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Key Guidance


Assessment of access to infrastructure, property and other facilities

The community relies on effective access to road and rail networks, ports, airports, property and other facilities. Construction and operation of State significant projects can adversely affect access and inconvenience communities and businesses. The documents below contain the provisions for effective infrastructure delivery, and guidance on how to design roads and bicycle facilities and how to reduce or minimise access impacts.

Guide to Traffic Generating Developments

This guide is the key reference document for considering and addressing the traffic impacts of developments.

View the guide to Traffic Generating Development

You can find other relevant Transport for NSW requirements here.

Austroads Guide to Traffic Management

This guide has 13 parts and provides comprehensive guidance for traffic engineering, road design and road safety.

View the Guide

Supplements to Austroads guide

These supplements address specific issues concerning the design, construction, maintenance, operation and safety of road network issues in NSW.

View the Supplements

Delivery and servicing plan guidance

The supply of goods and services in dense urban centres is a vital component of what makes cities and places function. Incorporating good planning for freight and servicing activity into a facility will make places more desirable for people.

A Delivery and Servicing Plan identifies the delivery and servicing tasks relating to a development and the management measures that will be used as part of site operations. Transport for NSW has developed this guidance to encourage progressive and innovative approaches for better management of freight and servicing activity.  

View the Delivery and Servicing Plan guidance

NSW Bicycle Guidelines

This guideline provides advice on designing and constructing high quality bicycle transport facilities as part of the wider NSW transportation network. The guideline should be read with AGRD06A-17: Guide to Road Design Part 6A: Paths for Walking and Cycling 2017 and Australian Standard AS1742.9-2018 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Device Part 9 Bicycle Facilities.


Last updated: 13/03/2024