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Insulation Commitments


The Insulation Page specifies the minimum insulation requirements that BASIX has calculated for your dwelling, based on:

Select "yes" to confirm that you accept these requirements and that they will be incorporated into the design. This insulation must be installed in accordance with the provisions in of the Building Code of Australia. This insulation should be installed with due consideration of condensation and associated interaction with adjoining building materials. Installing the required insulation may involve changes from the current construction practice of some individual builders. You should consult with the builder and insulation manufacturers to select the right insulation.

You must select "yes" to pass BASIX Thermal Comfort using the DIY method. If you select "no" then you will need to use the Simulation method, which may be appropriate if you would like to:

  • install better glazing to offset lower levels of insulation;
  • install more insulation and reduce the estimated heating and cooling loads; or
  • trade performance between the ceiling/roof, walls and floor.

BASIX states the calculated insulation requirements as the minimum Additional R‑Value, but may also state the minimum Total R‑Value "including construction". Use the Additional R‑Value for bulk insulation products and the Total R‑Value for reflective insulation products. BASIX also states the direction of heat flow for floors and ceilings.

Note: If you intend to install a product with a stated Total R‑Value that is lower than that required by BASIX, you must install additional insulation to make up the difference.

For ceiling insulation, if the product states a Total R‑Value, then you will need to convert the insulation requirements given by BASIX by adding the relevant uninsulated Total R‑Value for the construction type:

  • flat ceiling with pitched roof— R0.7
  • raked ceiling with pitched or skillion roof— R0.4
  • flat ceiling with flat roof— R0.4

For reflective roof insulation products nominated, you only need to match the product descriptions.

Last updated: 27/09/2023