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Common Area Lighting

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Note: This applies only to common areas of multi-dwelling developments.

BASIX requires entry of the type of lamps and any efficiency measures to be used for lighting each common area in multi unit developments. There is also the option of committing to connect the common area lights to Lighting Control System or Building Management System (BMS).

The lamp options available in BASIX include:
  • solar-powered
  • low-pressure sodium
  • high-pressure sodium
  • metal halide
  • compact fluorescent
  • fluorescent
  • mercury
  • light-emitting diode
  • halogen
  • incandescent

Note: Options available are dependent on the type of common area. For information on the most suitable lamp type for each common area, contact your local lamp or lighting system manufacturer or lighting consultant.

Lighting efficiency measures available in BASIX include:
  • Push timers (manually switch lights on for a set period of time, with an automatic light shut-off. eg. stairwells, hallways).
  • Time clock (or time-of-day switching, turns lights automatically on and off according to a preset schedule. Often part of a computer driven Building Management System. eg. External lights, pools, spas, gyms).
  • Motion sensors (detect motion from the presence or absence of occupants and turns lights on and off accordingly).
  • Daylight sensors (detect the presence or absence of daylight and turn lights on and off accordingly).
  • Daylight sensor and motion sensor.
  • Time clock and motion sensor.
  • Zoned switching (allows lighting to be zoned into two or more areas, rather than having one switch to light the whole area).
  • Zoned switching with daylight sensor.
  • Zoned switching with motion sensor.
  • Connected to lift call button.

You can also nominate whether the lights in the common area are connected to a Lighting Control System or Building Management System (BMS).

What are lighting control systems?

Lighting control systems linked to lights, can control, monitor and optimise the efficiency of the lighting system.

Most systems are computer based and control services by either time (when the service is turned on / off) or other parameters including motion, light level etc.

What is "connected to lift call button"?

This efficiency option involves activating the light when the lift call button is pressed.

If there is no movement for at least 5 minutes, the system automatically shuts down lights in the lift using motion sensors. This is in addition to the normal emergency lift lighting.

Last updated: 21/09/2023