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Artificial Lighting

ENERGY | Lighting

BASIX assesses the energy used by artificial lighting based on:
  • which areas of the dwelling are primarily lit by fluorescent or LED (light emitting diode) lamps – that is, at least 80% of the light fittings in the area, including the main light fitting; and
  • whether the fittings in each area are dedicated (only capable of accepting) fluorescent or LED lamps.
The areas of the dwelling covered are:
  • bedrooms/study
  • living/dining
  • kitchen
  • bathrooms/toilets
  • laundry
  • hallways.

What is a dedicated fluorescent or LED fitting?

Dedicated, in relation to light fittings, means a light fitting that is only capable of accepting fluorescent or LED lamps. It will not accept incandescent, halogen or any other non-fluorescent or non-LED lamps.

Selecting a dedicated fitting will get you more BASIX points, as it locks in efficient lighting practice over the life of the building.

Last updated: 21/09/2023