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community committees


Community Consultative Committees

Strengthening community engagement on State significant projects

Community Consultative Committees provide a forum for discussion between a proponent and representatives of the community, stakeholder groups and the local council on issues directly relating to State significant projects.

They seek to ensure the community and stakeholder groups are kept informed of the status of projects, are engaged in the development and implementation of State significant projects, and are able to provide feedback to proponents on key issues and concerns.

CCC Guideline

The Department has developed guidelines to ensure CCCs operate effectively. Click here to find out more about the role and responsibilities of CCCs and how they are established and operated, and to view a copy of the Department’s CCC guideline.

Independent Chairperson

All CCCs are chaired by an Independent Chairperson appointed by the Department. Click here to find out more about responsibilities of the Independent Chairperson and the important role they play in ensuring CCCs provide a robust forum for discussion on State significant projects.

Pool of Chairpersons

The Department has established a pool of suitable Independent Chairpersons for CCCs and appoints members from the pool to chair CCCs for specific State significant projects. Click here to find out more about the expertise and credentials of these Independent Chairpersons.

Last updated: 14/09/2022