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Planning Panels

Have your say

Have your say on Public Exhibitions

Development Applications

In making a determination, a Planning Panel will have regard to the council staff assessment report, public submissions made during exhibition, and relevant planning legislation and policies.

Public meetings are held for contentious matters with significant community interest, where 10 or more unique submissions by way of objection have been received by the local council. The purpose of the meeting is for the panel to hear from those who wish to express their views on the DA before a decision is made.

Note:  For a submission to be considered ‘unique’ it must be distinctive or unlike any other submission.

By way of example, this would preclude form letters and petitions being counted more than once toward the total number of unique submissions. Similarly, a single submission signed by 10 people would count as one unique submission.

One individual, or one household, could potentially submit multiple unique submissions. Separate unique submissions can be made in relation to the same issue.

Council assessment staff are best placed to determine whether a submission is ‘unique’.

Anyone who wishes to address a planning panel at a public meeting must register with the Secretariat beforehand.  For more information call 02 8217 2060 or email [email protected]

Planning Proposals

When a Planning Panel has been appointed as the Planning Proposal Authority (PPA), the planning proposal is exhibited in accordance with the Gateway determination.

Planning proposals are generally exhibited for a minimum of 28 days, and during this period public comment is invited.  During the community consultation period any person is able to make a written submission to the Planning Panel regarding the proposal. Written submissions should be forwarded to: [email protected]

Last updated: 20/07/2023