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Gas Heating

ENERGY | Heating and Cooling

Gas fixed flued heating

Means gas heating that is both fixed and flued.

Gas ducted heating

BASIX does not currently distinguish between gas fixed flued heating and ducted gas heating. If you wish to install ducted gas heating, select gas fixed flued heating.

Gas hydronic heating

Means a system where water is heated using a gas heater and then pumped though pipes under the floor, to convection radiator panels, or both.

If gas is not available to your site then you can:

  • contact a gas retailer to register your interest to connect;
  • choose a non-gas option; or
  • contact a bottled-gas supplier for information about using bottled gas.

BASIX does not reward the installation of gas bayonets, which are typically used for unflued portable heaters. Apart from the negative health impacts of unflued gas heaters, there is no guarantee that the portable heater will be installed and used.

For more information, see the NSW Health Gas Heaters Fact Sheet.

Last updated: 21/09/2023