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Certifying Thermal Comfort

THERMAL HELP | Simulation Method | Certifying Thermal Comfort

These pages describe how councils and certifiers can check that the information submitted in the Thermal Comfort section of BASIX using the Simulation Method is valid. Accredited Assessors may also find it useful to understand what documents must be prepared when using Simulation.

You can also download this information as a pdf: BASIX Guide: Certifying Thermal Comfort (version 1.2)

For Assessor Certificates prepared using pre-Dec 2014 versions of AccuRate, BERS Pro or FirstRate 5 version 5.1.x, please refer to previous version of the BASIX Guide: Certifying Thermal Comfort (version 1.0)

There are four elements that must be checked by the consent authority at approval stage, and by the certifying authority during construction, to ensure the validity of the assessment:

  1. Development details
  2. Accredited Assessor details
  3. Assessor Certificate details
  4. Heating and cooling loads

If these elements are inconsistent or invalid, then the application should be returned to the proponent to resolve.

This diagram shows the process of completing the Thermal Comfort section of BASIX using the Simulation Method, beginning with the original plans.

Last updated: 27/09/2023