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Williamtown Special Activation Precinct draft master plan

Port Stephens

The Williamtown Special Activation Precinct (the Precinct) delivers jobs and growth to the Williamtown area.

The Precinct capitalises on the emerging defence and aerospace industry around Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Williamtown and the Newcastle Airport.  It will become a leading defence and aerospace precinct. Once finalised the master plan will be the 40-year strategic plan for the Precinct.

The Williamtown Special Activation Precinct draft master plan is an important part of the planning framework to deliver the Williamtown Special Activation Precinct. Once finalised, it will be a statutory planning document supporting the State Environmental Planning Policy (Precincts - Regional) 2021 (Precincts-Regional SEPP).  

We are proposing to amend the Planning Systems SEPP to identify the Williamtown Special Activation Precinct as a site of state and regional significance.

Amendment to both SEPPs are outlined in the discussion paper.

The draft master plan and discussion paper 

The Williamtown Special Activation Precinct draft master plan and discussion paper is now on exhibition for feedback, for 56 days, until 8 June 2022. 

View the Williamtown draft master plan 
View the discussion paper 
Frequently asked questions 

View the Technical Documents

Following exhibition, the department will publish a submissions report, summarising feedback and how feedback has informed the final master plan.

Have your say by 8 June 2022

The department welcomes your feedback on the proposed changes for the Williamtown SAP.

Submissions will be publicly available on our website with personal contact details removed. If you do not want your submission publicly published, please clearly indicate by marking it ‘CONFIDENTIAL’.


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