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State Development Applications

Development applications (DA) that will be determined by the Minister or the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) are also exhibited on the NSW Planning Portal.
Submissions made on these DAs will be sent to the department for consideration in their assessment of the DA and may be published on the NSW Planning Portal. For more information on making a submission for these DAs, view the department’s Submissions Policy
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Under Consideration
PAN Number:    PAN-330119
DA Number:    DA 23/5550
Development Application

Digital Advertising Signage – Princes Highway, Heathcote (DA 23/5550)

Sutherland Shire
MP 10_0118 MOD 5
Under Consideration

MP 10_0118 MOD 5 - Edmundson Park Concept Plan

Edmondson Park, New South Wales, Australia
Under Consideration
PAN Number:    PAN-260149
DA Number:    DA 22/12013
Development Application

DA 22/12013 Guthries Chairlift, Charlotte Pass - replacement of Guthries high speed poma

Snowy Monaro Regional
Under Consideration
PAN Number:    PAN-173680
DA Number:    DA 21/18285
Development Application

Kosciuszko Alpine Club, Charlotte Pass

Snowy Monaro Regional
Under Consideration
PAN Number:    PAN-343240
DA Number:    DA9876 Mod 2
Modification Application

Penrith Lakes Employment Lands Subdivision Mod 2 - Amendment to Construction Hours DA9876-Mod-2

DA 9876

DA 9876 Penrith Lakes Scheme Employment Lands Subdivision and Works

14-98 Old Castlereagh Road, Castlereagh, Australia
Under Consideration
PAN Number:    PAN-359117
DA Number:    DA 23/11132
Development Application

DA 23/11132 Kosciuszko Flow Trail, Thredbo - trail diversion

Snowy Monaro Regional
PAN Number:    PAN-310914
DA Number:    DA 23/2896
Development Application

Digital Advertising Sign - M2 Motorway, Murray Farm Road Overpass, Cheltenham - DA 23/2896

Department Of Planning Industry And Environment
MP07_0166 MOD 6
Under Consideration

Mod to Wahroonga CA (MP 07_0166 MOD 6) - Deed of Agreement with RMS

Wahroonga Estate, Wahroonga, Sydney, New South Wales, 2076, Australia