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BASIX Certificate

BASIX support materials

Read BASIX support materials to help guide you through the assessment tool.

Identified technical issues

We are aware some customers are having trouble accessing certain functions within the BASIX tool. We are investigating these and estimate they will be fixed within the next 2 – 3 weeks. We will update this page as the situation changes. If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, please review our BASIX support materials (links below). There are quick reference guides, frequently asked questions and detailed guidance material available to help you use the new BASIX tool.


  • A small number of users are not able to update their user profiles. [Resolved: 9 October 2023]
  • When customers are revising an existing BASIX certificate project, payment is being requested prior to issuing the revised BASIX Certificate. [Resolved: 9 October 2023]
  • BASIX completion receipts generated before 6 October 2023 have a watermark. [Resolved: 13 October 2023]
  • The Summary page of the BASIX application shows “Incomplete sections” for Water, Energy, Thermal Performance or Materials sections. [Resolved: 13 October 2023 – Please reopen the BASIX application and select Refresh from the Actions button. Press the calculate button to recalculate the inputs and navigate to the Summary page. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the support team.]
  • Miscalculation of the materials scores. [Resolved: 20 October 2023]
  • Incorrect exterior wall material value being displayed in the BASIX certificate. [Resolved: 20 October 2023]
  • NSW Planning Portal users with a building professional account type are unable to see the historical work tab. [Resolved: 3 November 2023] 
  • Unable to issue a BASIX completion receipt where there is a postcode mismatch between the address for the related Occupation Certificate application and the BASIX certificate. [Resolved: 10 November 2023]
  • Some users are unable to download the BASIX certificate due to an issue in the PDF generation. [Resolved: 17 November 2023]
  • If an incorrect street type is entered for the project address, the BASIX certificate is unable to be generated. Please use the address look-up functionality available or enter the street type without abbreviation. [Resolved: 17 November 2023]
  • Some users unable to revise a transferred project when central water tank details have not been input. [Resolved: 17 November 2023]
  • Calculation of roof area for rainwater tank is not populating the application. This applies to Alterations and Additions only. [Resolved: 24 November 2023]
  • Certifiers unable to issue a BASIX completion receipt for Occupation Certificates related to swimming pool/spas greater than 40,000 litres, or for part occupation certificate e.g. Alterations and Additions valued at more than $50 000. [Resolved: 24 November 2023]
  • The summary page of the BASIX application displays an “Address details not complete” error message, despite address details being provided. [Resolved: 24 November 2023. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the support team.]
  • Some users are unable to complete a BASIX application for mixed use dwellings due to a floor area validation calculation error. [Resolved: 24 November 2023]

Support materials

To help applicants, councils and certifiers to use the BASIX service, we have compiled a range of resources: 

  • Quick Reference Guides (applicants) – select the drop-down arrow within the "BASIX" box under the heading "Our Applicant services" to view available Quick Reference Guides
  • Quick Reference Guides (councils and certifiers) – access the Post-Consent Certificate guides for instruction on how to Issue a BASIX Completion Receipt. These can be accessed via Knowledge Management within the NSW Planning Portal.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – prior to contacting customer support, we recommend that you view the Frequently Asked Questions specific to this service.
  • Comprehensive guide to BASIX - An overview of what BASIX is and how it works
  • Sustainable Buildings SEPP policy overview and resources

Customer support

If you require further assistance, please contact our support team by:

  • phone ServiceNSW on 1300 650 908 
  • email [email protected] and include the following information to help the team process this request quickly: 
    1. subject line to include one of the following categories: BASIX certificate / BASIX completion receipt / Payment / Other
    2. email address linked to the NSW Planning Portal user account
    3. project name and/or address 
    4. BASIX application or certificate reference number
    5. description of the issue.

Note: Due to the large volume of enquiries, we might take a little longer to respond than usual. If you have already raised a customer support enquiry, we ask that you do not raise a duplicate ticket for the same matter. When an update is available or the matter resolved, you will be notified. 

Last updated: 30/11/2023