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Release Notes

July Release: Pre-DA Assist Tool, RSDA, BAU, Integration API and UX Transformation – Change to RSDA, Pre-DA Assist Tool and other services.

27 July 2022

Complying Developments
Concurrence and Referrals
Development Applications
Development Assessment
Planning Proposals

DA Online

  • Applicants and certifiers can now upload LEC documents to determined PAN cases

Regionally Significant Development Applications (RSDA)

Initiative 2 has been deployed as part of the July release for RSDA.

The overarching objective of this release is the Faster Assessments Program to reduce assessment timeframes across the NSW planning system over the next three years by 25% for regionally significant developments and 17% for state significant projects.

In addition to the important structural and process changes that are required, a key enabler is the implementation of technology improvements to improve tracking and data availability to the NSW Planning Portal (Portal). This is the primary driver behind the initiation of this project, which will deliver significant enhancements to the existing Planning Panel Secretariat digital service.

DA Council

  • A notification email has been introduced to the council when an applicant withdraws an application.

Complying Development Certificate

  • Improvements have been made to the functionality of declining an application where the assessment is invalid or incorrect.

Pre-DA Assist Tool

The Pre-DA Assist Tool pilot program has been set up in an external platform called Archistar. It provides applicants, certifiers and designers with an opportunity to check if their development designs are compliant with the housing code before lodging their application through the NSW Planning Portal (Portal).*

During the CDC application process, a new section will be displayed for all eligible development types, where the applicant will be able to fetch a report to attach to this case, if available.

The new report will be visible to certifiers when they assess the application.

The program will be piloted for up to 12 months and is applicable to all dwelling house applications within Georges River and Parramatta council areas.

Key features of this month’s release include:

  • A new section for the Pre-DA Assist Tool feature which will become visible within the CDC workflow, based on configured development types and councils.
    • The feature will not be made mandatory, and can be skipped regardless of a pass or fail report status.
  • API integration between CDC and Archistar to fetch valid plans and reports, if applicable.
  • Ability to automatically attach plans and reports into the documents tab, avoiding manual upload and double-handling by an applicant.
  • Ability for certifiers to view the plan and report during the assessment process. If available, the Pre-DA Assist Tool report will be visible under the Pre-DA Assist Tool document category.

*The scope of works is limited to dwelling houses as per Part 3 Division 3 of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.

Post Consent-Certificate

Key features of this month’s release include:

  • Applicants can now search for and enter their company details.
  • Regulation changes have resulted in updating references to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.
  • Additional requirements have been introduced for Intention to Commence Work screen and email notifications.


Key features of this month’s release include:

  • Minor enhancements to existing API services, including Online DA, CDC, PCC and State DA, as well as changes to all services in line with new Housing SEPP project changes.
  • There are no new API services introduced and no outages as part of this change.

Concurrence and Referrals

  • In accordance with the EP&A Regulation 2021, the clock functionality on Clause 94(6) and (7) circumstances in which the assessment period ceases to run has been aligned.

Multiple Services

The following enhancements have occurred across multiple services:

  • New functionalities have been introduced to allow applicants the ability to cancel an ‘in progress’ application up until the time in which the case has been submitted.
  • In Housing SEPP, updates have been made to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Transport and Infrastructure) 2021 based on the SCC regulation change.
  • In Planning Panels, declaration updates on the regulation reference have been made based on the State Environmental Planning Policy (Planning Systems) 2021.
  • Instructional text has been provided at the top of the “provide additional information” local action to remind the applicant to use the respond button if an open request needs to be closed.

Detailed release notes are available in the Knowledge Management section of the Portal.


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