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Community Participation Plan

Delivering better planning results across NSW

The department's Community Participation Plan sets out our approach to community participation in planning and seeks to deliver better planning results for people across NSW.

The plan establishes the department’s community participation objectives and identifies what actions the department will take to meet these objectives.

These objectives including ensuring community participation is:

  • Open and inclusive – by keeping the community informed about planning matters and seeking community views on the merits of these matters
  • Easy for the community – by giving the community information that is easy to understand, making it as easy as possible for the community to engage in planning matters, and taking additional steps to seek input from groups in the community who may find it difficult to participate
  • Relevant – by ensuring all community engagement undertaken by the Department is tailored to match the context, scale and nature of the activity, level of community interest and community’s preferences about how they would like to participate
  • Timely – by engaging with the community as early as possible and giving people enough time to provide considered feedback on planning matters
  • Meaningful – by giving serious consideration to community views in all planning matters and providing regular feedback to the community on how these views were taken into consideration during decision-making.

Click below to view a copy of the department’s Community Participation Plan.

Community Participation Plan

Last updated: 28/08/2023