


Only one type of document can be uploaded at a time. When submitting a document you will be asked to enter details about the document including the name, type, whether it is a new or revised document, the applicable condition of consent/approval and whether consultation is required. 

If you are submitting a revised document, you must include a tracked change version of the document as well as an unmarked version. 

Documents must comply with the department's general requirements for post approval documents.

Read more about post approval matters and the department's timeframes here


Some conditions of consent require you to consult with public authorities or other stakeholders in preparing post approval and compliance documents. You can use the Major Projects Website to complete this consultation with key government agencies.  To get started, initiate the lodgement of a document and select the option to consult using the portal. 

Once consultation is complete, you will be asked to upload the final version of your document. This document must include a section on how the matters raised during consultation have been addressed. If the conditions of consent require you to consult with public authorities or other stakeholders in preparing the document, this must be complete before you submit the final version of the document to the Department.

Management Plans

All management plans must include a conditions compliance table. This table must identify the relevant conditions of consent and indicate where these conditions have been addressed in the document. 

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