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Central-West Orana REZ Transmission

Warrumbungle Shire

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Development of new twin double circuit 500 kV transmission lines between Wollar and the proposed substations at Merotherie and Elong Elong, and connections from these lines to renewable energy generation and storage projects in the CWO REZ

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Upper Hunter Shire Council
Scone , New South Wales
John Mcbratney
Lancefield , Victoria
I object on strong technical grounds to the Central-West Orana REZ Transmission Development SSI-48323210 proposal in that it is not and never can provide a reliable supply of renewable energy.
The capacity of Solar & Wind is nowhere near enough and never will be on current technical progress reports.
Secondly an unreliable grid based on solar and wind can never guarantee recharge when needed.
Finally the cost of addition grid generation to accommodate storage recharge AND normal grid load is outrageous . In a word no storage is viable as grid unreliability support, it is useful sometimes as peak lopping only.
The other untenable unknown is what to do when the Solar, Wind & Battery Infrastructure has to be replaced? No one has addressed the environmental problems!

Real overall Transition/Transmission costs must include the following:
• The cost of mining all raw materials;
• Insurance (there will be a cost) that all mining and processing is done WITHOUT the use of slave and child labour;
• The cost of shipping of raw materials to the point of manufacture;
• The cost of manufacture;
• The cost of shipping the finished articles to the installation site;
• The cost of site and access preparation;
• The cost of recovery of site damage durijng construction;
• The cost of installation and commissioning;
• The cost of maintenance. Thee are some HUGE costs currently incurred on repair of off-shore power cables connecting off-shore wind farms to shore facilities;
• The cost of end-of-life disposal of solar and wind system components. These have a much shorter operational life than fossil fuel station;
• The cost of post disposal land recovery treatment (these items are toxic);
• The total cost of additional transmission lines to connect solar and wind systems to the grid (note these are not needed if current generators sites remain active.
If all these actual costs were added to the presently published cost of solar and wind systems they would then be operating on the same basis as other systems, instead of a ficticious cost structure designed to convince the public that these systems are cheap. This in real terms is arrant nonsense and should be exposed.

John McBratney
B.Tech (Electronic Engineering)
Retired Telecommunications Engineer, formerly MIE Aust. MIEEE.
Name Withheld
KOORINGAL , New South Wales
I Object to the Central-West Orana REZ Transmission Development SSI-48323210 of new twin double circuit 500 kV transmission lines between Wollar and the proposed substations at Merotherie and Elong Elong, and connections from these lines to renewable energy generation and storage projects in the CWO REZ as this plan is a totally destructive, Controlled Action - extensively & detrimentally impacting Warrumbungle Shire, Mid-Western Regional, Dubbo Regional & Upper Hunter Shire with Life Threatening Public Health & Safety Risks, Catastrophic Fire Risking Experiments - which the Government & EnergyCo continue to intentionally ignore - that will inevitably result in Industrial Manslaughter Litigation.
Pathetic Power from Environmentally Contaminating Wind Turbine Monstrosities, Industrialised Solar, Filthy Lithium BESS & invasive Transmission Lines EVERYWHERE - is the last thing Australia needs- as superior, new USC Coal, Gas & a clean, safe Nuclear Power Future is essential FOR THE GREATER GOOD - for Public Health & Safety, Food Security, Water Security, Economic Prosperity & National Security.
Name Withheld
Wellington , New South Wales
To whom it may concern

I would like to strongly object to the Central-West Orana REZ Transmission Project (SSI-48323210) for the following reasons.

:Cumulative Impacts
This transmission project is just one part of the mass destruction of the environment and farmland within an area of approximately 20,000 square kilometres.
This also flows onto the extreme pressure of our bio diversity , bio security, vegetation, salinity. It creates hazards below the ground, above the ground and in the air with multiple transmission towers and high voltage cables Solar panels and wind turbines that are bigger than most of our cities sky scrapers and in the numbers that would be more than all of our nations cities sky scrapers combined. Other pressures on above ground water including underground water, rivers, creeks, domestic water and other waterways. Land use , visual amenity, human health, farmers including wives & children, school buses, doctors, hospitals, ambulance, rural fire service, volunteers, road networks, sewage waste, construction waste, decommissioning waste. Also housing and community facilities and the list go.

EnergyCo Statement:
“EnergyCo is delivering the Central West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) to provide a clean affordable and reliable power supply for energy consumers across NSW.”

How false is this statement?
On Monday 6th November 2023 at 18:20 hours from the AEMO National Energy website the renewable energy production from wind and solar was less than 5% or less on average from all the renewable energy in the nation energy market which includes Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

This just highlights that we need Base Load Power upgrades at existing coal fired power stations were the existing transmissions lines are for the bulk of our consumers (Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong). This could be in the form of new modern efficient coal fired, gas or nuclear power stations

Solar panels should not be put on open land when the consumers need electricity in their homes, factories and other new and existing structures that already contain a transmission network that may need upgrading at a much more efficient cost and fair less damage to the environment.

NSW planning need to investigate installing wind and solar on disused coal mines because most of them are near the bulk of the consumers and they also contain an existing electric transmission network. This would make big reductions in size of transmission lines and much more economical to be put under the ground.

The main reason I strongly object to the REZ zones is their massive footprint on the land mass of NSW that equates to in excess of 50,000 square kilometres to replace 5 coal fired power stations that have a total footprint of less 20 square kilometres.

Another big objection is the issue I have with EnergyCo proposed transmission network in the CWO-REZ is that there are large parts of this network heading to the west away from the majority of the consumers that need the electricity.
John McGrath
Yass , New South Wales
I object to the Central West/Orana REZ 500KV twin circuit transmission line due to the compound irreversible environmental damage caused by constructing this transmission line.
Compounded by being connected to equally environmentally damaging grid destabilising installations such as commercial wind and solar generators.
Teagan Large
GULGONG , New South Wales
We object to the proposed transmission project that will impede on our current agricultural business.
If the transmission line continues through our property, in the Barney’s Reef Area, not only will it have detrimental environmental factors, but it will also have massive implications on what agricultural practices are able to be carried out, therefore limiting us and our resources for sustainable farming.
The transmission line is proposed to remove a huge number of trees, from both the Reef road, our paddocks, and our creek system.
These are currently used by stock for shade, and protection from the varying elements, the Australian weather throws our way. Not to mention the erosion caused from removing these trees, which leads me to my next question- how are these trees being removed? Dug out? By what, large machines, creating damage to the creek beds, the creek banks, the surrounding pasture in our paddocks. Only recently we had a heritage/cultural team, digging in our creek, we were assured they would only be testing in the creek, and all test holes would be filled back in and we wouldn’t even know they were there. Well that wasn’t the case, they ventured further afield into the middle of our paddocks, destroying sections of our pasture, and left large holes, enough for our cattle to do some damage. Not to mention, the road they created through the middle of our paddocks, instead of sticking to the existing roads already In place. If there wasn’t a trust issue in the beginning I can assure you, there is one now. Are we just supposed to take you at your word?
Having these large towers and lines, will significantly impact the resources and response time if there were to be a fire.
We would be unable to fight it from the air, and ground resources would also be hindered. This area is a large timbered area, and would not be able to be controlled or accessed from the ground if a fire were to start.
As I mentioned above, this is an agricultural practice, so with heigh restrictions in place, how do you propose we harvest our crops?
Or we just don’t? Then how do you propose we fill our silos, for that impending drought? Or are stock just suppose to starve- but it’s ok right- NSW got their Green Electricity! That’s all that matters isn’t it?
Whilst the line is being constructed, where are we supposed to put our stock? Destock? So we sell them, for some of the worst prices going, then what- who’s to say the prices aren’t going to skyrocket again, how are we going to be able to afford to buy back in, when the times right, when we’ve just sold stock for next to nothing? Is Energy Co going to cover the difference?
Fences will be cut, again limiting our access to our land, and what we are able to do with said land.
The transmission line isnt exactly a picturesque sightseeing destination, so as for selling and moving on- well that’s out of the question- land prices will be greatly affected. Who’s going to want to buy land with that monstrosity going through the middle of it? I know I definitely wouldn’t.
I don’t feel much thought has been given to this project, and there has been a definite lack of communication and consultation between Energy Co and the farmers.
Energy Co is a bully. And gives little thought or consideration to the little people- us meer farmers.
Name Withheld
Uarbry , New South Wales
I strongly object to everything about these plans to turn my home into one vast wasteland. I object to having the vegetation and wildlife destroyed, as it will be. I object to plans to take 700,000,000 litres of water per year, for at least the next 3.5 years from us as we move back into drought. I object to having inconceivably high traffic flows wherever we go, even through our towns, making them unsafe. I object, strenuously, to the outright lies we've been force-fed from the beginning.
We were lied to by the very claim that you were bringing us clean, renewable energy. I believe you knew all along that you were peddling lies, but I guess you didn't consider anyone outside of the cities worth worrying about. Then there was the lie that the construction of turbines, solar panels and etc would be of economic benefit to the local communities. In what way will a gigantic FIFO workforce, with their own stores, pubs and even, I believe, police benefit the local communities? Obviously not with employment, even for the short term. Not by purchasing supplies locally either.
We will be left defenceless against bushfires, which are as likely as not to be caused by these monstrosities that are being imposed on us against our will.
Everything we love about this country will be taken from us. We will no longer feel safe, be able to move freely, have the communities that have made us who we are. Our beautiful scenery and wildlife will be replaced with ugly, giant, concrete towers, miles of black panels, thousands of kilometres of high voltage power lines, weeds and feral animals. We do not want any part of it.
Allana Bowman
LEADVILLE , New South Wales
I have just spent the last 2 hrs typing all the reasons why I STRONGLY object to the CWO REZ TRANSMISSION PROJECT and a glitch on your portal meant that I lost the entire submission when I clicked continue!!!! I am so annoyed, this is a 5th of the first objection I wrote!!!

I am disgusted at the governments lack of thought, care and planning that has gone into the location of this and several other REZ corridor sites through this state as they are steamrolling through and over a substantial amount of our countries prime agricultural land!!! Our property is in direct line of site running parallel to these proposed enormous REZ transmission lines and sits bang in the middle of the numerous RE solar and wind farms, we are also located on two of the main hwys in which city people currently 'escape to the country' on. If all that is proposed goes ahead this entire district will become an industrial metal eyesore, city people will have to travel 6hrs instead of 3hrs to 'get back to nature' and there will be a domino effect of farmers and people living within our community selling up and leaving one by one, as their country way of life is destroyed and their land value plumets! Farmers are already faced with the challenging task of producing quality meat, grain, wool & cotton to sustain the needs and demands of our ever-growing population, amongst continual droughts, floods, fires and plagues and economic downfalls, the government has an unrealistic expectation that farmers can and will continue to live and farm around and produce the same agricultural produce, with the proposed enormous CWO REZ TRANSMISSION lines running through their land!

I also strongly object to the CWO REZ TRANSMISSION PROJECT due to huge areas of trees and land that will be required to be cleared to install these so called 'green energy' supporting transmission lines and service roads, destroying all habitats in their paths and reducing the amount of trees needed to reduce the carbon footprint of this country, what a load of bullshit!!!
Why was pre used mining sites not considered??? All of the powerline, road, accommodation, water infrastructure required already exists? Why arent solar panels and wind turbines being erected on roofs of all buildings and houses in the city, surely this would amount to a 5th of the billions of dollars the government has allocated for the construction of all the REZ projects these transmission lines will service.
Clearly this government does not give a flying fuck about the Australian people's physical and mental health and financial wellbeing in this country, by attempting to steamroll over destroying acres and acres of Australia's prime agricultural land and throwing billions of dollars of struggling taxpayers money at poorly planned REZ short lived projects that are set to destroy numerous country communities and sort after landscapes, turning the central west into an INDUSTRIAL METAL EYESORE!!!
Along with the majority of this community I STRONGLY object to the proposed CWO REZ TRANSMISSION PROJECT!
Shelley Tunbridge
YARRABIN , New South Wales
I strongly object to the Central -West Orana REZ Transmission!!!!
These proposed "Renewable Energy" projects are destroying our lives. We as individuals and communities are spending years of our lives fighting big corporations when we should in fact have government policies in place to protect the people. Our government should represent the interests of the people of Australia, instead they are allowing big multi national corporations access to our land and our assets. These "Renewable Energy" projects are profit driven, only benefiting big Corporations; they will not benefit the people who live on the land they will destroy!!!!!!!
All these "Renewable Energy" projects are proposed for the same time frame, proper consideration has not been given to consider the logistics of how our area is going house the amount of people needed to build them. Where will the water come from for the projects and for the extra people moving into the area? Each housing camp will require approximately 2 times as much water as Gulgong currently uses. How will an extra 280 houses per year for 8-9 years (on top of the houses that are normally built) be built in the Mudgee area to create theses housing camps? What will happen to these housing camps in the long term? How will we deal with these big Corporations waste products once their life span is done - solar panels and wind turbines cannot be recycled. Our beautiful land will be bulldozed and destroyed, our animals and their habitat terrorized and murdered.
This Transmission infrastructure should definitely not go ahead as these proposed "Renewable Energy" projects are not viable and not the answer we have been searching for in terms of a viable energy solution for the future.
I strongly OBJECT to this project.
Suzanne Bibby
Cassilis , New South Wales
The project will be detrimental to the natural beauty of the area and the local area will not benefit in the long run
Name Withheld
STUBBO , New South Wales
I am a resident and land holder in the area and I object to Central-West Orana REZ Transmission Line and REZ as a whole.
I object to the project on the following grounds. Our area is a beautiful and prosperous region for agriculture and tourism. Industrialisation of our regions landscapes should not occur. Our environment, scenic rural amenity, agriculture and tourism should be protected from power generation and new transmission projects.
The projects such as this one that are set to be imposed onto our regions' land owners and farmers is causing untold angst. This impact on the mental health of already stressed farmers is not being properly acknowledged, monitored or managed. This issue needs to be assessed as a matter of priority. The required community consultation process has failed to cover this area and the impacts are enormous and should not be continued to be ignored or downplayed.
Some of the most affected land owners are not host land owners, but those who will suffer damage to their visual amenity from transmission and electricity generation projects without adequate on the ground consultation or any offer of just compensation.
Further to these major issues I object to the projects cumulative impact to agriculture in our region by both damage to farmland and disruption to farming activities. I object to the extra pressure it will place on our regions resources such as health services, emergency services, water and waste services. I object to the extra demand and price pressure it is already placing on limited housing and short-term accommodation in the area. These housing and short term accommodation options are currently already struggling to service families, tourism and workers from existing industries.
I object to the extra pressure, traffic and risk that will placed onto our regions roads, especially school bus routes.

I object to the cost of the new proposed transmission infrastructure and renewable energy projects to the environment, us tax payers and energy consumers. Australia is extremely rich in the resources of coal, gas and uranium. These resources are being exported to other countries overseas and used to produce huge output 24 / 7 reliable energy. This type of huge output affordable energy is driving industry, cheap and reliable household energy and leading to economic prosperity and high living standards. This kind of energy certainty is not broadly accepted for Australia's renewable future. Economic prosperity will be the key to properly manage and achieve good environmental and humanitarian outcomes in Australia's future.
I have great concern that there are not bonds to cover the future cost of decommissioning, removal, recycling and rehabilitation of renewable energy projects at the end of their viable life.
I object to the environmental impact of the transition to renewable energy in our region all the way from the mining of the mineral elements for components, the back and forth transport overseas, the manufacturing in countries not committed to emissions targets or Australian jobs, and the emissions and on ground environmental impact of construction and industrialisation of our beautiful scenic biodiverse environment.
I instead support the production of certain high output reliable 24 /7 energy where infrastructure already exists using Australia's abundant resources.
I hope that our beautiful region and local farmer's mental health can be protected by delivering energy production and transmission in its already existing locations.
Thank you
A Cairns
GUYRA , New South Wales
I Object to this:
delivery of the transmission network infrastructure and the REZ as a whole, we are working closely with the developers of renewable energy projects to plan their connections into the network. We are also working with generators and other key stakeholders to develop strategies to manage cumulative impacts within the REZ and deliver community benefit initiatives.”EnCo.
I Vehemently Object to All 500kv Transmission Lines, All, and know why, and you don’t, therefore you are needing to be under Investigation by The People you are Already exposing to 500kv Transmission Lines, yeah. I Need EnCo research documents on Trials undertaken to Prove 500 kv Transmission Lines are Safe, Safe and are not linked to radiation symptoms you must know about, hm ? I’m guessing you do. And what are you doing exposing More people, your Fellow people I Might Add, to 500kv Transmission Lines , instead of None, yeah, None.
Um. I’m going to Report you, EnCo, to the authorities, yeah.
New Guidelines Please be Now, and cease this Transmission Lines idea through the Sacred Lands you have not considered, have you, no, whoever did this report, called an EIS, which Lacks New Guidelines, I heard Tonight, 8th November, are Completed but won’t be used until when, hm ?
In my very Awake way I Research Human Impacts To L I F E , as in L I F E, as in All Life , that includes Eagles yeah, under Threat from Renewables , Yes.
In my very Awake Research on Human Impacts To, I am a Dowser and I am going to say, How Dare You , EnCo, cause Harm and Loss To animals with nervous systems, endocrine systems, and and and and and and and and and and Fields around us All, and Very well known about they Are.
I Research power lines on my partners place we do not live upon, but Cows do, yes Cows, animals forgotten about, aren’t they, eh. Cows cannot Move away from these power lines I’m guessing are either 132 kv or 330 kv. Don’t know. Yet they are Horrible to cows I Observe you see, so much so, I have bought Tools that Shield a few paddocks, and not all, I’m sad to say. Symptoms are these:
Diabetic animals.
The Manager. The current worker. The live on this Land and Work on this Land and the Land has a power line running on one boundary. They have no idea they have diabetes. They have no idea power lines can offer you diabetes. There’s Evidence on that. I’m quite concerned you don’t know about it, radiation symptoms including Diabetes, hm.
Orana area has Sacred Lands on it, and it is On it. They are Ley Lines of Significance. Ie Sound of Significance. I’m wondering why you somehow got the right to get Transmission Lines researched there. Which Mob did you ask to give you information, please. I need to know which particular Mob offered information on Sacred Sites in this area I Walk , 5 times in the last 3 years. Energetically, 4 times. Physically , once. I follow Ley Lines across Australia. I am So concerned about the Future in the NSW state , State, State, State.
Transmission Lines at this time , are altering Sacred Lines through Australia into South Africa, where I know a few healers who offer a beautiful Healing to Ley Lines coming from Australia.
Ban 500 kv Transmission Lines Immediately. All of them. Including those in Melbourne region, How Dare You, How Dare You, How Dare you. How Dare you. The one between Newcastle and Sydney has not been researched, has it ? Has it ? I know that, because if it Had been appropriately researched , it would Never have been allowed to be built. The Earth has Ley Lines we have NO right to alter, you see. What happens when you alter Ley Lines of Significance to NSW into SA into WA to India, yeah ?
What happens ?
Had a few haven’t we. Never even noticed by our government , living in offices and numbed of feeling, yes, I know that, I do.
If 500 kv Transmission Lines are built in NSW they must have Permission from Mob to go through the Land, Sacred, yes, Sacred, yes Sacred, yes yes yes.
The Orana area is Sacred. Leave it alone, EnCo. You must.
I Vehemently Object to 500 kv Transmission Lines here now in Australia, and going through Melbourne , which is a Disgrace, it is. And going from Sydney to Newcastle. Dear oh Dear. Dear oh Dear. These things can dry out the Land around them. So Ban them , and Be Kind to Country and All On Country and don’t add any more. They are Not Needed are they. No , theyre not.
The incidence of Misinformation Disinformation from government and EIS documents needs to be Investigated. By who, hm ? Who ? Not government. Not them. Not a company with a vested interest either, eh EnCo. Dear oh Dear, our Country is run by Sharemarket hm. Well ? Send me a comment. Ensure you have the research documents sent to me by end of week, 8th November, on Safeness of 500kv Transmission Lines In Australia now, specifically the research on the Line between Newcastle and Sydney, yeah. Why there. There’s more people there. Yeah. Should get a good report in this area 500 kv Transmission Lines have been Built in Built up areas, yeah. Are you aware the effect of 500kv Transmission Lines is as far away as 8 km. Hope so. Hope so.
I have to say, This Entire issue re Renewables and Transmission Lines needs to be under a Royal Commission Immediately. I Demand a Royal Commission into Renewables and 500 kv Transmission Lines in a Dry Continent, so Ensure any research you have is done in Australia, a Dry Continent, unlike any other on Planet Earth, hm. A Dry Continent Australia Is.
A Dry Continent burning, why ?
Many Issues connected with Australian Government, hm. I Demand a Royal Commission into which particular personnel who Enabled 500 kv Transmission lines near any animal with a Nervous System , Endocrine System, Kidney and and and and Fields, unable to be cleared under radiation from power lines, yes. What does that mean , hm ? Lack of intelligence in other words, yes. Lack of Intelligence . That’s a Symptom of Society Today, who would Dare place Transmission Lines near Homes, or places of work, or farms as homes where people live 24/7, on their Land, every day of the year, bar a few. What a Disgraceful government we have controlling us.
I Demand a Royal Commission into EnCo , established in 2020, year of Covid, was it ? Hmmm. Interesting. No-one could leave their Homes in Victoria, where 500 kv plus 330kv, plus 132kv plus 5G plus 4G plus Wifi plus Internet, plus meter boxes, plus SMART meters, plus Tablets, that children use , don’t they, hm ?
Who are you EnCo ?
What are you doing in my Nation ? Tell me. You have No idea if Renewables will go ahead, do you. They won’t. Won’t. Cease and Desist Fields of Harm To as 500 kv Transmission Lines , this Government Must Ban Now. Takes about 2.8 years to Manifest symptoms from EMR EMF ELF radiation and all in the Home Fields of Harm Internet yes. Takes about 2. 8 years to get the particular Symptoms of Radiation Impact To Form Field Phenomena, animal form, which Includes Pets of Course, of Course.
I Vehemently Object to 500 kv Transmission Lines in Australia, yes, a Dry Continent, you see.
In a Dry Continent, Ley Lines cannot be how they are , why ? Power Lines. Should be All underground, and DC of course.
DC should be How we transition the Human away from ACDC Fields of Harm. I Do need this Government , Australian, State, Local, Individual employer, employee, Minister , accountable for the Impacts of ACDC overhead power lines now Increased to 500 kv , and Enabled by this government, I Need Under Investigation Immediately I do I do, I do. I have Had to spend a lot of Money paying for Shields to Shield my Body Mind and Spirit from EMR EMF ELF radiation Impacts to Form Field Phenomena, I Am. I Have to Shield myself. I Have to. Have to. I have to be My Higher Intelligence 24/7 you see. I cannot allow 500kv Transmission Lines anywhere upon this Dry Continent, and understand why, and you don’t. I therefore Demand you are All under Investigation for Enabling current 500kv Transmission Lines, where you Have Monitored those with Nervous Systems within 8 km from a 500 kv Transmission Line , Have you ? Better have.
I find my government Disgraceful.
I find EnCo Disgraceful. And I do mean it, EnCo, and I do, yes I do. You think Renewables are the answer ? I don’t. Why do you ? Need a reply.
I Demand a Royal Commission into Renewables and 500 kv Transmission Lines, EnCo, and personnel who work for these companies, enabling 500 kv Transmission Lines near fellow Aussies. Near Fellow Aussies. How Dare You All.
The Children I am concerned for. Those younger than 48. I need the research on the younger ones who live within 8km of a 500 kv Transmission Line at this time. I need that Evidence suggesting they are Safe on my desk by End of week, 8th November 2023. I’ll be Very interested in the report, suggesting 500kv Transmission Lines are Safe? to those who work or live within 8 km of any .
I wonder Who you are, you lot , Are you robots ?.
That’s not very good is it ? Our government being Robots, ordered to do things that cause Harm and Loss To.
Harm and Loss To government, Australian, needs an Inquiry into it, I Demand.
I Need a Far Better Care Future than this one of Increasing Harm And Loss To .
I have A Way, all in mind you see. I Am a High Intelligence Being, working for the Light Within us All you see, but am able to because I invest in Shields for my Form Field Phenomena, I Respect and Honour, and Have to Shield From current EMR EMF ELF radiation Impacts to Nervous System Meridian Network, Electrical, DC, Nature Created, yes. Man Made Electrical Fields are alternating current you see. Not Natural you see. This government, Australian, has Enabled ACDC Fields of Harm for far too long. Cease and Desist 500 kv Transmission Lines.
I Object to the Orana Central-West REZ itself, and therefore Object to 500 kv Transmission Lines anywhere near those within 8 km from a PlannedTransmission Line of 500 kv. How Dare You subject your fellow Aussies to these
Name Withheld
Uarbry , New South Wales
Land owners who do't wish to have their properties invaded by industrial pies in the sky are told that their land will be forcibly taken from them, without adequate compensation. They'll be expected to fork out for legal help and valuations and will be subjected to land use restrictions on their own properties. Energy Co want livestock removed, but are not prepared to provide fencing and, to add insult to injury, will have a caveat over the property controlling what the farmer may or may not do with what remains of his land. How is this democratic?
You will replace grazing and cropping land with weeds and feral animals, which will not restrict themselves to the areas you plan to destroy. How do you plan to control biosecurity, with multiple vehicles travelling unrestricted through multiple properties?
How do you plan to dispose of the millions of tons of waste you will generate, mostly non-biodegradable. You already know there is nowhere to dispose of it locally. Is it your plan just to dump it on us, regardless, along with your ridiculous, unworkable "green" technology?
I have many more objections. In fact, I object to everything about your plans to turn this beautiful state into an ugly industrial wasteland, but I am out of time.
Name Withheld
OLINDA , New South Wales
Department of Planning and Environment
Locked Bag 5022
Parramatta NSW 2124

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Central West Orana Renewable Energy Zone Transmission

I am a citizen in the Rylstone, and active in regenerating land, involved with our local environment group and Landcare.

I am objecting to the CWOREZ project because of the associated significant cumulative impact on threatened biodiversity of the entire package of new development. The use of offsets is a sham and this proposal intends to clear the offsets of another project – It’s appalling.

The scale and complexity of the numerous large developments occurring simultaneously in the region is overwhelming for the local community and the local environment. The benefits of the REZ program are exaggerated, data manipulated to downplay the environmental impact, when infact they are contributing to significant environmental harm.

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) does not fully describe the proposed loss of threatened species habitat because the final route of the new transmission lines is not complete and final information have been left to a detailed design stage that will not be available for public comment or analysis.

There are significant concerns in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. An EIS is a document required for the construction of transmission lines, that may significantly affect the environment. It is meant to provide a comprehensive analysis of the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project, along with any alternative options and mitigation measures. The EIS is crucial for ensuring that the public and decision-makers have access to detailed information about the project's potential effects on the environment, including threatened species and their habitats.
When the final route of the new transmission lines is not fully determined and critical information is left out of the EIS, it leads to an incomplete understanding of the project's potential environmental impacts. This gap in information prevents the public from fully understanding the implications for threatened species and their habitats, as well as limiting their ability to provide informed feedback during the decision-making process.
To address this issue, it is important for the agency responsible for preparing the EIS to engage in a transparent and inclusive process. This includes providing regular updates to the public as the project evolves, sharing as much information as possible about the potential impacts on threatened species, and ensuring that the public has opportunities to provide input at different stages of the project, including the detailed design stage. Additionally, the agency should consider conducting further assessments and studies to fill in the gaps in the EIS, especially related to the potential impacts on threatened species and their habitats. This will help ensure that the final decision regarding the transmission lines considers all available information and considers the protection of threatened species and their habitats.

The assessment of the CWOREZ project fails to offer assessment of alternatives such as underground easement, community hub designs, investment in micro-grids in comparison to large scale transmission over long distances with greater losses, or assistance for stand-alone renewable energy generation for households and businesses.

The increased take up of household solar has caused fluctuations in wholesale power prices that are now making investment in large scale solar generators less viable. The CWOREZ project may become a white elephant before it is constructed. No doubt the government will make some guarantees, where tax-payer funds will be used for compensation or prop ups in an unrealistic project.

Central West NSW is one of the most heavily cleared regions in Australia since the first Europeans crossed the Blue Mountains and began broadscale clearing activities for agricultural expansion and for mining and urban development. Some of the most threatened ecological communities and associated flora and fauna species occur in this region. Many woodland birds and mammals are facing extinction.

While CWEC supports the need for renewable energy and a rapid transition away from fossil fuels to prevent out of control climate change, we consider that the scale and concentration of the CWOREZ project in our region has too high an impact. This region is being used as a guinea pig for a fast-tracked process that is being pushed through at unreasonable speed with unknown long term and poorly assessed negative impacts.

Key Issues with Biodiversity Impacts:

1. Failure to identify all impacts

The Biodiversity Development Assessment Report (BDAR) – Technical Paper 4 fails to identify or assess the biodiversity impacts of the transmission easement through Wilpinjong Coal Mine.

The Biodiversity Offset Strategy approved for the Wilpinjong Extension Project in 2017 requires that 2,897 ha of rehabilitated mine land to offset 8,650 Regent Honeyeater species credits.

The BDAR does not identify or assess the area of this offset and species credit retirement will be impacted by the CWOREZ project easement across the area of rehabilitation.

The impact on these current offsets will have to be further offset, generating additional species credits for the Regent Honeyeater that have not been included in calculations.

The Regent Honeyeater is a critically endangered woodland bird species protected as a Matter of National Environmental Significance under federal environment law.
The large mining projects in the Mudgee Region and other developments across the Central West have caused an ongoing loss of mature, quality Regent Honeyeater habitat, a species on the verge of extinction. There has been significant criticism of the current biodiversity off-setting arrangements. It is unacceptable to continue destroying current offsets.

2. Cumulative biodiversity loss from the landscape

Appendix E of the EIS Main Report describes the initial calculation of cumulative biodiversity loss at Table A-12. This includes impacts of some but not all proposed renewable generation and other major development proposals in the region.

It also does not include the final estimate for the CWOREZ project under the detailed design or the missing offset/offset credits from the Wilpinjong Coal Mine easement area.

The estimated total cumulative biodiversity impacts are hugely significant with no clear indication of how the vast number of species and ecosystem credits can be offset or retired.

The estimated cumulative loss of 9,859 ha of native vegetation from the Central West landscape is an enormous additional loss that cannot be mitigated or justified.

The estimated 145,215 ecosystem credits and 302,845 species credits are highly unlikely to be retired in like-for-like land-based offsets, that is a requirement for critically endangered ecological communities such as Grassy Box Woodland.

The cumulative loss of biodiversity through the CWOREZ project and associated renewable energy generators to be a major threat to the future of a large number of threatened species that cannot be adequately mitigated.

The lack of a Biodiversity Offset Strategy in the BDAR or EIS demonstrates that these significant cumulative biodiversity impacts are too great and cannot be justified. Leaving the final calculation of all biodiversity impacts to a later stage of the approvals process is unacceptable. As it currently stands, the NSW government does not have all the significant technical details implying, “let’s take this vague path, and we’ll see how it turns out.” NSW Planning Dept are, effectively “kicking the can down the road.”

3. Impacts on other offsets and protected areas

Besides not identifying or assessing the impact on the biodiversity offset rehabilitation area requirements for the Wilpinjong Coal Mine, the CWOREZ project easement will cause clearing in approved biodiversity offset areas for the Moolarben and Ulan Coal Mines.

It is also proposed that an easement for one of the 330kV lines transects the Durridgere State Conservation Area when there is cleared land nearby. While I support the proposed change in direction for the approved transmission line for the Liverpool Range Windfarm, however, this changed route should be through adjacent cleared land and not across a protected area of dense woodland vegetation.

The ongoing, detrimental trade-offs that continue to cause additional biodiversity decline in the region are unacceptable.


I do not agree that the CWOREZ project is justifiable in providing cheap, renewable energy for the people of NSW and Australia. The main beneficiaries will be the large international developers who will take the profits offshore, which will be at the expense of the local communities and remnant threatened natural areas in the Central West.
Critical State Significant Infrastructure projects is the equivalent of saying “green light” to anything with our proper process and robust scrutiny. Furthermore, these projects are highly vulnerable to corruption.

A more targeted investment in renewable energy generation closer to the large cities and urban areas where demand is greatest would make more sense and pose a much better outcome. A household incentivized plan around community hubs would reduce the loss of habitat and reduce the river of profits going offshore.
When will our governments act in the interest of our people?
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MENDOORAN , New South Wales
This has been forced upon us by the government, for which there has been a significant lack of consultation.
The disregard for some of the most productive farming land in these areas is astounding.
The decimation of the rural landscape is obviously of no consequence to the energy sector or the people who consume the power. It’s just the landholders who bear the burden for any decrease in their land values or livelihood and suffer the visual impacts of these projects. The fire risk is high enough here without power lines increasing the potential of same. Solar panel banks are known to create localised temperature rises which is also something we don’t need.
This is yet another example of the erosion of landholders rights.
S Armstrong
Birriwa , New South Wales
Please see objection attached.
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Mudgee , New South Wales
This project is of concern to me as I believe it poses a risk to the landscape, health and well being of the population. We have a wonderful rural heritage which is potentially being place at risk and the outcome is not clear at this stage. I do NOT wish to limit the scope of our enivironment by this REZ Transmission programme.
Berni Aquilina
CASSILIS , New South Wales
Hullo. I have previously made a submission about social and cumulative impacts of the CWO REZ on my small town of Cassilis. In this submission I want to make some brief comments about the actual transmission lines and route through Durridgere conservation area.
Today I made my usual weekly work trip from Cassilis to Mudgee and return. The road follows a similar route to the REZ transmission lines, through the Durridgere State conservation area. Around halfway through my trip, I drive past the Drip, an iconic place for locals that has recently become a national park, and then past the coal mines and high voltage power lines near Ulan. Last week a bushfire happened in this area and I drove past patches of burnt bush. This afternoon Mudgee had a big rain storm and on the way home I could smell the burnt earth strongly. All of these aspects are relevant to the REZ transmission line project.
Although I understand and support the switch to renewable energy sources and understand that the energy generated needs to be transported to the main grid, I don’t like the thought of large transmission towers dominating the bush and landscape. I saw, in the last day or so, that there’s a parliamentary inquiry into the feasibility of undergrounding the transmission structure for renewable energy projects and I think this idea is well-worth considering. Not only would it help retain rural and bush views, it may also provide better protection from potential bushfires and extreme climate events, and could possibly reduce the amount of clearing required to establish and maintain the lines.
I hope you will consider this idea.
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NELSON BAY , New South Wales
I would hate to see this beautiful part of our state scarred by electricity infrastructure. Surely these lines could be run underground which would be more beneficial for people and animals. We need to preserve agricultural land to safeguard our food supply. We must also conserve biodiversity for the good of our planet. I am a supporter of renewable energy but it must be achieved with minimal impacts to people, fauna and flora.


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