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Release Notes

March – April Release: STRA, Conditions of Consent, Roads Act and more.

29 April 2022

Conditions of Consent
Major Projects

March Release Summary


The Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) market has spawned over the last decade, gaining global popularity with homeowners and investors alike, yielding higher returns than traditional long-term leases. This popularity has created business opportunities for companies like Airbnb, Stayz, Tripadvisor and Expedia.

The following key features were deployed as part of the STRA warranty release:

  • Implementation of a functionality to transfer or delegate STRA property management from one current registrant to another
  • An update to host information on old listings where the host information was missing
  • A council reports display field called “used booked days” whereby councils can enter the exact booking days of their accommodation listing
  • The UAT feedback has been fixed so that a host or registrant can update the host ownership status to either owner or tenant only.

Conditions of Consent

The following features have been delivered in the DA Online service:

  • The ability to capture different periods for right of appeal, so that Notice of Determination can be generated with accurate information
  • Notice of Determination for Modification applications can now be generated for approved Development Applications outside of the Portal.

Work is currently in progress to train councils prior to the mandate date of 1 August 2022. Once this is complete, DPE can enable councils to use Conditions of Consent, in accordance with the roll-out plan.

Roads Act

The March release fixed an existing warning message that applicants could see on the home page, to ensure that they are better informed on the Roads Act services available to them.

Integration API

Enhancements have been made to existing services, including minor bug fixes to OnlineDA, StateDA, CR, CNR, CDC, PCC, BIC, S68 and S10.7.

Non-breaking changes have been made to align with Conditions of Consent, CDC and PCRAAC enhancements.

Major Projects

Several enhancements have been made to Major Projects, including:

  • Improvements have been made to forecasting, stage deadlines, KPIs, total days remaining and target days calculation rules
  • Adjustment of SSD/SSI applications fee calculation brackets and unit fees.

April 2022 Release Summary

Remediation Works

The Remediation Works workflow was built by the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 and Design and Building Practitioners Regulation 2021.

This workflow covers various business scenarios, including:

  • development of work orders issued by councils, owners corporation renovation
  • remedial or protective treatment work for all Class 2 developments, and
  • Crown Development, a state agency carrying out remedial work on Class 2 buildings for public housing and over station development, which must comply with the DBP Act and requires a Crown Certificate.

The April enhancement has introduced “Remediation Works” document folder category, as well as including the REM case-type in monthly Developer and Building Practitioner and Occupation Certificate Audit reports.

Detailed release notes for all these services are available in the Knowledge Management section of the Portal.

Other news

28 February 2023

Council-related Development Application Conflict of Interest Guidelines

The following requirements have been introduced into the EP&A Regulation 2021.

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Upcoming Releases
28 February 2023

Upcoming launch of enhanced BASIX tool

Enhanced BASIX tool

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