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Major Projects Help

How to Guides

Access quick reference guides for information on how to navigate the website and your account.

General Guides

Creating an Account

This guide provides instructions on how to create an account and reset your password.

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Making a Submission

This guide provides instructions on how to make a submission on a project that is on exhibition.

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Subscribing to Email Notifications

View step by-step instructions on how to subscribe for notifications.

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Unsubscribing from Email Notifications

Learn how to unsubscribe to stop receiving notifications.

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Searching for Projects

Learn ways to search for projects including how to filter search results.

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Guides for Applicants and Consultants

Introduction to the Dashboard

This guide provides an overview on how to interact with your account including the main dashboard.

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Managing Associates

This guide provides instructions on how to add people to your account so that they can access your work and lodge applications on your behalf.

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Lodging an SSD/SSI Application

Learn how to initiate an SSD or SSI application by requesting a scoping meeting.

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Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioners (REAPs) are required to make a declaration that an environmental impact statement submitted with a state significant project meets certain standards in relation to compliance, completeness, accuracy and legibility.

Learn how to lodge an EIS and submit a REAP declaration in our tutorial video

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Engaging with agencies and councils before lodgement

The major project portal has been upgraded to facilitate pre-lodgement engagements between proponents and public authorities for all state significant projects

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Lodging an EIS with a REAP declaration

This step-by-step user guide shows you how to complete an online Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner (REAP) declaration and lodge an environmental impact statement on the planning portal.

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Lodging a Modification

This guide provides instructions on how to lodge a modification application.

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Lodging Post Approval Documents

This guide provides instructions on how to lodge post approval documents.

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Requesting an Extension to a Due Date

View step-by-step instructions on how to request an extension to a due date provided by the Department.

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 Extending a Forecast Date

View instructions on how to extend a forecast date.

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Withdrawing an Application

Learn how to withdraw an application.

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Guide for Agencies and Councils  

Agency and Council Guide

This guide provides guidance for agency and council users including instructions on how to register, navigate the Dashboard, add users, respond to requests for advice and more.

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Last updated: 17/10/2023