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Release Notes

December Release: Short-Term Rental Accommodation, Online Planning Proposal Service and more.

16 December 2021

Data Warehouse
Project Remediate
Planning Proposals

The ePlanning Program regularly deploys system updates and enhancements to our services on the NSW Planning Portal.

The following is an overview of the enhancements and technical releases for the ePlanning Digital Services for the month of December.

Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA)

There have been several key enhancements to STRA this month, including:

  • A de-registration process has been introduced to consider validating bookings from external providers before the user can de-register a property and ensure that the host and registrant information is not removed.
  • A fix has been introduced to ensure that the system doesn’t allow duplicates to be created when updating a dwelling address.
  • The ability to allow a space in the surname during the application process has been introduced.
  • Notification emails have been revised as per policy requirements to ensure new registrants are notified of new requirements when they register an existing property, see renewal reminders etc.
  • For host business address, street address, suburb and post code have been added.
  • Free text fields have been added for Registrant addresses located outside of NSW.
  • In the Portal, overbooked email notifications have been limited to be sent for STRA bookings only.
  • In the API, Manage Booking and Bulk Booking API’s have had the validation related to overbooked requests removed.
  • In the DCS Portal, the DCS property exclusion text has been updated, and DCS notifications set up.

Online Planning Proposals Service

Several items have been improved as part of the warranty release, including:

  • Duplicate and incorrect notifications have now been resolved.
  • Updates have been made to the data events for Rezoning Review, Gateway Review and Gateway Alteration case types.
  • Resolution of an issue whereby the system was triggering duplicate service-level agreement notifications to Council and applicant regarding intent to request Gateway Review.
  • The system is now able to resume the Planning Proposal flow once the Rezoning review case is resolved.
  • Rezoning reviews for large LGA areas are now being re-directed to the website.
  • The system is now displaying the list of agencies in the ‘which agencies does council propose to consult with?’ option.

In addition, several enhancements have been made as part of the overall User Experience review of the Digital Service, including:

  • S3.22 and Gateway Review extract reports have been rescheduled from weekly to daily.
  • The field label changes provided by the product owner have been amended on Rezoning Review and Gateway Review case types.
  • A report has been created to retrieve a list of data event triggers and sent to the Data Warehouse team for the last 24 hours.
  • The Online Planning Proposals GIS URL replicates the S3.22 case type when the Proposed Digital Mapping button is clicked.

Project Remediate

As part of the December release, a Pega-based reporting feature has been implemented for the Office of Project Remediate (OPR). This report will be automatically generated, nightly Monday to Friday at 11pm.

Data Warehouse

This month’s release enables the Data Warehouse to collect and store information for the Online Concurrence and Referral Service, including:

  • Subdivision Certificate and Subdivision Work Certificate case data can be refreshed daily.
  • Creation of Data Warehouse view for Subdivision Certificate and Subdivision Work Certificate case data.
  • Development Application (DA) online enhancements, including planning controls and date changes from GMT to local date and time.

These fixes will be applied to existing API services including Online Development Applications (DAs), State DA, Certificate of Registration (CR), Concurrence and Referral (CNR), Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Post-Consent Certificate (PCC), Online 10.7 and Section68.

Detailed release notes for these services are available in the Knowledge Management section of the Portal.

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