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Orientation Sector

THERMAL COMFORT | DIY Method | Windows

The angle of a line drawn perpendicular to the face of a window or glazed door is its azimuth.

Use the azimuth range and your north point to work out the appropriate orientation sector for each window and glazed door on your plans.

The azimuth ranges are based on True North. Survey angles on site plans are usually marked in angles from True North. Magnetic North is not an acceptable approximation of True North.


Sector Azimuth range
North >337.5° to 22.5°
Northeast >22.5° to 67.5°
East >67.5° to 112.5°
Southeast >112.5° to 157.5°
South >157.5° to 202.5°
Southwest >202.5° to 247.5°
West >247.5° to 292.5°
Northwest >292.5° to 337
Last updated: 21/09/2023