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SSI Process

Changing the SSI application

Making changes to the project

Making changes to an application after it has been lodged

Changes can be made to a state significant infrastructure (SSI) application at any time before it is determined.

These changes may be needed to:

  • improve the design of the project
  • respond to issues raised in submissions or community consultation
  • further mitigate the impacts of the project.

To make a change the applicant needs to lodge an:

  •  amendment report
  •  amended SSI application.

Preparing an amendment report

An amendment report is needed to assess the economic, environmental and social impacts of the changes to the project and to help the community, government agencies and the approval authority understand the implications of these changes.

In preparing the amendment report, the proponent may:

  • refine the design of the project
  • undertake further engagement with the community and government agencies
  • undertake further assessment
  • update the evaluation of the merits of the project to incorporate the findings of any further assessment or engagement.

Once complete, the proponent must submit the amendment report online via the department’s Major Projects portal.

For more information on preparing an amendment report view the State Significant Infrastructure Guidelines .

What happens after the amendment report has been lodged?

The amended SSI application and amendment report will be put on the department’s website.

Will the changes need to go on exhibition?

In some cases, the amendment report will need to go on exhibition. For example, if the changes increase the environmental impact of the project. The exhibition allows the community to have their say on the proposed changes to the project.

All submissions received during the exhibition period will be put on the project page of the department’s Major Projects website.  The applicant will also be required to prepare a submissions report.

What if a preferred infrastructure report is requested?

If the applicant requests the changes to the application and the Planning Secretary asks for a Preferred Infrastructure Report (PIR), the amendments may be included in the PIR. In this case, the applicant does not need to submit an amendment report.

The changes need to be clearly described and identified as being requested by the applicant. This separates the changes from those required to minimise environmental impact or deal with any issues raised during the assessment of the application.