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Policies and Guidelines

Strategic Plans

Strategic plans provide valuable strategic context for State significant projects

Strategic plans and policies are important planning documents that outline long-term visions or goals and identify the ways to achieve them. Strategic plans address economic, social, environmental, and land use policy areas.

Relevant strategic plans must be considered by proponents of State significant projects when preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS). The EIS should identify how the strategic plans provide direct or implied support, or lack of support, for the project. The Department also consider strategic plans when it is assessing an application for a State significant project.

Examples of some relevant strategic plans/policies are provided below.



NSW State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038

The strategy sets out the NSW government’s priorities for the next 20 years and, combined with the Future Transport Strategy 2056the Greater Sydney Region Plan and the Regional Development Framework, brings together infrastructure investment and land-use planning for our cities and regions. The strategy includes priorities associated with the transport, energy, water, health, education, justice, and culture, sport and tourism sectors.

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Regional Plans
The Greater Sydney Region Plan - A Metropolis of Three Cities

This plan aims to rebalance growth and deliver its benefits more equally and equitably to residents across Greater Sydney. The plan was prepared with the Future Transport 2056 and the State Infrastructure Strategy, and aligns land use, transport and infrastructure planning to reshape Greater Sydney as three unique but connected cities.

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Other Regional Plans

Nine regional plans for NSW have been developed to support future community needs, including plans for homes, jobs, community infrastructure and a healthy environment. The nine regions are: Central CoastCentral West and Orana; Hunter RegionIllawarra ShoalhavenNew England North WestNorth CoastRiverina MurraySouth East and Tablelands; and Far West.

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The Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036

This plan aims to capitalise on investment in aviation, transport, education, health and tourism in Greater Newcastle. The Plan also helps to achieve the vision set in the Hunter Regional Plan 2036 and sets out strategies and actions that will drive sustainable growth across Greater Newcastle (i.e. Cessnock City, Lake Macquarie City, Maitland City, Newcastle City and Port Stephens).

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Go Jindabyne – Draft Masterplan

This draft Masterplan aims to make Jindabyne Australia's premier alpine destination and a fantastic place to visit all year round. The Masterplan will consider all tourism, jobs, services, accommodation, housing, roads, local products and local character aspects. The draft Masterplan will support and progress the South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036.

Draft Urban Design for Regional NSW

The draft guide recognises and celebrates the diversity of urban environments, natural landscapes, climates and communities that exist across regional NSW. The draft guide also plays an important role in implementing the nine regional plans for NSW by responding to actions to prepare regional urban design guidelines for planning, designing and developing healthy built environments.

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District Plans

District plans for each of Greater Sydney's Districts have been developed by the Greater Sydney Commission to ensure well-coordinated, integrated and effective planning for land use, transport and infrastructure. District plans will guide the implementation of the Greater Sydney Region Plan across the five Districts that form the metropolitan area (i.e. Western City, Central City, Eastern City, North District and South District).

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Local Plans

Local plans provide opportunities for new homes, jobs, community services and open spaces at a local community level.

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State Significant Precincts

State Significant Precincts are areas with state or regional planning significance because of their social, economic or environmental characteristics. They are typically large sites owned by the government and are associated with urban renewal projects.

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Future Transport 2056

This plan was developed with the Greater Sydney Region Plan, the NSW State Infrastructure Strategy, and NSW regional plans to provide an integrated vision for the State.

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NSW Freight and Ports Strategy 2018-2023

This Plan aims to make the NSW freight system more efficient, more accessible, safer and more sustainable for the benefit of producers, operators, customers and communities across NSW.

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Other Relevant Strategic Documents

NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan 2013 and Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2013

This plan supports the national target of 20% renewable energy by 2020 and positions NSW to increase the use of energy from renewable sources at least cost to the energy customer and with maximum benefits to NSW.

The NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan is being implemented with the Energy Efficiency Action Plan, which recognises the common purposes of attracting investment, growing expertise, building community support and containing electricity costs for customers.

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NSW Transmission Infrastructure Strategy 2018

This strategy aims to increase investment in priority energy infrastructure projects to deliver least-cost energy to customers to 2040 and beyond. The strategy forms part of the NSW Government’s broader plan to make energy more affordable, secure investment in new power stations and network infrastructure and ensure new technologies deliver benefits for consumers.

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National Waste Policy: Less Waste, More Resources 2009

This policy aims to improve the efficiency with which resources are used, reduce the impact on the environment of waste disposal, and improve the management of hazardous wastes. The policy sets a clear direction for Australia over the next 10 years.

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Marine Estate Management Strategy 2018 – 2028

The strategy is designed to reduce the major threats to the NSW marine estate and provides for the range of multiple uses and associated benefits that contribute to the wellbeing of the NSW community now and into the future.

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Risk-based Framework for Considering Waterway Health Outcomes in Strategic Land-use Planning 2017

This framework is a protocol that decision-makers, such as councils and environmental regulators, can use to help manage the impact of land-use activities on the health of waterways in NSW.

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Last updated: 26/07/2023