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Regional development


Housing and Productivity Contribution

The Housing and Productivity Contribution is a broad-based charge on development within the state’s high-growth areas that will help fund the delivery of state and regional infrastructure.

On 28 June 2023, the NSW Parliament passed the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Housing and Productivity Contribution) Bill 2023. This new system will be simpler and fairer, increasing investment certainty and supporting connected communities.

The Housing and Productivity Contribution replaces the previous Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) in the NSW planning legislation and is a fair and consistent development charge that will help fund the delivery of infrastructure.

Ministerial Planning Order

The Housing and Productivity Contribution has been made through a Ministerial planning order that sets out:

  • the amount of the contribution
  • the area where the contribution will apply
  • the types of development that the contribution will apply to
  • when it needs to be paid and other details about how the contribution will be administered.

The final Ministerial planning order is available to view on the NSW Planning Portal.

More Information

To assist users of the digital system, we have developed / updated Applicant Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) to support the policy changes. These documents will be published on the Applicant resources section of the NSW Planning Portal.

Watch our webinar video  to find out what councils and certifiers need to know to manage the Housing and Productivity Contribution on the NSW Planning Portal.

A recording of the Housing and Productivity Contribution Policy Information Session can be found here

For more guidance on what information to upload into the planning portal according to your type of development, please read our Policy Guide for Applicants.

Contact Us

If you have any policy, legislation, or Ministerial Planning Order related questions on the Housing and Productivity Contribution, you can send an email to [email protected]

For support related to the NSW Planning Portal digital services, you can contact us here.

Last updated: 05/12/2023